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Joe Biden's red lines over Israel's assault on Rafah have kept shifting, but the U.S. president faces growing pressure to take a firmer stance after a deadly strike in the Gazan city.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet Arab leaders this week seeking deeper ties in a region where China does plenty of business — and increasingly diplomacy, too.

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The U.S. is closely monitoring the probe into a deadly Israeli airstrike it called tragic, but it said the recent deaths in Rafah didn't constitute a major ground operation there that crosses any red lines.

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"Three More Nations Roll Out the Red Carpet to Hamas | Opinion"

"Welcome to the State of Denial. You've arrived in an alternative reality where terrorists have become heroes valiantly battling oppressors, genocidal slogans are triumphant calls for freedom, and the natural response to a terror group that slaughtered 1,200 people and took another 250 hostages is to offer them a state."

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>> 3 More Nations Roll Out Red Carpet to #Hamas

Hamas and #Likud have a perverse incentive to keep the war in the #MiddleEast going, at least for now.

NEITHER wants it to be over. #Netanyahu has been signaling transparently that he wants #Biden to lose because #Trump would give #Bibi more latitude in “clearing” #Gaza upon his re-election.

Many independent voters in US also want that outcome because #US & #UK also want to put pressure on Netanyahu ➡️

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Another Israeli airstrike triggered a fire that killed 45 people in a tent camp in the Gazan city of Rafah, prompting an outcry from global leaders, who urged the implementation of a World Court order to halt Israel's assault. #worldnews #middleeast #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar #palestinians #hamas

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At least 35 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli airstrike at a camp for displaced people in the southern city of Rafah late Sunday, the Hamas-run ministry of health said. #worldnews #middleeast #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar #palestinians #hamas

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If I wanted to avoid escalation by militant Islam in the , I wouldn’t start by making a quarter million able-bodied men homeless & motherless with nothing to lose.

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International Criminal Court Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan's decision to request arrest warrants for Hamas and Israeli leaders may be one of the most contentious of his entire career. #worldnews #politics #yoavgallant #icc #middleeast #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar #palestinians #hamas #benjaminnetanyahu #karimkhan

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Spain, Norway and Ireland said on Wednesday that they would recognize an independent Palestinian state, a rebuke to Israel over its war in Gaza and its decades of occupation of Palestinian territories. #worldnews #politics #europe #spain #ireland #norway #middleeast #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar #palestinians

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Already under global pressure over the mounting toll from the war in the Gaza Strip, Israel slipped further into international isolation on Wednesday after three European countries broke with their main EU partners and decided to recognize a Palestinian state. #worldnews #politics #europe #norway #ireland #spain #middleeast #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar #palestinians #benjaminnetanyahu

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#Norway, #Spain & #Ireland say that on May 28 they'll join nearly 3/4 of the world's countries in officially recognizing #Palestine as an independent country. #Slovenia and #Malta say they might soon too.

#independence #defacto #defactostates #geography #geopolitics #MiddleEast #diplomacy #Mediterranean #Israel #IsraelPalestineWar @geography @geopolitics

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Israeli tanks advanced to the edge of a crowded district in the heart of Rafah during one of the most intense nights of bombardment there since Israel launched its offensive in the city. #worldnews #middleeast #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar #palestinians #hamas

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International Criminal Court Prosecutor Karim Khan's request for an arrest warrant against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has created a diplomatic quandary for some key member states: How can they be supportive of both Israel and the ICC?

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#Norway, #Ireland & #Spain recognize #PalestinianState; #Israel condemns move

The Spanish, Irish & Norwegian govts announced Wed that they would recognize a #Palestinian state, saying there would be no #peace in the #MiddleEast w/o it.
Israel denounced the move as giving aid to its enemy #Hamas.
The coordinated announcements are purely symbolic — but not w/o some power.

#war #Palestinians #TwoStateSolution #HumanitarianCrisis #Geopolitics

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The leaders of the 3 countries said they hoped their recognition would press #Israel, the #Palestinians & the international community toward a #TwoStateSolution to the conflict.

“In the midst of a #war, w/tens of thousands killed & injured, we must keep alive the only alternative that offers a political solution for Israelis & Palestinians alike: Two states, living side by side, in #peace & #security,” Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store said.

#HumanitarianCrisis #MiddleEast #Geopolitics

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In response, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz ordered the immediate recall of the Israeli ambassadors to , & . “I am sending a clear message today: will not be complacent against those who undermine its sovereignty & endanger its .”

The govt reiterated its position that recognizing a was premature & must be the result of direct negotiations between Israel & the .

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The United States hopes defense meetings in Riyadh on Wednesday will help advance a long-standing goal of building a regional missile shield.

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Norway will recognize an independent Palestinian state in the hope that this will help to bring peace with Israel, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said on Wednesday. #worldnews #norway #ireland #spain #middleeast #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar #palestinians

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Israeli forces moved deeper into Jabalia in northern Gaza, striking a hospital and destroying residential areas with tank and air bombardments, while Israeli airstrikes killed at least five people in Rafah in the south.

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Crowds of desperate people in the Gaza Strip have taken almost all of the aid sent over a temporary pier built by the U.S. military, officials said, forcing a temporary halt to deliveries and complicating an already dire humanitarian crisis. #worldnews #middleeast #israel #gaza #israelhamaswar #palestinians #hamas #us

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🇺🇸 Secretary of State Antony directed his top staff to crack down on leaks about diplomacy relating to the , saying clearly that he was “angry” with the constant stream of reports revealing sensitive information - a new leak can reveal

Not only did classified materials make it into the press, he chided State leadership earlier this month in a small team meeting, but also fresh proposals to broker a cease-fire and ⏩

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Food and medicine for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are piling up in Egypt because the Rafah crossing remains closed and there has been no aid delivered to a U.N. warehouse from a U.S.-built pier for two days, U.N. officials warned on Monday.

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