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The Wonders of the Lexicon Card Game

Explore the wonders of an age old card game called Lexicon that outsold general playing cards and was originally manufactured in the United Kingdom.

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Some of you want challenges, so let's do an

What's an overrated/overdone discourse about a fictional work and what's an underrated/underexamined one?

(for an example, I mean like "Batman is a rich person who beats up poor people" or "Lara Croft is actually a villain" or etc...)

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YouTube rolls out a series of simple, free games.

Goes under the brand "Playables". This to compete with the New York Times and Wordle?

Check them out...

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Morning Folks! Last night I waded into the scary world of the Group Finder tool in and found it to be a mixed bag. The first three normal raids were super smooth and I knocked them out in rapid succession. Then I spent the next hour failing to get into either a Throne of Thunder or Siege of Orgrimmar raid.

The Mixed Bag of Group Finder

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So the Bop It Extreme I have has some slight issues so I ended up getting a score of 149. It still did the normal fail sequence, not the one that has the pull command sound and the other music jingle. I think I just indirectly figured out that that one may happen at 150, as that would put you 100 away from beating it. I could be wrong, but being that it seems to happen at 170, and possibly less, and I think I saw it at 150 something, I think it could be that it does this at 150.

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Jak ja się cieszę, że poza zarysem fabuły nie wiedziałem nic o . Cudowny świat, cudowny klimat, z resztą samuraje to jeden z moich ulubionych settingów.

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The Unbound SDF modeler and game editor by @andreintg and @rianflo has entered public testing phase.


Download and more info:

To get started:

  1. Head to the ⁠early-access channel.

  2. Click the pinned messages button at the top right.

  3. Download the Windows or macOS installer.

#unbound #MadeWithUnbound #SDF #3D #game #games #gaming #gamer #GameDev

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Celebrating the public testing stage of the Unbound SDF 3D modeler and game editor (see previous post in this thread for details), here are three images I made with it.

In the Cloudmaker and the snail image, I made use of Unbound's "Splats", an alpha-based scattered texture, enabling easy fur, smoke, grass, et cetera.

#unbound #MadeWithUnbound #SDF #3D #games #gamer #gaming #GameDev #CharacterDesign #design #artwork #illustration #art #arte #artist #DigitalArt #ArtMatters #GraphicDesign #3D

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Morning Folks! Yesterday I tried the whole "get to 25 and then just do raids" thing for alt leveling in and it is very much "not my jam". My appetite for chain-running raids does not appear to be what it used to be. This also feels like a strategy for maximizing bronze gain and not necessarily levels.

Raid Leveling Not for Me

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My move is confirmed and my sale is still on!

All my games are 50% off!
Go and buy them!

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Heute ist ! Mit dem Tag soll auf das Recht auf freies Spiel von Kindern & Jugendlichen aufmerksam gemacht werden. Wir haben ein paar Spiel-Vorschläge: In unserer Online-Ausstellung "Vier Kartenspiele, die ihr sicher noch nicht kennt" bekommt ihr vielleicht etwas Inspiration 🃏


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If you've ever played the New York Times' "Connections" game, pick up a cup of coffee and give this a read.

Chef's kiss, McSweeney's!!!

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Morning Folks! Last night I hit level 45 in and started on my third zone. I spent some time this morning talking about the scope of Pandaria and how it is contrasted against the feel of the last few expansions.

I also spent some time talking about the Narcissus addon which is making the whole constant gem swapping a bit easier.

Krasarang Wilds

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I programmed on this forever today to get this to look right and you GUYS it is looking SO GOOD

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Ich denke, ich muss #GhostOfTsushimaDirectorsCut erstmal auf Eis legen, bis diese ganzen technischen Macken erledigt werden. seufz

#gaming #games #videogames

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I found my old #gaming console but it doesn't seem to work any more 😞


publicvoit, avatar


With a RF-to-HDMI device, my #Atari2600 is working again after more than three decades of being stowed away. 😎🕺

#gaming #games #retrogames

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When I was a youngster in the late 1980s, I formed an Amiga game dev team with 2 friends.

Before making games, we started by trying to sell game music that used minimal RAM, made with our music editor SIDmon.

To promote our game music, this energetic music module was composed by our musician Ramon Braumuller. The file, including tiny sampled sounds, is only 22 kilobytes.

Check the hashtag for more tunes.

metin, avatar

Our Amiga game Hoi was released worldwide on 3.5 inch diskettes in 1992.

This cheerful tune was composed by our musician Ramon Braumuller for level 1, using our own music editor Digital Mugician.

The tune reflects the sheer fun we had creating the game back in the early 1990s.

Check other posts in this thread and the #TeamHoi hashtag for more.

#commodore #amiga #chiptune #music #ElectronicMusic #RetroComputing #RetroGaming #game #games #gamer #GameDev #retro #VintageComputing #synth #audio

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Our Amiga game Hoi was released worldwide on 3.5 inch diskettes in 1992.

This rhythmic tune was composed by our musician Ramon Braumuller, reflecting Hoi level 2's construction site environment. The track was made using our own music editor Digital Mugician.

Check other posts in this thread and the #TeamHoi hashtag for more.

#commodore #amiga #chiptune #music #ElectronicMusic #RetroComputing #RetroGaming #game #games #gamer #GameDev #retro #VintageComputing #synth #audio

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Our Amiga game Hoi was released worldwide on 3.5 inch diskettes in 1992.

This jolly tune was made by our composer Ramon Braumuller for level 3, where Hoi flies around with a jetpack. Our own music editor Digital Mugician was used.

The track was originally composed for our uncompleted 1988 game Ragnov.

Check other posts in this thread and the hashtag for more.

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Made a quick collage of cropped details from Hoi game screenshots I used for my Hoi soundtrack posts (see / hear previous posts in this thread).

Hoi info and free game downloads:

#PixelArt #graphics #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #commodore #amiga #retro #VintageComputing #game #games #gamer #gaming #GameDev #1990s

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