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FLOSS fan & developer (lite). Linux/Unix geek. Server admin and realtime data adept. #Cloud engineer (AWS) with a tenancy for breaking #networking stuff.

Parttime #Bagpipe player. #Tenor at Chamberchoir Furiant (based in Ghent) and popchoir Kooruwel.

Apprentice piano-player ;)

#Crossfit practitioner, for fun, mental and physical health.

Certified to make no sense whatsoever.

#singing #piano #choir #serveradmin #linux #unix #ansible #terraform #homeautomation #nobot #noindex

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jan, to Games
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Can anyone recommend a good town builder game without too much competitive stuff? Just something to build a nice town in.

I love RTS games but sometimes just the build without the bash would be nice.

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@haploc that might work. Link?

repo, to random
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Weer wat minder privacy...

Een lichtje, een piep, een trilling of automatische begrenzing: vanaf juli moet onze auto vertellen dat we te snel rijden.


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@repo dit heeft toch niks met privacy te maken?

GPS signaal plus GPS kaart plus camera in de wagen ingebouwd kan nu al melding geven dat je te snel aan het rijden bent.

jan, to random Dutch
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And nobody cared... laten we de boel rustig verder opfikken.

jan, to wordle
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#Wordle 1,057 3/6*


fitheach, to random
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Got talking to a biker guy, last night. He told me he has been on the carnivore diet for the last two years. When he started this diet he weighed 178kg (~28 stone). He now weighs 88kg (~14 stone). He is only half the man he was!

His before and after photos were even more impressive.

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@fitheach and how is he medically speaking?

repo, to random
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@repo Misschien beter 10% minder politiekers.

jan, to homeassistant
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My new hue outdoor (SML004) reports wildly different lux values than my old (SML002).

Direct sunlight: old - 25000+, new: 7000+. That's a three fold difference, atleast.

#HomeAssistant #PhillipsHue #sensor #lux

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@peturdainn If you have any recommendations for any that could live outside, that'd be amazing ;)

The only one I've found sofar is the Hue.

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@peturdainn still no clue how I could make that low power and able to survive outdoors.

The hue lasts years on two AA cells.

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@peturdainn Yeah, that's indoor unfortunately ;)

haploc, to debian
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Fun times trying to rescue a botched grub on a 12 with btrfs as rootfs.
Made it. 💪

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@haploc cough ZFS cough

jan, to linux
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Has anyone ever seen the effect that a top-level recursive shows no more changes, but then going in the sub directories and doing individual rsyncs does give a lot of diff?

We're trying to figure out why that happens, and coming up empty.

Both FS are ext4, source server has been quieted (and FS even mounted r/o to make sure)

Rhel7 to rhel8. Rsync 3.1.2
Please boost.

jan, to Weather
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So I bought a bunch of stuff to build an #epaper #weather display based off an #esp32 board, sort of mixing and matching stuff up from a few project I had found.

I had assumed that the hardware would be supported by #esphome, but the amount of stuff that especially me actually supports is... Disappointingly low.

So, besides learning how esphome works, I now get to figure out how to add a 3rd party library in there and how to write a panel description so it can drive it.

Fun times ahead, not.

jan, to books
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I'm still baffled that #ebooks cost the same as physical #books.

Makes zero sense. Authors should get their fair share, but to the publishers there's a world of difference in costs.

wannesss, to random Dutch
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Orange kaput. Sta je daar met al die streaming sonos dingen in huis. Geen radio :(

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@wannesss het kan altijd erger.

jan, to random
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#sidekiq finally got through it's 10k backlog. #mastoadmin

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@haploc too many open files. Which looks like a leak , since that graph creeped upwards during a month.

jan, to mastodon
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Yeah, I'd call this a problem somewhere. open files of the mastodon user, which just runs mastodon.

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@derek @michael
@derek @haploc

So it seems it's possibly a bug, but the odd thing is that it doesn't hit everyone.




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@paul @derek @michael @haploc

Interesting. I do use B2 S3, and indeed, the issue only started after migrating to that.

I'm wondering why I'm having a lot of open/pending connections to Elasticsearch, though, if it's related to B2?

jan, to random
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Hmm. Mastodon reached the open file limit again, yet this is set at the 65535. #mastoadmin

jwildeboer, (edited ) to random
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New blog post: The Big Transfer — Moving Away From gandi.net

Replies to this toot will show up as comments on this blog post.


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@jwildeboer https://tld-list.com/ is a good start point for people to start comparing.

wannesss, to random Dutch
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Also ge iemand nodig hebt om uw software te testen. Ik gebruik iets een halve dag en kan al bugreports beginnen filen.

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@wannesss \ zou nog leuker zijn

aral, to random
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Here’s an idea: let’s call people “people” on the fediverse instead of “users” whenever we can.


“There are 42 users on this instance.”


“There are 42 people on this instance.”

Which acknowledges our humanity more?

Language matters. We don’t need to perpetuate mainstream technology’s othering/colonial framing of “us” – designers/developers/other “clever folks” – and “them” – the users (usually one step removed from “dumb user” and usually the ones who get used).


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@aral that would lump in a lot of bots with people.

Bots are not people. Users, perhaps.

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