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Antifascist, antiracist, a11y, feminist.
Trans rights are human rights.
Reproductive rights are human rights.
Gardener, artist, photographer.

30 years in tech so far - Left Coast USA
Ranting in #ux as needed.

Posting/boosting news about tech, ethics, science, US politics, climate emergency, public health 🦠. Visuals on art, crafts, weird stuff, living things, archaeology, landscapes.

Following behind you adding ALT text so I can boost your images.

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ForfarFairLady, to knitting
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. @knitting

"Sanquhar gloves were traditionally knitted in an intricate, black and white pattern and were sold by villagers to subsidise their income in the 18th and 19th centuries.

May said the majority of designs had never been written down.

There are 16 heritage glove patterns and she has already committed 11 of the patterns to paper.

"These things get lost if they're not recorded and you don't want that in a tradition," she said."


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@ForfarFairLady @knitting Here’s the group making the Sanquhar gloves and patterns now: https://www.sanquharknits.com/

skykiss, to random
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“The Russian military is purchasing Starlink terminals from SpaceX, with supplies coming from the USA, Europe, UAE, Canada, Germany and Kazakhstan.

This was found out by specialists from the OSINT agency Molfar, who studied the assortment and spoke directly with terminal sellers”


#dojnatsec #natsec #doj @potus #DoD

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skry, to iOS
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derekvanvliet, to cycling
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riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1323

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@derekvanvliet May the forest rest in brick.

What an interesting installation.

skry, to random
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“There Is No Antimemetics Division” (Ep 1 - SCP Horror Short Series)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-IiVeGAydE https://mastodon.social/

Green_Footballs, to random
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Did you know in macOS, if you double-click the right or left edge of a window, it will expand in that direction to the edge of the screen?

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@Green_Footballs Whoa. When did that happen, I wonder. But apparently doing it again doesn’t put it back to the previous size.

DivergentDumpsterPhoenix, to actuallyautistic
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Today I am 8 years Sober!

The past 8 years have not been simple. I have had to build a new life. I have spent time in institutions and been diagnosed Schizophrenic. Importantly I was also diagnosed Autistic (that will be 8 years ago next November).

@actuallyautistic @neurodiversity @autisticadvocacy

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@DivergentDumpsterPhoenix @mariyadelano @actuallyautistic @neurodiversity @autisticadvocacy Congratulations on your new life and family! What a great accomplishment.

skry, to incarcerated
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Criminal Law FAQs by @Teri_Kanefield is a lot more interesting than it sounds.

The list of consequences for Trumpian lawbreaking is huge.

The chart of international high-proportion prison populations alone is shocking.

The recidivism stats for the US prison system are conclusive.

Penalties only deter generally law-abiding folks. Criminals and outlaws have sufficient reasons to ignore laws.


skry, to philosophy
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skry, to random
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My neighbor is rebuilding his fence because a giant tortoise from next door broke through in order to eat a lot of his garden (a thing it is becoming famous for in our neighborhood). The tortoise caretaker is said to have ridden the formidable beast back into its yard after the vegetable siege.

Oregon is my kind of weird.

skry, to random
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ngons, to random
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#CellTower 700



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@ngons Are you posting the ones you win, or just posting them?

So far the closest I’ve gotten is all but one letter, which probably means 1/3 wrong, lol.

skry, to infosec
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Can someone please make Duck Duck Go safe from these apparent malware links?


skry, to oregon
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skry, to infosec
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stroughtonsmith, to random
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When's the last time you heard anybody mention 'Skype’? 😅

Show how a massively dominant product can just evaporate over a couple of years without anybody noticing

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@stroughtonsmith Ease of use won each time a Skype user tried WebRTC apps.

Skype was complex, it cost for usage, it was fiddly to connect, and it changed its UI beyond recognition, from bad to worse. They dealt the fatal blow to their own product first, then it quickly died when every competitor made calling easy again.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

skry, to random
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Tardigrade/human experimentation

Take that, science fiction authors.

JulianOliver, to infosec
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XZ, an archiving utility in broad use across GNU/Linux distributions, has a backdoor in versions 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 that appears to fiddle with SSH auth and possibly offers an attacker RCE. Debian and Redhat have both released advisories. Thankfully RHEL and Debian GNU/Linux stable releases are unaffected. Testing/Sid are however. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/red-hat-warns-of-backdoor-in-xz-tools-used-by-most-linux-distros/ #infosec

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@JulianOliver I saw a lot of informative stuff about this today including:

An interesting take

How it works

FAQ on the xz-utils backdoor

I had to upgrade homebrew on macOS. I’m not 100% sure, but I think there was a list on ArsTechnica of other affected apps and utils.

skry, to UX
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film_girl, to random
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Shout-out to NameCheap. I had two domains expire that I didn't realize (because I had auto-renewal on and a credit card attached but it turns out the credit card wasn't checked "use for renewals”) and I thought I had gone into the redemption period where you have to pay $90 to get them back, which fine, it's my fault. but I contacted support and they were able to renew them for me at the list price. A++

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@film_girl You had me at “called support”.

johncarlosbaez, (edited ) to random
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Vancouver may soon see a dramatic addition. It's called Sen̓áḵw, and it consists of 11 tall towers holding 6,000 apartments. It’s being built by the Squamish First Nation. Since it's on land they own, they don't have to follow Vancouver’s zoning rules. And they've chosen to build bigger, denser and taller than anywhere else in Canada.

Predictably, this rubs against a widespread belief that the Squamish, as an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast, are living fossils with a duty to embody a romantic vision of life before Europeans came here:

City councillor Colleen Hardwick said “How do you reconcile Indigenous ways of being with 18-storey high-rises?” And Gordon Price, a Vancouver urban planner and a former city councillor, said “When you’re building 30, 40-storey high rises out of concrete, there’s a big gap between that and an Indigenous way of building.”

Neither of these people are members of the Squamish First Nation. Sen̓áḵw existed as a city of cedar longhouses long before Vancouver was built. Its Squamish residents saw their land carved up for railways. Then their houses were burnt down, and they were loaded onto a barge and shipped away. Now they're back.

Much of my text was paraphrased from this article by Michelle Cyca, which has more cool pictures:


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@johncarlosbaez I hope everyone adopts Japanese earthquake building standards near the most dangerous subduction zone in North America.

This kind of development would be smart in Western Oregon’s cities as well, so we can address the housing crisis without abandoning urban growth boundaries. As in Vancouver, Oregon’s property prices put housing out of reach for many who are from the area.

Oregon needs to increase train and bike infrastructure too.

skry, to random
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For that price difference you could fly 2 round trip to Germany to get it. https://newsie.social/@TheConversationUS/112163884918601031

_ohcoco_, to random
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@_ohcoco_ Great news!

skry, to UX
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When your #UX is so bad that a science has to devise a workaround.


csilverman, to affinity
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#affinity folks: what are you switching to?

I've thought about waiting to see how bad it gets, but I don't really want to get any more invested in a product whose future and stewardship (i.e. pricing model) seems uncertain.

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@csilverman Graphic Converter has a lot of good features (mac) including a light table batch processing capability. It replaced Photoshop for me long ago.

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