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Yes by Gods, it’s another book.

Henri Lefebvre’s Critique of Everyday Life, and a bowl of cherries.

#bookstodon #literature #philosophy #capitalism #consumerism

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Meeting in the wind (2024).
Art for sale.

iPhone camera, digital processing, Polaroid i-Type film emulsion lift on watercolor paper.

#photography #photo #art #mastoart #artforsale #polaroid #emulsionlift #filmphotography #believeinfilm #nature #landscape #trees #poetry #philosophy

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A Brief History of the Philosophy of Time, Second Edition by Adrian Bardon, 2024

Adrian Bardon's A Brief History of the Philosophy of Time is a short introduction to the history, philosophy, and science of the study of time--from the pre-Socratic philosophers through Einstein and beyond.


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The AI Mirror: How to Reclaim Our Humanity in an Age of Machine Thinking by Shannon Vallor, 2024

For many, technology offers hope for the future―that promise of shared human flourishing and liberation that always seems to elude our species. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies spark this hope in a particular way. They promise a future in which human limits and frailties are finally overcome―not by us, but by our machines.


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I'm looking for some texts or philosophers who have talked about the "quantum of free will".

Specifically the weighted ball conceptual model of possessive will and the freedoms illustrated between the ball's environment and it's internal information (i.e. the weight's pos) I think it was on a hill in one example.

I can't remember if the ball has to be opaque or not for the informational theory and what copyability means for the model.

Anyone know anything like this?

#philosophy #freewill

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Got to read some #Kierkegaard this morning. I haven't gotten past the editor's preface yet, but he does quote him a lot, so it's still enjoyable.

Haven't read any #philosophy in just about a decade. That's simply awful. :'(

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On the blog today, Pablo López–Silva and Tom McClelland discuss their new edited book 'Intruders in the Mind: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Thought Insertion'. #philosophy @philosophy @philosophyofpsychiatry

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal on choosing someone's mode of execution

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Mental Models and Know to Flow by Neil Keleher is the featured bundle on the Leanpub homepage! @kneelkeleher #ebooks #Philosophy #PersonalTransformation #SportsAndFitness #Selfhelp

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Today, I’m continuing my reading of Confucius's Analects and I’m really enjoying it so far.

I feel like I’m chilling out reading Chinese parables and ethical teachings.

I have always loved studying #philosophy, but doing it in an academic context is much more difficult and requires a lot more depth than I was expecting. Not a bad thing, just an observation. :)


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“All microsubjects featuring in the relevant structure relationally determine the phenomenal character of only one microsubject in a way that gives it a full human experience. […] The relevant relational structure is whatever is minimally necessary to produce my current conscious experience at any given time…”

#OpenAccess #Philosophy #Panpsychism #Consciousness @philosophy @cognition @academicchatter

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Venetian scholar Elena Cornaro Piscopia was born #OTD in 1646.

She was the first woman in the world to receive a doctoral degree. On June 25, 1678, Elena became the first woman to be awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Her doctoral examination was held in the cathedral of Padua to accommodate the large audience, including prominent scholars and nobles. The next female doctorate was granted by the University of Bologna in 1732 to Laura Bassi.

#books #philosophy #womeninscience

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are based on language. Do we think the basis of truth is in language?

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4 hours long!

Listening to Sean Carroll's Mindscap (Ask Me Anything | June 2024):

Theme this month is: there are usually many different ways for something or someone to be good. Blog post with full transcript:

#Podcast #Science #Philosophy #Culture

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Learning how to learn: mental models by Neil Keleher is on sale on Leanpub! Its suggested price is $29.00; get it for $16.80 with this coupon: #Philosophy #PersonalTransformation

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A very fun game where you aim to outsmart AI by convincing it that certain philosophical concepts are more closely related than they actually are! 🤖

#philosophy #ai #artificiallyinteligence #game @philosophy @artificialintelligence @cognition

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Do you know about the forefathers of #skepticism?

Skeptics question #dogma.

#Ancient skeptics known as Pyrrhonists (named for Pyrrho of Elis) sought to understand arguments from both sides until the sides had equal strength.

Once accomplished, the argument became unresolvable, & thus, the Pyrrhonist could suspend judgment & attain "ataraxia", i.e. tranquillity.

This unworried #philosophy died out after the Hellenistic period.

(Should we bring it back?)


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Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder by Richard Dawkins, 2020

With the wit, insight, and spellbinding prose that have made him a bestselling author, Dawkins takes up the most important and compelling topics in modern science, from astronomy and genetics to language and virtual reality, combining them in a landmark statement of the human appetite for wonder.


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On the blog today, Victor Lange and Thor Grünbaum discuss their recent paper about transparency of experience and mindfulness meditation. @philosophy

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