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What’s your’s ? Personally, for me, the one that has stuck with me over the years is…

“Get busy living or get busy dying.”

Spoken by Red in Shawshank Redemption

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Pre-warning to my followers: I'm going to leave for good and I'm blogging about the reasons - mostly because reddit management gone crazy (latest: my isn't working any more for reddit) & also because of

If you did not already, organize yourself a decent / aggregator and follow good content from there. My blog has also feeds to follow:

I presume you could use Mastodon as a feed aggregator as well:

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Tiens, j'ai reçu un email de informant qu'ils rétablissent les "awards".

Pour qui ne connaît pas, c'est un peu comme des "reaction emojis" à des messages, mais payants, et illustrant généralement un accomplissement qu'une réaction. Je me suis parfois demandé pourquoi le "nouveau Reddit" avait décidé de les supprimer il y a un an. C'est de l'argent facile pour eux pourtant.

Oh, et les redditors peuvent maintenant être monétisés. Je ne sais pas trop quoi penser de ça en revanche.

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I only lurk on without an account - anybody want to tell this person the right address to contact? It's actually MassDOT, so they need to email as this traffic change was part of the Mystic /Maffa bridge project.

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Been reading r/worldnews for a decade now and lately it has been really revealing what a propaganda machine it has become. Just got perma banned for pointing out that "legal war targets aren't necessarily ethically correct"

With Artifact gone, reddit basically gone - what other sources do you use for #geopolitics?

#reddit #news #askfedi

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🇬🇧 The flew very visibly over . Conditions were great for observing such a phenomenon. The beautiful effect was (accidentally) captured by many people. I recommend taking a look at and watching some videos.

🇵🇱 Meteor przeleciał bardzo widocznie nad Portugalią. Warunki były świetne do obserwacji takiego zjawiska. Piękny efekt udało się (przypadkowo) uchwycić przez wiele osób. Polecam zajrzeć na Reddit i obejrzeć kilka filmów.

brokenix, to Lisp

This is a machine for network protocols. Initially in pursuit of a social forum focused on link sharing.
as and free projects alike rush to implement some RFC adding only 'but on the web'. I aim to define a modular protocol server which can support an arbitrary number of network protocols as a network daemon. Our POC in this endeavour will be to build an -like protocol daemon which gateways to storage. The content held in this system can be consumed by arbitrary clients; a web application presenting -like services would be just one of many potential clients, although it is likely that Gnus for Emacs will be the first one.

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strikes Reddit deal to train its AI on your posts
“Reddit has become one of the internet’s largest open archives of authentic, relevant, and always up-to-date human conversations about anything and everything. Including it in upholds our belief in a connected internet, helps people find more of what they’re looking for, and helps new audiences find community on Reddit,” CEO Steve Huffman says.

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I came across this #Reddit family drama from one of those narration YouTube videos and reading all of the original posts spanning several months was pretty bonkers! I don’t care if the story was an exercise in creative fiction or actually real because I was totally entertained. 😅


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Woman leaves bachelorette trip after trusting her gut about sketchy men partying with friends

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Here's a guide on how you can make your old Reddit app work again:

Worked perfectly for Reddit is Fun (RIF).

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doesn't let me log in using my :

"An error occurred. Please disable any extensions or try using a different web browser to continue."

Anybody else affected? Could not find anything with that error message so far. 🤷

A decent reminder by myself for

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is great, but the recommended posts from subreddits I haven't joined are annoying.

For a temporary, on-demand solution, I enter the following in the dev tools console:

document.querySelectorAll('article:has(shreddit-join-button)').forEach(article => article.remove() )

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OpenAI will use Reddit posts to train ChatGPT under new deal

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OpenAI Strikes Reddit Deal To Train Its #AI On Your Posts

Reddit gets access to OpenAI’s tech for building AI features, and OpenAI gets real-time access to Reddit posts that feed into ChatGPT. #OpenAI has also signed up to become an advertising partner on #Reddit.

It’s an agreement similar to the one Reddit signed with #Google earlier this year that was reportedly worth $60 million.


🔗 RedditInc Blog:

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I Used to Be Surprised by How Filthy Men Can Be. It's Worse Than I Ever Imagined.

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Posting an review of Octopath Traveler in r/JRPG - pray for me y’all.

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Hach ja, nun ist es hoch offiziell, dass Reddit nun deine Daten für OpenAI sammelt. Alternativen diesbezüglich im Fediverse hatte ich schon länger her vorgeschlagen, das ist @LemmyDev und/oder @kbin, die nicht an deine kostenlosen Daten verdienen (profitieren).

»OpenAI darf Reddit-Daten nutzen:
Die beiden Unternehmen wollen eng zusammenarbeiten – und voneinander profitieren.«


#openai #reddit #ki #fediverse #daten #kbin #datenschutz #datensicherheit #lemmy

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🧵 …weshalb und warum ich oben @LemmyWorld und @kbin hier im zum obigen Artikel vorschlug, ist kein neues Thema aber auf Deutsch so gut wie (fast) nie in der (Fach-) Presse angegangen. Wie auch andere Fediverse 's sonst auch, die miteinander .

»Lemmy and Kbin: The Best Reddit Alternatives?
Love but tired of what's happening to it? We check out and , two open-source fediverse 's that are growing fast.«


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Dopo anche monetizza la sua kwnoledge base, creata attraverso i contributi spontanei dei frequentatori della piattaforma.
Sul punto non ho un'opinione forte: una comunità riceve ospitalità gratuita, ma quel gratis per altri ha un costo e il corrispettivo, in questo caso, èciò ciascuno ha scritto e che, una volta pubblicato, ha smesso di appartenergli.
Le regole erano sempre state chiare? E allora inutile lamentarsene ora

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has struck a deal with to use content from the social media platform for its artificial intelligence chatbot, sending shares in the company up as much as 15 per cent in after-hours trading.’

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Giant sucking sounds from over there on Reddit #AI #LLMs #reddit #openai

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"OpenAI inks deal to bring Reddit content to ChatGPT" 🤔

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