Retired from IT, thank God! Into photography, writing, fountain pens and choral singing. Fighting and losing the eternal battle against typos. Ugly old married dude who is not looking to get laid. At the age where I get all the aches and pains, but none of the senior's discounts. I boost a lot. Avatar is a black and white photograph of an at best nondescript older guy. #Photography #Writing #BlackAndWhite #Toronto

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gemelliz, to ontario

REMINDER: The carbon tax exists for Ontarians because #DougFord cancelled the existing cap and trade program.

Premier Ford, as usual, is all over social media childishly blaming others for this colossal mistake..

"Ontario is waking up to the world’s worst April Fools’ joke. The Liberal carbon tax went up a whopping 23 per cent today [3 CENTS, Doug] — and guess who hasn’t said a peep? The Queen of the Carbon Tax herself, Bonnie Crombie." - Doug Ford

#ontario #poilievre #onpoli #cdnpoli


@gemelliz He says it because so many voters have the IQ of a turnip, have no understandng of how the carbon levy works, and are too self-centred to be bothered to address their own ignorance. And the right knows this.

Wilbur72, to random
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So sad, too bad


@Wilbur72 Maga’s will sourly mumble that Biden manipulates the stock market…

Snoro, to Canada
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Carbon tax critics have the slogans. But where is their plan for the climate crisis?

"Axe the Tax!" does not give much evidence of what the Conservative leader intends to do about the central challenge of our times


#canada #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate


@Snoro Their plan is provide cover for the fossil fuel industry, and the elites of the 1% (AKA their owners). The damage it does to the earth and the rest of us will be blamed on others. #canada

Jgmeadows, to random

CBC's Go Pubic stories of bad customer treatment are depressing. Companies are quite happy to fuck over customers, since treating customers ethically, honestly and promptly cuts into profits too much. https://www.cbc.ca/news/gopublic/dodge-recall-long-delay-1.7157569

Jgmeadows, to photography

Portrait of a good friend. Taken with #Lomography 55mm f/1.7 MK II Petzval lens. #photography #BlackAndWhite

Jgmeadows, to random

I suppose Canadian Conservative politicians would have you believe that if the carbon tax is cancelled, companies will magically pass on the savings to customers. Right. #canpoli #carbontax

Jgmeadows, to random

I’m sure the only plan Ford and his owners have for climate change is to move to mansions in gated communities with high security to insulate themselves from climate change-related unrest. #onpoli

From: @Trillium

Jgmeadows, to random

#writerscoffeeclub Mar30. How do you keep track of your work? Do you have a system?

I use the Obsidian app, and create one folder per project. In the folder I put all the ideas, plot plans etc, and I write the first draft there as well. I move the project into a Word processor when it is time for the editing process.

Jgmeadows, to photography

Cute dog seen yesterday morning. Photographed with Tintype app on iPhone. #photography

nixCraft, to random
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This is going to help scammers a lot. Imagine getting a call from your loved ones, and they explain they are in trouble and need immediate financial assistance. This is going to affect so many elderly and innocent people. OpenAI is developing these tools again from publicly scrapping of your voice samples.


@nixCraft What could possibly go wrong? /s

jaycee, to random
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‘She still carries an aura of spectacular failure’: why hasn’t Liz Truss gone away? - The Guardian

https://apple.news/AfBYkXJLQRe2rjhjQG4MWKQ. Truss is no Brian Clough! 😂😂😂😂😂


@jaycee People in that social strata always fail up.

realTuckFrumper, to random
@realTuckFrumper@mastodon.social avatar

@realTuckFrumper The right paints marginalized people as the enemy, while the rich are laughing all the way to the bank as one institution after another is subverted into yet another obedient mechanism to extract wealth from the 99%.

LeviKornelsen, to random
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An actually smart appliance would be a dishwasher that had exactly one button marked "start", and could figure out the minimum time, water and soap to do the job, and do it.

This is exactly the opposite of the "smart" we're seemingly getting.


@LeviKornelsen “Smart” devices dedicate their brains to one task; how to extract more private information, and then $$$ from the user of the device.

gemelliz, to climate


"Axe the Tax" is a political proposal.
Fair enough.
But it isn't about making life more affordable.
It's spin to conceal a "let the planet burn" climate policy."

via @bruceanderson


@gemelliz @BarryCooke @pinhman @andrewbarss @OrionKidder @bjornqc @Lomaxcat A right wing politician staying out of jail???? What a shocker! /s

Jgmeadows, to random
DavidM_yeg, to random

Premier Marlaina Smith says the carbon tax increase is “immoral and inhumane” while pilling a larger increase of his own on top of it.

This is the Marlaina Smith who is targeting trans youth, removing supports from drug addicts, pushes for the clearing of encampments, and is
sneaking policies (Alberta police force and pension plan), in through the back door that Albertans have clearly said they don’t want. That’s the list I find immoral and inhumane.

Jgmeadows, to random
CdnCurmudgeon, to random
@CdnCurmudgeon@mastodon.social avatar

The truth is, Conservatives hate the carbon tax because it is progressive and returns the revenue back to Canadians directly, not corporations. They dislike the fact that carbon taxes are not an upward wealth redistribution scheme, or a form of trickle down.


@zenheathen @Lynnd @gemelliz @MikeStok @CdnCurmudgeon they don’t even have to invade; they just need a CPC government to give to them.

Jgmeadows, to Toronto

Perhaps an unpopular statement, but not everyone who owns a house in #Toronto is rich. There are a good number of “house poor” people who while they may own a house, are living on a fixed income, are an elderly senior etc. and can’t maintain the property. I’ll bet there are ways to integrate the house poor into housing solutions (more multi-generational housing, downsizing on place, allowing city-subsidized micro-housing units in back yards etc.). 1/2 #housing


@jpaskaruk Whenever crypto bro's tried to sell me on crypto currency it was millennials. Every demographic cohort has its assholes.


@jpaskaruk Sad 😠

jordinn, to random

the middle schooler: then I installed linux on my [school] chromebook

me: um are you allowed to do that?

middle schooler: I asked our tech teacher and he doesn't know what linux is so I decided yes


@jordinn Love it!

LALegault, to random
@LALegault@newsie.social avatar

He doesn’t have the votes. He has contributed nothing in his entire career (not one piece of legislation) only stunts. #cdnpoli



@LALegault Sadly, no shortage of that kind of voter. CPC and media doing their best to keep it that way.

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