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"We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear." - MLK jr

Born at 320 ppm CO2
Not nearly as random as I'd like to be.

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RandomCanuck, (edited ) to Canada
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Congratulations to Rachel Homen’s rink who just won the World Curling Championship!

#Curling #WorldChampionship #Canada #sports

jfmezei, (edited ) to random
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Spring in Montréal Canada.
Song: I’m dreaming of a white Springmas ….

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@jfmezei Here too. It’s been snowing all day.

RandomCanuck, to Canada
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The Maple, https://www.readthemaple.com, is launching a new podcast, Expats & Allies, examining the history of how Nazi war criminals and fascist collaborators found refuge in North America after the end of the Second World War.

Inspired by the Canadian Parliamentary scandal about a Nazi veteran who served in the Ukraine's Galicia division during WWII and was invited to Parliament.


#CanPoli #nazis #Canada #TheMaple

RandomCanuck, to random
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Just an average day at the office, with my co-worker sleeping at her post...


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@NormanDunbar Solud advice that, although she’s never grumpy.

RandomCanuck, to Ukraine
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Great reporting from Justin Ling today. He is in Kyiv, Ukraine, right now, reporting on the war and Ukraine's ability to sustain its defence. The dispatch is worth the time it will take you to read it.

#Ukraine #Kyiv #FrontLine @justinling

coffeeforthearts, to coffee
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Drip coffee or espresso? Which do you prefer?

☕️ www.CoffeeForTheArts.com 🎨

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@coffeeforthearts espresso FTW

RandomCanuck, to climate
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Sunrise in Ontario. A wintry morning after 18 °C temperatures just a few days ago. Climate change is making our weather very unstable, and it was unstable enough 30 years ago.


Dtl, to animals
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Trying to get ready for work today, Teddy decides we need to play instead. Who am I to disagree?

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@Dtl What a beautiful face! Give Teddy some of his favorite scritches for me!

GottaLaff, (edited ) to random
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I'm seeing a lot of "Maybe it's time to move" replies in my feed.

If you're serious, here's what it took to move to Canada/get permanent residency:



I'll write a 3rd follow-up once we're there. These 2 posts seemed to have helped a lot of people, so I hope they help you too.

It's not easy, it's complicated, but even at our age, we achieved our goal.

ADDED: Please read before commenting. This keeps happening.

YES, I can vote US.

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@GottaLaff @TheSauce

@KimberlyN and I are still in Ontario, but have plans to move to BC too. It’s our happy place! :mstdnca: 😀❤️🏔️🏔️🌄🐋🐬🌊

jkirkendall, to animals
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We have had this girl for four years now! We picked Maggie up at the shelter just before the shut down. She was 15 lbs overweight, stand offish, and depressed.

It was so much fun to watch her over the first year as she got healthier in body and mind. The more weight she lost, the more she played. The more she played, the more she bonded with us.

The first picture (where she's facing the camera) was her first night with us. The rest are over the past 3 years.

A brown poodle whose face and body is covered in snow looks up at the camera. Her back feet stand in the snow, and her front feet stand on the sidewalk.
A brown poodle is running toward the camera, her pink tongue visible. A black poodle runs behind her.
A brown poodle lays on her side on a round, tan dog bed. Her four feet are all curled up together as she sleeps.

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@jkirkendall beautiful to see!

justyourluck, to Cat
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So... anybody's have ?

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@thepoliticalcat @justyourluck Droplets are not the problem, aerosols are. Front deprive yourself and you cats from contact unnecessarily.

I’ve heard it’s possible for cats and dogs to acquire SARS-CoV-2, but I’m not aware of the results of related research, or what specific effects it might have on them.

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@thepoliticalcat same here. We take precautions all the time. We’re no-vids.

stefan, to mathematics
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Happy Pi Day!

"The Greek letter appears on p. 243 [of William Jones's 1706 work Synopsis Palmariorum Matheseo] in the phrase "½ Periphery (π)", calculated for a circle with radius one."


"Why that letter? It’s the first Greek letter in the words “periphery” and “perimeter,” and pi is the ratio of a circle’s periphery — or circumference — to its diameter."


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@stefan happy pi day to you too!

RandomCanuck, to random
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I'll be attending the amazing OACETT 2024 AI Summit: The Rise of AI and its Impact on the Engineering Technology Profession. Let me know if you're planning to attend so that we can say Hi! 👋
Or register now and join me at the event! https://whova.com/portal/registration/oacet1_202301/?preview_image=1

chris, to random
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RandomCanuck, (edited )
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@chris also reported on the BBC. Do you suppose they’re getting coaching from the Putin School of Oligarchopoly?


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@chris 👍👍

RandomCanuck, to random
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Tomorrow marks the first day of year five of 2020.

Happy? COVID-19 pandemic anniversary.

rooster, to random
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  • RandomCanuck,
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    @rooster the shop nerd who crushes on the lead in the school play, but who remains unrequited at the end (fade to black)

    RandomCanuck, to random
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    @barry Hi! Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to reading more of your essays on Medium.

    cassana, to music
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    Was in the mood for this. This is Soubour by Songhoy Blues, live performance. Super solid groove, tasty solos, and an overall great vibe.
    #Music #WorldMusic #Timbuktu #Mali #DesertBlues

    @RandomCanuck@mstdn.ca avatar

    @cassana Wow! Great performance. I’ve not heard of Songhoy Blues before. Really enjoyed that. Thanks!

    blogdiva, to random
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    so, what am getting from Canadians on Mastodon is that Stephen Harper went from Prime Minister to Bond Villain. or was he a Bond villain that got to be Prime Minister?


    @RandomCanuck@mstdn.ca avatar

    @fifilamoura @WJBL @blogdiva and NAFTA was the brain child of two other conservative baddies, Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan. All inspired by yet another fascist, white supremacist asshole, Milton Friedman.

    @RandomCanuck@mstdn.ca avatar

    @Sir_Osis_of_Liver @blogdiva Amen, brother.

    RandomCanuck, to Canada
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    Congratulations to Nunuavut’s curling team, winning at the Briar last night!

    #Canada #Curling #Nunavut #Briar

    RandomCanuck, to random
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    Today is International Women’s Day 2024. What are you doing to inspire inclusion?


    #InternationalWomensDay #InspireInclusion

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