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Software Developer, Photographer, Sailing Enthusiast.

I talk about #photography, #sailing, #ebikes, reading, writing, watching TV, cooking, politics, climate, EVs, more sailing, programming, the open and sustainable web, php, sailing again, and more. Ask me about sailing co-operatives. (he/him)

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kboyd, to random
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"improvocation" is when a company Improves™️ something in their product, and it subsequently breaks another company's processes.

PatrickoftheG, to random
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It has been four days and I still cannot shake the theme to Poirot from my mind. I am a person who suffers from ear worms, on a scale that I do not think other people really understand.

Like, if I hear the same piece of music more than a few times, I am in my own private Hell for days, sometimes weeks.

I do not know how professional musicians do it. If I try really hard, I can sort of sell this to myself as ego death to take the edge off it. It's not an easy sell.

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kboyd, to random
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The age-old dilemma:

Get ready for bed, or start writing a blog post?

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@codebyjeff I have 11 drafts in progress.

Aaaalmost added a 12th.

kboyd, to random
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An article about Nex Benedict's death & the subsequent ... I don't even know what to call it. Exploitation of the situation? Steaming pile of cis bullshit? But this seems like a solid look at that part of the aftermath. https://jude-doyle.ghost.io/i-dont-care-about-your-brand/

kboyd, to random
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"We don't trust Starfleet data - it's too nuanced and thorough!"

quinn, to random
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This is my new favorite meme

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@punklawyer @SallyStrange @quinn "I didn't kill him because he was crazy. I killed him because he was making sense."

kboyd, to random
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"I would gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."

"Wimpy, this is a Wendy's."

kboyd, to random
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Someone blocked me today due to a very calm and civil difference of opinions.

And that's a good thing. If someone's posts are going to raise your bloodpressure or whatnot, even if it's perfectly polite, don't hesitate to hit that block button.

But maybe consider making it a time-limited/auto-expiring block. Someone who seems blockworthy on a Tuesday might seem rather a worthwhile follow by Friday.

danhon, to random
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Over the medium term* I do not think Google will be able to resist the temptation to train models on the entire Gmail and Docs corpora**

  • never mind the short-term, i.e. 6-12 months?

** you are allowed to reply to tell me they have already effectively done this

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@danhon am I allowed to reply and suggest they have already ineffectively done this?

ramsey, to random
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This whole job-search experience has left me quite jaded and cynical. I don’t think I’ll look at my open source contributions the same way again. I’ve never contributed for the sake of putting it on my resume, but I now know for certain that absolutely no one cares about your open source contributions. Managers and engineers will use as much open source as they can to do their work, but they have absolutely no care about who makes it or how it comes to be. It’s all magical, free labor to them.

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@Crell @ramsey @phptek with a side order of "universal basic income when?"

Quinnypig, to random
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Welp, the silver lining of Reddit crushing Apollo is that I no longer spend anywhere NEAR the time on the site I once did. Which was… apparently considerable.

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@Quinnypig buy in! buy in!

and then troll the board incessantly

kboyd, to random
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prime + ads = shrinkshittification

BobHorowitz, to photography
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Telekinesis would be a cool superpower to have. So would invisibility, or even the ability to control the wind 👍

This, however, is just the stacking of two photos - one with Chris and an umbrella held high, and the other, taken seconds later, without them. I stacked and aligned the two shots in Photoshop, then erased Chris from his layer, allowing the path and plants from the other layer to bleed through. Easy peasy. And not AI generated.


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@BobHorowitz I wonder what Magritte would think ...


kboyd, to random
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"That's cantaloupe talk. I want you to be a CAN-aloupe."

hollie, to random
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Watched an interview with a linguistics professor today, discussing the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. She said, "Sometimes people say, 'I feel more passionate when I speak Spanish,' or 'I feel more precise and organized when I speak German,' but they often don't take culture into account...".

I speak neither Spanish nor German so I just nodded, taking this in. Tonight scrolling videos I see one for a German TV game show where contestants have to cut something precisely in half. I laughed out loud.

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@gregtitus @hollie Too bad Dr Spock never teamed up with Whorf for the Spock-Whorf hypothesis, that Klingon children raised as Humans would always be overly concerned with adhering to the traditions of their culture, as an embodiment of their sense of loss for having been separated from it.

stevegrunwell, to random
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Hey, you: please stop pluralizing words with apostrophes.

Is this the house where the Smith family lives? It’s “The Smiths” or “The Smiths’ [residence]”, not “The Smith’s”.


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@stevegrunwell Feels like an opportunity for a gastropub. Remember those?

"Welcome to The Smith's, I'll be your foodsmith this evening. Can I start you off with some table bread?"

Come to think of it, I've eaten at a properly-punctuated Smiths: https://smithspub.com/

Daojoan, to random
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It is statistically unlikely that any random podcast or YouTube channel will blow up in popularity to the point of replacing the creator's working salary through direct payments.

I'm not saying that to burn you out.

I'm saying it because I'm a realist.


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@Steve @Daojoan Isn't that similar to what Nebula is trying to do? Seems like a huge uphill marketing battle - but a potentially neat idea for platform independence.

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derek, to random
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"Edgelord" implies the existence of edgepeasant and edgebourgeoisie.

@kboyd@phpc.social avatar

@derek "Lady of the Edge" sounds proper cyberpunk.

(Edit: Oh. "Lady 3Jane", that's why.)

timbray, to random
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Apparently, in Canada there is no way to watch Scavengers Reign without subscribing to some trashy lo-rent service I never heard of. Time to explore piracy options.

@kboyd@phpc.social avatar

@timbray apparently its main forte is sports streaming.

I am not a subscriber.

Scavengers Reign rules.

lanastewart, to random
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Thanks for the bike lane… I guess. 😬😖

@kboyd@phpc.social avatar

@lanastewart mountainbike lane, eh? That sucks.

futurebird, to random
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What if when making a "fear monster" for you fantasy or sci fi story you didn't base it on a spider, snake, insect, or a slug?

So many creepy things in nature, I'm sick of spider monsters with "glossy chitinous legs" snake-like monsters that "slither sinisterly."

Cut it out.

Base your scary creature on a chinchilla, a capybara, an orchid, a dove, a human.

Leave the arthropods, snakes and invertebrates out of it.

Or if you MUST do an insect do butterflies. THEY can't be trusted.

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@futurebird @rvr an episode of star trek lower decks featured Borg Snakes alongside killer klingon clowns. It was nice to have a mixture, at least.

johnmacintosh, to random German
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In 1996, we were building websites that looked like this #RetroHomepages

via Retro Tech Dreams from Twitter

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ramsey, (edited ) to php
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Today, I was cut in layoffs. I’m so gutted because I loved this company, & my team was the best; I’ll miss my team most.

Now, as I look ahead, I’m searching for a staff/principal role where I can help other developers level-up through mentoring, tooling/infra, architecture, & improving DX. I’d love to work with a company contributing to open source & even to the programming language itself.

Update (27 Feb 2024): Thanks, everyone! I’ve accepted an offer. Please see update in thread below.

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@ramsey I'm so happy to hear that you've found a position!

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