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Gamedev using #rustlang🦀 and #bevyengine. Working on Times of Progress, a City Builder set during the Industrial Revolution, coming soon on Steam.

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elmowilk, to marketing
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Times of Progress finished the Endless Replayability Fest with 462 wishlists gained during the week.

Without demo and almost always on page 2 of the Upcoming section.

Pretty happy with the result.

elmowilk, to steam
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Times of Progress is an isometric City Builder set during the industrial revolution where you manage and transport resources via steam train and ships.

Aaand it's part of the Endless Replayability Fest that is going on right now on #steam

#indiegame #games

GIF of an isometric city builder game where trains and ships travel around a busy city.

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@carbontwelve glad it caught your interest!

elmowilk, to steam
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🚂 "Times of Progress" is part of the Steam Endless Replayability Fest !! 🚂

It's my first festival so it's quite exciting, although without a demo I guess the visibility will be reduced.

But I am still curious to see what will happen in terms of wishlists.

#indiegame #steam

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@MachineLordZero Because of the lack of demo? Ahah sorry! Still not ready

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Happy #internationalworkersday

In Times of Progress if enough workers are unhappy they go on strike.

They'll demand extra Food to go back to work. You can accept or send the police to stop the strike (production resumes immediately but with reduced productivity).

Also, will you let them unionize?

It means more likely strikes and more expensive workers, but also increased productivity.

GIF of an isometric city builder game set during the industrial revolution where a mine and a train station are placed on the map by the player.

elmowilk, to gamedev
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Day 42 (or so..) of resisting the urge to implement more externally visible features and instead focusing on what's important for the player and not social media.

Dopamine levels are complaining, but so be it.

#gamedev #indiedev

GIF of an isometric city builder game set during the industrial revolution

elmowilk, to VideoGames
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I have mixed feelings about working on UI: on one hand it's both surprisingly complex and tedious. One the other hand when things do work, it's super rewarding.

Anyway, everything is still pretty ugly, so nothing to show yet. Here's a GIF instead for

GIF of an isometric city builder game set during the industrial revolution where carriages, steam trains and steam boats travel around delivering goods.

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@todwest yes definitely! I’m giving priority to UX now, i’ll make it pretty later

elmowilk, to steam
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I am working on Times of Progress, a city builder set during the Industrial Revolution.

You build industries to extract and process resources, transport them via steam Trains and Ships and turn them into goods for the population.

It's made with #bevyengine

#indiedev #city #steam

GIF of an isometric city where two Steelworks factories are added and built, as well as a Railway from a Train Station

elmowilk, to Trains
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That is some very busy city!

I definitely need to start to work on supporting double railways on the same tile so that trains can travel in two directions.

#indiedev #trains

A GIF of an isometric city where lots of trains and carriages are traveling around, delivering goods.

elmowilk, to steam
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Wishlist update:
"Times of Progress" has already reached 3000 wishlists in a little over three months!

Thank you for showing your interest so far!

The road to the notorious 7000-ish wishlist target is not done yet, but getting there 💪

#indiegame #steam

GIF of a busy isometric city with steam trains traveling on the map.

elmowilk, to Dragonlance
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Sometimes the procedural generation delivers these interesting shapes.

I tried to imagine how a city would develop around this gulf, but couldn't resist adding houses on the peninsulas, despite limited access to workplaces.

What would you do instead?

#indiegame #city #map #strategy

GIF of an isometric city that has developed around a procedurally generated gulf. Steam trains and boats travel around delivering resources to industries.

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@vocumsineratio Oooh Sydney 😍 ! Will need to make some space for the Opera House

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@richdmay Yes, it definitely varies. I guess it depends on the local geography and history.

If that harbour in the gulf evolved from an older one it would have probably been more protected, but maybe more recently harbours are built even in exposed areas because the technology is better, depending on the economic incentives.

I'm not a civic engineer though.

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@nish Ahah great!

Although for a second I thought: "Yay, one more wishlist!", but then I read the rest.. ahah.

Glad it picked your interest!

elmowilk, to gamedev
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Dev update: I've been quite busy lately building the UI.

I'm giving priority to the UX first and later will focus on the aesthetics, so I don't have much to show yet, but soon enough.

#gamedev #ui

GIF of a steamer boat crossing a body of water to deliver good to a harbour. It's on an isometric map of a city builder game set during the Industrial Revolution called Times of Progress

elmowilk, to steam
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It's February 29th!

It means it's your only chance in 4 years to wishlist "Times of Progress" on #steam on this day!


GIF of an isometric city builder game set during the industrial revolution, with steam trains and boats traveling on the map.

elmowilk, to bevy
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I have added animated water waves to Times of Progress. It adds to the relaxing feeling, imo.

It works for the ships trail as well (might need to make it more obvious there maybe).

It's made in a WGSL shader, #bevy makes it super easy to set up.


Showing the animated water waves on my isometric City Builder game set during the Industrial Revolution.

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@shom Thanks! Yes, I agree, I'll look into it

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@memoriesin8bit Thanks!! It will be playable during the next closed beta (but in a few months.. 😅 ). You can sign up here: https://subscribepage.io/pressingthumbs

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This is "Times of Progress", a #city builder set during the industrial revolution where you produce, transport and manage resources while keeping your population happy.

Laying out #railways is a key part of increasing the efficiency of your city.


An isometric city where the player connects two stations with a new railway allowing trains to reach new destinations.

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Times of Progress made it into this video about Train Games 2024 by GamerZakh!

They used its key art for the YouTube thumbnail too!

Check it out.


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In today's episode of #bevyengine amazing features: One Shot Systems.

When a reward is unlocked I can just run once the system that applies it (eg: +20% coal production), by storing the id of the callback in the reward entity itself.

It saved me so much time and it's very robust.

elmowilk, to geopolitics
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In my game workers are automatically hired when a workplace is built within range of unemployed citizens, or housing tiles are built next to workplaces with vacancies. The opposite happens when destroying building.

You can allocate the workforce manually too, but it's optional.

#strategy #city #indiegame

GIF of an isometric city builder game set during the industrial revolution where a steam train travels outside of the city and two steamer boats approach some harbours.

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