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has turned so many into public relations professionals who pursue likeability instead of . That’s why people speak along pre-vetted party lines and silence their edgy ideas. First to others, later to themselves. When anything you say online can be instantly accessed with a Google search, the costs of independent thinking aren’t worth the benefits to most people.”

  • David Perell


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What is a fediverse-neutral word for "subtweet"? People here use "subtoot", but that's based on Mastodon's "toot", which is no longer officially used.

"Subpost" doesn't sound quite right. But I guess that's it?

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Na gut, dies ist nun in Schweden aber wann wird es hier mal aufgeklärt, dass es auch in jeglichem Land Trollfabriken von den Rechten geben kann (oder gibt)?

»Politisches Erdbeben in Schweden wegen Skandal um Trollfabrik:
Enthüllungen über eine von den Schwedendemokraten betriebene Trollfabrik haben ein politisches Erdbeben ausgelöst.«


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Hey everyone! I recently posted about my latest project, a universal fediverse sharing button:

Is this something that you'd find useful for your website or blog?

EDIT: Thanks everyone for sharing and trying this out! I fixed an issue on iOS some of you might have run into, just FYI.

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#News #Media #Journalism #DigitalMedia #SocialMedia #Participation: "Digital media are often praised for having offered new ways to participate with news. But how has participation with news changed in recent years? A pre-registered analysis of survey data from 2015 to 2022 in 46 countries (N = 577,859) shows that participation with news has declined. This decrease is observed in most countries and for most forms of participation, including liking, sharing, commenting on news on social media and talking about the news offline. The only form of participation that has increased is news sharing via private messaging apps. Overall, participation with news was higher among younger people, the university-educated, those with high interest in news and those with low trust in news. Over time, participation has declined more for those with lower trust in news, those without a bachelor’s degree and for women. Within countries, increases in political polarization were associated with lower participation."

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: "In a first-of-its-kind move within the European Union, the French government has moved to block TikTok in one of its overseas territories amid widespread protests.

A French draft law, passed Monday, would let citizens vote in local elections after 10 years' residency in New Caledonia, prompting opposition from independence activists worried it will dilute the representation of indigenous people. The violent demonstrations that have ensued in the South Pacific island of 270,000 have killed at least five people and injured hundreds.

In response to the protests, the government suspended the popular video-sharing app — owned by Beijing-based ByteDance and favored by young people — as part of state-of-emergency measures alongside the deployment of troops and an initial 12-day curfew.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal didn’t detail the reasons for shutting down the platform. The local telecom regulator began blocking the app earlier on Wednesday."

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For all that it did right, Mastodon made a massive unforced error not realizing that the key to social media propagation was keeping journalists happy. Instead, it alienated 90% of them with grievances and brow beatings about how they were pesky interlopers. BlueSky and Threads merely had to toss them a handful of candy, and promise them others, and it was like flipping a switch that sucked them out of here like runaway ShopVac. But I am convinced that many can be brought back.

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What if I told you I don't care if Mastodon (or, really, the ) does anything to keep anyone happy. What if I told you most people get wrong because they want to do it at scale and replicate the failed power law experience of Twitter?


What if I told you the best way to do social media is the same way you do other social things: in the small scale where you can have a conversation instead of treating it like a broadcast medium?

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Today I learned the equivalent of the phrase 'Food Porn' is '飯テロ' or 'Meshi Tero', where the 'tero' part is a borrow word for 'terrorism'.

The literal translation is 'Food Terrorism'. Consider that in relation to the Japanese penchant for filling their streams with pictures of every single thing they eat.

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'Where is this generosity with the MEATTT': Chipotle customer asks for extra salsa, gets bamboozled

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'I ordered 6 bags, which is $100': People are obsessing over this recycling service that offers rewards for swaps. Users say it's a scam

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It finally happened: Twitter changed the domain to is no more.

#X #Twitter #Xitter #SocialMedia

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Wohl nicht nur , sondern eher lang erwiesene - nicht umsonst reden wir schon seit Jahren über durch , ist da definitiv keine Ausnahme:
"Die EU- hat ein Verfahren gegen eröffnet. Brüssel wirft Meta vor, hauseigene Dienste so zu konzipieren, dass sie bei Kindern und Jugendlichen Suchtverhalten auslösen könnten."

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“Facts are irrelevant to the truth of the experience OpenAI sells, which is grounded in the fantasy of having someone you can always talk to and boss around without having to worry about managing their performance. The chatbot performs “assistance” in a way that makes its actually doing anything more and more beside the point”

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@FrankPasquale Thank you for the link. A very interesting read about , and the of life. I like "experience of parasociality" as a description of this "society of the spectacle". In the future, we will have even greater problems with loneliness.

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Social Media Reacts To Horrific 2016 Video Of Sean 'Diddy' Combs Assaulting Cassie

#diddy #socialmedia

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Twitter is officially now

"The social network formerly known as Twitter has officially adopted for all its core systems. That means typing in your browser will now redirect to Elon Musk’s favored domain, or should. At the time of publication, we’re seeing a mix of results depending upon browser choice and whether you’re logged in or not."

RIP Twitter :twitter:


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Twitter” as a website is now finally, entirely dead!! We'll it for sure.

The billionaire announced that the site had finally moved its systems to, marking the end of the site’s rebrand to X.

#twitter #socialmedia #technology #website @mastodonindians

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"I quit all social media about three years ago because of the hostility, disinformation, brain rot, and advertising."

"They say they haven’t settled on a business model yet, but it could involve ads based on people’s declared interests."

Hm. Good luck!

#news #TechNews #maven #SocialMedia

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