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Engineer, Pilot, Sailor, Musician, Veteran (AirForce and CoastGuard-air/sea rescue) Ret. Priest/missionary Also Please see : GoFundMe.com/f/good-Sam-project 💙🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🎷

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ExtinctionR, to random
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@ExtinctionR Who cares ....... People are to selfish, greedy and too stupid to turn global warming around. Let the dice roll ...... we are either going to blow each other UP ..... or the sun will cook us all. 🥀💔👎

akareilly, to random
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New challenge:

Stop shaming disabled and chronically ill people for using social media.

Yes, even commercial social media.

Not disabled? You have no idea how important an established community of people who help you NOT DIE is.

Sometimes, harm reduction doesn't lead to open source software. Shocking, I know.

"Why don't you just ask your general practice physici-" SHUSH.

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@akareilly Amer. does NOT care about blind, homeless Vets. You've proven that to me time and time again this last 5 years ......... homeless Vet.

Strandjunker, to random
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Apropos “Be Best”: Trump and his Slovene-born escort spent years calling for Obama’s birth certificate. I am calling for Melania’s legal immigration papers. How did she get an “Einstein” visa for extraordinary abilities, despite her blatant lie under oath about college degrees?

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@Strandjunker She is a moron and an incredible snob.

futurebird, to random
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Another all too barren spring in NYC. There should be so many insects, so many ants, so many tiny creatures filling the parks, hitting the windshields of cars.

Remember when bugs used to hit the windshields of cars because the air was so full of life?

I guess most people think this is 'improvement' but they are wrong. There is a campaign to put the American bumblebee on the endangered species list!

We are living in an eerie lifeless netherworld and I don't know why more can't see it!

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@futurebird They are blinded by $$$$$$

StillIRise1963, to random
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"The New York Times reports that Trump is planning to 'build huge camps to detain people,' and 'to get around any refusal by Congress to appropriate the necessary funds, Mr. Trump would redirect money in the military budget.’ "

"How many people? ‘Millions’ writes the Times. And not just immigrants: Trump is planning to send his enemies to them, too.”


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@StillIRise1963 In any other time in America ...... this arrogant, greedy, selfish prick would be ASSONATED !!! He goes DIRECTLY AGAINST this nations Constitution who some of us fought so hard to defend and yet there are millions of, so called, Americans who support this LYING MORON of a CON MAN !!! Stupidity abounds. If he is not defeated in this 2024 election OR sent to jail ...... Amer. will have let the entire world down. How more ridiculous, arrogant and stupid can we be

rbreich, to random
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Amazon squeezed sellers and jacked up prices.

Google stamped out competitors in search.

Facebook used buy-or-bury schemes to crush competition.

Apple used its immense power to kill off challengers.

All four face major antitrust cases from the US government.

It's about time.

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@rbreich YES !!!!!!

rbreich, to random
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If the Kroger-Albertsons merger goes through, that combined company + Walmart would control 70% of the grocery market in over 160 cities.

Think grocery prices are bad now?

Without competition, it would be a price gouging free-for-all.

This is why the FTC is suing to stop it.

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@rbreich People cant afford food now. GREED ...... its a disease. 🇺🇸💔🥀

QasimRashid, to random
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Anera is pulling out of Gaza because the risk is too great

World Central Kitchen is pulling out of Gaza because the risk is too great

UNRWA has been defunded by the US Govt despite zero evidence

And Israel continues to block aid & starve Gazans

How is this NOT a war crime?

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@QasimRashid If pres. Biden isn't careful ..... he's going to lose the election over this.

jeffowski, to random
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@jeffowski 🖕🏻the rich .... homeless Vet

randahl, to random
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The US now has a presidential candidate, who had to be told by a judge yesterday, not to threaten the family members of court staff.

Let me repeat that: An influential person threatens family members of court staff to intimidate the legal system, and half the US still has this sick person as their preferred candidate for president.

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@jocus @randahl Amer. has raised millions of dummies , including the head dummy baby donald !! Trump ONLY brings SELFISHNESS and GREED to the table. He has NO PLAN for the country other than to destroy it to save himself ...... a LYING, GREEDY, SELFISH MORON !! 🖕🏻

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sfdb, to random
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"A federal judge in Boston has ruled that migrants flown from Texas to Martha's Vineyard in 2022 can proceed with a lawsuit against the Florida company that took them there."

I hope they all become millionaires.


