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"He's attacked witnesses": Prosecutors want to make Trump delete some of his Truth Social posts


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▶ Trump "In A Complete Panic Frenzy" Over Trial Beginning

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Trump Laments That He's Treated Like Any Other Defendant After Day 1 of Criminal Trial


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▶ Trump criminal trial begins, major Tesla layoffs 4/15/24 TDPS Podcast

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It Took One Day for Trump to Get in Trouble at His First Criminal Trial


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#FlopSweatMcCourtSnooze is just another defendant to Judge Merchan.

Via Lisa Rubin:

"That comment appeared to trigger Merchan, who asked, voice dripping with incredulity, “You don’t think you should be here at all?”
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At the end of the first day of Donald J. Trump's NY criminal trial, not a single juror had been selected,

Trump did have a nap in his chair.

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I’m glad the afternoon siesta has come back in vogue. #hushmoney #Trump

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Former Trump Administration Official William Wolfe Says Trump Is Cloaking A Radical Abortion Agenda

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▶ Trump INSTANTLY DENIED at Criminal Trial


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'Audacious': Expert stunned by Trump's latest SCOTUS argument for presidential immunity

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From the New York Times on the trial. I never want to hear you joking about German fax machines again.

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Slightly off topic, via Press:

Docket(s) - meanwhile, in the / case this afternoon, another sealed filing...

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Some color...

Via Anna Bower:

Press pool report: “After the jurors leave the courtroom, [] stares over at DA Alvin Bragg. Then Trump turns his eyes to the press pool. As he exits, he glares at New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman for several seconds as he walks out.”

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Of the first 100 potential jurors, more than 50 said they could not be impartial and we're immediately dismissed.

This was before they even received the 42 page questionnaire.

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Trump is on trial in that NYC courtroom -- and so is Judge Juan Merchan

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▶ Trump: My New York criminal trial is an "assault on America," but I'm "very honored to be here."

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, put 1.19 to 1.21 on blast. It's 2 seconds of trying to speak. He can't. Anyone who knows anyone with knows what's happening.

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▶ Trump in the Dock: First Criminal Trial of a Former U.S. President Begins in NYC

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Why Trump's Hush Money Trial Could Be The Trial Of The Century...Will You Follow It?

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