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Level 14 Dad of 4. Christian. Left. Xennial. Enginerd. He/Him. 2006 TIME POTY. Enviromancer. Amateur Pokémon Trainer. Animal Crossing Island: Moduland. Opinions 🗑.

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mdmrn, to music
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This week for @Kitty's Tune Tuesday @derthomas gave us a theme of "The Opener." We remember the first acts / songs we saw live.

Apart from kid's stuff, like Sesame Street Live, the first concert I went to was in 1994 for Billy Joel's River of Dreams tour. My parent's took me and all of my siblings (at the time).

I distinctly remember two things: the song "River of Dreams" and my brother sleeping through the entire concert. That's about it. https://songwhip.com/billy-joel/the-river-of-dreams

To be fair, that was 30 years ago...

EDIT: Added one more memory.

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@stu It's a solid album. Now, as an adult, my favorite is The Stranger, but that's a great album. @Kitty @derthomas

mdmrn, to random
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Good morning and Happy Tuesday!

Today is a busy-ish one at work, followed by softball practice for my youngest two. Oh, and probably some mowing in between there.

Busy day. But, thankful for every breath I take.

Hope you have a great Tuesday.

#GoodMorning #MorningMoments #Tuesday

cliffwade, to fediverse
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Good morning and happy Tuesday

Let's all talk about what our day is going to consist of today, or what it has already consisted of.

For me, I have a TON of work stuff along with three meetings today.

After that my wife will be taking me out to dinner for my birthday today. We'll be going to a place called Village Tavern that we've been to once that was really good.

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@cliffwade Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the dinner and hopefully the work stuff isn't too bad.

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@cliffwade Very welcome!!

baeelly, to random
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I'm looking forward to Seventeen and Ive comebacks :seeunfingerheart2:

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@baeelly Also, Yuqi solo mini-album drops tomorrow...

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@baeelly Right! The hype is real.

Her original solo singles (Giant / Bonnie and Clyde) are still amazing.

mdmrn, to music
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How is it that Ozzie and Cher are only now getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

I get Ozzie was already in with Sabbath, but this feels odd for both of them.

Also, DMB. :huh:

#Music #RockAndRollHallOfFame

mdmrn, to random
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Good morning and happy Monday / Earth Day!

Humans as a species need to do more to protect the environment. We as individuals can only do so much; we need a cultural shift and we need big corporations / governments of the world to help.

I hope they do before it's too late.

For now, all I can do is my own small part.

Have a lovely Monday and start to your week.

mdmrn, to manga
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Shadow Eliminators just ended this week. Another week with another series I was reading ending.

However, don't feel that bad about this one. If this series didn't end, I was about to drop it anyway. It went from a story a week with a teenager who could summon spirits to fight evil spirits, freeing them of the burden.

That said, when it started to do world building, IMO, it faltered and the world they built became unnecessarily convoluted.


mdmrn, to music
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The other day I was singing along to the Gorillaz song "Clint Eastwood" and Little MDMRN (14) said that I ruined the song. The real conversation:
Little MDMRN: Ugh, you know all the words? You're ruining Gorillaz
Me: I'm ruining Gorillaz?
LM: Yes.
Me: I'm ruining a song from a band that came out my senior year of High School?
LM: Yes.
Me: Proceeds to sing more and louder

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neatchee, to random
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Y'all REALLY love gay Tetris apparently like holy shit I'm getting weird looks from the Dr. testing me for strep (my wife already confirmed has it) because my phone is blowing the fuck up

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@neatchee First off, sucks about the strep. Second off, just boosted the Tetris post. I too love it.

mdmrn, to Parenting
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I introduced MDMRNia (12) to Rolling Quartz and we just cycled through a bunch of their songs / covers. She's hooked.

Sending her some of the tracks off my phone via Bluetooth to her phone.

