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ErikUden, to random
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Overheard two diplomats in the EU parliament say “you're not important, you only have a blue passport” what does this mean? Passport racism??

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@ErikUden "You're not important" is enough of a red flag.

kenney, to random
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Cursor Pack releasing tomorrow! 100+ cursors in both bitmap and vector, with and without outlines - completely free! (public domain) #gameassets

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I think users of #Hyprland and #HyprCursor would be content with vector cursors from @kenney!

18+ NumbersCanBeFun, to random
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That was the most horrible day I have experienced in awhile.

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@NumbersCanBeFun I wish you a good resolution. Stay strong!

Wuzzy, to gamedev
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@Wuzzy It's nifty how font size is being adapted to the free space that should be occupied by text.

cmccullough, to random
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I just love it when someone in a forum post states that there's no way you're a real Linux user if you run Linux Mint. I'm running Linux Mint on a piece of my hardware and I've been a Linux user for 30+ years and Unix prior to that. I guess I'm not a real Linux user. I better switch back to Slackware.

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@cmccullough I know some nerdiest types that appreciate Linux Mint in their workflow!

penpot, to random
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Penpot 2.0 highlights! 🔥

CSS Grid Layout - Design meets development

The much-awaited Grid Layout introduces 2-dimensional layout capabilities to Penpot, allowing for the creation of adaptive layouts by leveraging the power of CSS properties.

It’s a host of new features, including columns and rows management, flexible units such as FR (fractions), the ability to create and name areas, and tons of new and unique possibilities within a design tool.

Sign up for free! https://penpot.app


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@penpot Grids in Penpot are WTF-awesome!

vrandecic, to Disney
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We're watching Spy x Family on Disney Plus with Little One, and they're showing ads for alcohol all the time. The beer mixed with fruit juices stuff, and other beer drinks. That doesn't feel right.

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@vrandecic Arrrrr

schizanon, to fediverse
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I am predisposed to negativity; a problem that seems very common to people in #STEM. It's as if we are all constantly looking for mistakes and inconsistencies.

In #improv they have a game called "Yes, And". It's a great way to practice riffing off other people. You build off each other, and work together.

It seems that people here on the #Fediverse do the opposite; they play "But, No" or "Well, Actually". We pick each other apart and it sucks.

#neurodivergent #psychology #socialMedia

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@schizanon True, I really miss attitude in replies across the Internet. It's not like anyone's sucking anyone: it's the basic communication protocol to leave unsolicited aggressiveness out of the picture and still provide your best insight so far.

NumbersCanBeFun, to random
@NumbersCanBeFun@shonk.social avatar

Okay. Drawing tablets are a little pricier than I anticipated. Not that I can't afford one but $800 is a pretty penny to drop on a new hobby ​:neocat_laugh_sweat:​

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@NumbersCanBeFun Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I bought XP-PEN tablet for 4,000 RUB (~$50). Pressure tap, 4 buttons plus 1 on pen. What's with tablet prices there in the west?!

varikvalefor, to random
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ni'o ranji fa le nu la .varik. cu nelci zoi zoi. %^) .zoi.

That (VARIK likes "%^)") continues.

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@varikvalefor /rephrase

> VARIK still likes "%^)"

BrodieOnLinux, to random
@BrodieOnLinux@linuxrocks.online avatar

You do not understand how many people I contact for the podcast who tell the timezone they are in and I have to double check it because daily light savings exist. It has to be at least 50% of people

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@skyflare @BrodieOnLinux Yeah, I mean if you live in a country that can't ditch DST, you are used to conversions more than John from Germany. If most of the audience has this atrocity of a timezone, it's considerate to include converted time, but, if it's like 10%, why bother?

itsfoss, (edited ) to linux
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Let's discuss 🙂

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@itsfoss Making and tracking issue ticket for the app inside the app itself, no GitHub account required.

css, to CSS
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In case you missed it, my CSS Generators website counts no less than 10 online generators. Section divider, gradient shadows, custom border, custom corners, and more!

👉 https://css-generators.com 👈

Get an optimized code with modern CSS in no time!

Showing the banners of the different generator websites.

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@css Man, I'm bookmarking so much stuff from you, it's almost automatic. 😅 Resourceful! :blobcatfluffowo:

flathub, to linux
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You may have noticed something different when you share links to apps on Flathub 👀

Every app now gets a dynamically generated “meta image” for sharing on social media, in messaging apps, etc. Give it a try the next time you share a link to your favorite app!

And as an appropriate demo, check out this app that lets you preview how a link will show up on social media before you actually share it:


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@flathub OpenGraph for this documentation page (or, perhaps, all pages) seems to be missing title and description.

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@razze @flathub Disappearing opengraph in link preview seems to be an issue exclusive to .

davidrevoy, to random
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Size test with open comic fonts.

#wip #webcomic #krita

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@davidrevoy Yes. Sized your comic down to 360px (67% zoom on Mastodon web) and I can still see text legibly.

Liking Kalam over Pangolin any day of the week: it bears no raggedness and cursive looks fancy. If thickness was a priority, I would pick "Patrick hand", though.

opensourcegaming, to streaming Italian
@opensourcegaming@mastodon.social avatar

Just wanted to share what I did recently!