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@jremsikjr @sfdb It died after 2016.

seachanger, (edited ) to random
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reminder that if Netanyahu & the US gets away with this in #Gaza — targeting journalists, targeting hospitals and schools and refugee camps, starving millions of children, mass murder on the scale of tens of thousands, shutting down press, internet and information, killing humanitarian workers, preventing crucial aid convoy, firing on people receiving aid, and planning resettlement of regions based on ethnic identity — these methods will be normalized & advanced by other western nations & govts

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@seachanger If pres. Biden does not get tougher with Netanyahu ..... he's going to loose this election.

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@seachanger America was already killing and torturing to death our Veterans. Seems that human life is worthless anymore. World leadership is making war ...... ok. $$$ has become top priority ...... NOT human life. DISgusting and shameful .

rbreich, to random
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Amazon and Space X are fighting in court to have the National Labor Relations Board declared unconstitutional.

This means the two richest men on earth want to dismantle the agency that holds them accountable for union busting.

Nothing terrifies them more than worker power.

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@rbreich I'll type this again ...... BIG $$$ in Amer. is RUINING this country. We MUST uphold the rule of law and not let greedy corporations and rich individuals buy their way out of it.

StefanThinks, to random
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Capitalists: If you raise the minimum wage, the price of food will become unaffordable. [Minimum wage doesn’t increase and the price of food becomes unaffordable anyway.]

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@StefanThinks Food is already UNafordable. Many of us homeless Vets dying on the streets. Thx America ........ happy fkjng easter.

ZhiZhu, to Israel
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"Tens of thousands of demonstrators flooded Israel’s streets for a second straight night Sunday calling for immediate elections...

greatest threat yet to Prime Minister Benjamin & his far-right government.

On Sunday, the protesters moved from “Hostage Square” plaza in to the parliament in , waving flags & chanting for the removal of the country’s longest-serving leader."

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@ZhiZhu Netanyahu is a WAR MONGAR !!! He screwed over his own people and then wants to kill even more !! True, the Palestinians opened the door for Hamas ..... but then Isreal let it fester into this GIGANTIC MESS for the world. Get rid of Netinhayu NOW !!

Strandjunker, to random
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Worshipping an orange-white guy as a dictator who cheated on wife #1 and impregnated wife #2 while still married to #1, then cheated on #2 with wife #3, and cheated with porn stars while #3 was home with a newborn: today’s Christian nationalism in a nutshell.

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@Strandjunker TRUE Christians have NOTHING to do with politics. Their faith is in GOD ...... NOT Washington.

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justyourluck, to random
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Gee, it must've slipped their minds.

The media conveniently left this part out:

“The truth is that my health has been affected by long covid and this has limited my strength to undertake the breadth of travel essential to my position. Because I cannot be sure to regain that strength fully, I need to step aside for someone to be selected and to take over.” (from his email to staff)

Long Covid Forces The UN's Humanitarian Chief To Quit

#LongCovid #Covid


@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@justyourluck Biden needed to FIRE the directors of the CDC, FDA, DEA and the VA .... a long time ago. WAKE UP JOE !!!

skinnylatte, to SanFrancisco
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Yesterday an SUV nearly ran me over when I was crossing a street. There were around 20 seconds on the count down and it was obvious that it was a red light.

I stopped in the intersection after it very unwillingly stopped, and glared at the driver.

Ever since I personally witnessed two people being killed in front of me, as a pedestrian, here in SF, I have been radicalized. It’s a big fucking deal and it’s unthinkable to me that pols don’t think so.

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@skinnylatte SF used to be a great town 😕

@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@skinnylatte daaaahhh

rbreich, to random
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Billionaires have seen their fortunes surge by $2 trillion+ since the Trump tax cuts.

What's the GOP doing about it? Doubling down. They're trying to permanently extend provisions of the law that disproportionately benefit the rich.

It’s crystal clear who they work for.

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@rbreich With the GOP its ALL about $$$ !!! Selfish, GREEDY bastards !!!

scottsantens, to random
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Happy Easter, everyone! Did you know that on Easter Sunday in 2020, the Pope himself expressed his support for Universal Basic Income? His support is grounded in recognizing unpaid care work and empowering all workers with the power to refuse low wages.

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@scottsantens GREED ..... it's a disease !!

samlitzinger, to random
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The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Our Trump reporting upsets some readers, but there aren’t two sides to facts: Letter from the Editor”

“The truth is that Donald Trump undermined faith in our elections in his false bid to retain the presidency. He sparked an insurrection intended to overthrow our government and keep himself in power.”


@PadreWil@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@samlitzinger 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻Trump

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