Also, Little MDMRN I gave an early birthday present - membership into They Might Be Giants' "Instant Fan Club." They'll be getting CDs, digital downloads, and other merch throughout the year from TMBG. They were super hyped about it. Wide grin while reading the email with the details about the membership.

Love sharing music with my kids.

mdmrn, to showerthoughts
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One does not manage time. Time manages you.

#DeepThoughts #ShowerThoughts

mdmrn, to Parenting
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Good morning and happy Saturday!

I'm doing some laundry now with a few bonus kids here.

Going to see a school musical this evening with the kids, so that'll be fun.

Oh, and Happy 420 to any of my friends who celebrate. I don't, but you do you.

Have a lovely weekend.

#GoodMorning #MorningMoments #Saturday #Parenting #Laundry #Life

mdmrn, to firefox
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I found it. It's official.

The most important Firefox Add-On of all time.

Return YouTube Dislike https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/return-youtube-dislikes/?utm_source=addons.mozilla.org&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=collection

It adds back on the YouTube dislike numbers so you can see them when you check out a video.


#Firefox #YouTube #BrowserAddOns #Silly #Browser #InternetBrowser #ReturnYouTubeDislike

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@cholling I tried it on random videos and it appears to work or be close to post-removal of the downvote button numbers

Ex: YouTube Rewind 2018 - 20M Downvotes shown
Baby by Justin Bieber - 16M Downvotes Shown

It's part raw numbers, part extrapolation.

Here's more from the website for the extension: https://returnyoutubedislike.com/faq

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

A few notes - I'm being silly calling this perfect/ the most important add on of all time; the numbers are based on a combination of old data + extrapolations; and it's not 100% accurate. But, it's fun.

More info on their website: https://returnyoutubedislike.com/faq

sapphicselene, to random
@sapphicselene@sakurajima.moe avatar

I don't have the professional writing skills and college level understanding of theology like the @beneaththetangles people do, so if I wrote reviews as part of a series called something like "A Queer Christian Girl Reviews Yuri" then it'd just be like "And so Yui Yamada and Tomoka Kase kissed each other tenderly. It gave me a warm loving feeling inside. You know what else gives me that feeling? Taking the Eucharist. Anyways see y'all later" lol

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@sapphicselene @beneaththetangles Reviews do be that way sometimes. (points wildly to my feed of pure nonsense)

I used to write more for BTT, but now mostly do silly stuff on our Mastodon account with periodic (but less frequent) manga reviews.

mdmrn, to VideoGames
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The story arc from Sonic Adventure for E-102 Gamma legit made me cry.

That ending.


beardedtechguy, to fediverse
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Good morning and happy Friday #Fediverse.

Let’s gather for our #KoffeeWithKyle chat and see what we all have planned for today and the weekend ahead.

My day go started off with a bang! Got a text from boss that we are losing a client. 😞 No one likes that. Trying to salvage what we can. Then get into office and before I can sit down have a support call. LOL. Not good feeling how the day will go. Tomorrow have an assembly. Then just schoolwork.

#GoodMorning #HappyFriday #INeedCoffee

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@beardedtechguy Ugh! Sounds like a busy and rough start to the day. Hope it gets better for you.

And good luck with the schoolwork! What kind of schoolwork are you doing if you don't mind me asking?

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@beardedtechguy Oh wow! Very cool. Good luck as you wind down with this class.

You got this!

mdmrn, to Podcast
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Friend: Do you listen to (NAME) podcast?
Me: No, I...
Friend: Oh, you may like it (proceeds to describe podcast)
Me: Uhm, I don't listen to podcasts. Podcasts are basically talk radio for Millennials and I can't get into talk radio.
Friend: Oh
Me: :akkoShrug: You do you, tho.

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@scribblemacher @MeganThomasPA I mean, I'm just not into just talking audio. I've tried audiobooks, audio dramas, podcasts, etc. Each time I end up just going back to listening to music. Cause that's what I'd rather do when I have time and just the radio on.


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@scribblemacher @MeganThomasPA I'm listening :Hehe:

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