I created a little JS tool that is pinging a YT or PT API in order to get the follower counter and display the number on a html page customizable through CSS.
I did it because Peertube lacks an instrument like that which allows you to show the followers number on the OBS scene. With this tool you can just add the html page to OBS.

Code is FOSS! I hope PT adds my tool to the docs :)

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@opensourcegaming More PeerTube software to people! :ablobcatbouncefast: :blobcataww:

vintprox, to gaming
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Her Interactive is about to release a banger, on 7th of May! 🤯 After temporary fall from the most unfortunate entry, they rise from their knees and fly very high. Welcome 34th game in the series:

💎 Nancy Drew: Mystery of the Seven Keys 🗝️

Watch trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B_nRAyXtzQ

It's a HUGE upgrade, when you compare these cinematics with other ND visual novels. Can't wait to get a feel of the gameplay that they, most likely, improved in accordance to general feedback as well.

There is so much to do in and explore new locations: in 3D, no less! Essentially, you can have a ride to Prague as the detective Nancy Drew in this game and play brain crackers, haha. :blobcattea:

#NancyDrew #ND34 #MysteryOfTheSevenKeys #NancyDrewMysteryOfTheSevenKeys #NancyDrew34 #HerInteractive #NancyDrewGames #NancyDrewDetective #videogame #PointAndClick #PointAndClickAdventureGame #detective #DetectiveGame #DetectiveGames #adventure #AdventureGame #AdventureGames #puzzle #PuzzleGame #PuzzleGames #VisualNovel

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Despite me being positive about , the newest entry for videogame series, there is a merit in finding how we've got here in the first place and if is a trustworthy studio.

Right of the gate, we see the drastic difference in how previous, game performed after successful 32 inclusions... It's darn , if you ask me. :thisIsFine: So, it was being developed after the big in Her, where most positions got bestowed on a new crew. Only that it was going hand-in-hand with new CEO's delusion of a mobile project. Add here a camp of the which insists on a regular ND release schedule, culture, and you have a case of rushed development, and leaving everyone with a subpar ND game. If anything, I guess old crew was spared nerve cells in expense of new blood being under equally subpar direction - lucky to be fired, unlucky to be hired? Oof.


@vintprox@techhub.social avatar

Is recent inclusion in the series taking long a bad thing? No.

Think back when #NancyDrew "golden era" 32 games were in works. That was a reoccurring achievement of perseverance, expression of collective talents that the old #HerInteractive crew renewed with every entry. 2 videogames a year is a CRAZY thing to pull off!!! But the game industry is not celebrating this, because the ways were changing during last two decades.

Catching breaks, being mindful of your employees and fans suddenly has a healing effect on the game studio and entire game series. Even though the direction took #ND34 Mystery of the Seven Keys to what some instinctively call "modern videogame standard", there will be loyal fans of old format and new age progressive players to tell you about their great time with point-and-click adventures of Nancy Drew. We should remain grateful to old crew, but also forge ahead, giving new folks a room to learn from the errors that #hustle culture should be banned for!


itsfoss, to random
@itsfoss@mastodon.social avatar

Sharing stuff online? You need this open-source tool!


@vintprox@techhub.social avatar

#Obfuscate app is not there yet in terms of obfuscation...

First of all, the blur tool is not so great (they even mention it themselves - I'll give credit where credit is due). Never rely on it alone! I'll give it that blur can be stacked, but it's still a labor. If you skip out on stacking, there are already AIs to sharpen your contents. In case of slightly larger text, like demonstrated by @itsfoss, it's almost useless: I can see and read the text without source. Big pixelization filter would do far qualified job here.

Second, Obfuscate can't act as a middleware between keyboard shortcut and real screenshot editor (count in KDE's post-screenshot editor and any raster graphics editor), because you can't assign any command beyond a mere save dialog.

I had better luck with #Spectacle, because it has pixelize effect, provides a just-in-time overlay for quick editing and can save very fast in the place where I expect my screenshots, with proper filename pattern and folder structure.

thelinuxcast, to random
@thelinuxcast@fosstodon.org avatar

Day three of Matt walking. Exercise for fat people sucks. But day 3 done.

@vintprox@techhub.social avatar

@thelinuxcast You are doing great! :blobcatreach:

NumbersCanBeFun, to random
@NumbersCanBeFun@shonk.social avatar

I renamed my stream "The Odyssey" since I got lost in the ocean for an embarrassingly long amount of time ​:neocat_laugh_sweat:​

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@NumbersCanBeFun Wanna build Atlantis?

argyleink, to random
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VisBug v0.4.2 live in the Firefox Addon store!

  • Modern color support
  • New accessibility contrast results that include APCA and L* information in addition to WCAG
  • HDR color
  • VisBug components in the top-layer so it's always on top your pages contents

Hope this helps y'all!


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@argyleink Ooooooh, you've prepared snacks! :ablobcatnomcookie: :blobcataww:

vintprox, to random
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Didn't know inkscape.org has #InkSpace for displaying artwork made with #Inkscape uploaded by users.

@vintprox@techhub.social avatar

@rdh Indeed, it is important to not confuse #InkscapeGallery with Wacom InkSpace.


So, @inkscape, we need to make an amendment on one of your about pages to never mention "InkSpace" and instead just call it #Inkscape Gallery.

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