The best thing on two rails!

SBB Re 420 285 with postal train in Göschenen, 2023-08-14 [OC] (

On the 10. august a freight train derailed in the Gotthard Base Tunnel causing both tubes to be closed for traffic. Many freight trains can no longer use the old Gotthard line due to clearance and have to use alternative routes or cannot run at all. This postal train is one of the few freight trains able to use the old Gotthard...

Going for a ride [OC] (

Spokane, Portland and Seattle #700 on the turntable at Union Pacific’s Brooklyn Yard in Portland. When this photograph was taken in September 2006, both SP&S 700 and SP 4449 were housed in the Brooklyn roundhouse. Neither the roundhouse nor the turntable remain, but 700 and 4449 now reside in the publicly accessible Oregon...

OC Burlington Northern “Northern Star” reefers sit in a siding in Two Harbors, MN

Just caught two of these weird, supposedly experimental “composite” reefer cars while on a trip with mrs. PrimeMover. I haven’t been able to dig up much info on them yet, heck I didn’t know of their existence before today. But they’re too cool to not share!

Double-Headed Steam [OC] (

The 2005 NRHS (National Railway Historical Society) convention was held in Portland, Oregon. The highlight of the convention was a Columbia Gorge excursion double-headed by SP&S 700 and SP 4449. In this photo, the train has just departed Portland Union Station and is passing under the Fremont Bridge....

Burlington Northern Combination Boxcars/Hoppers, Sept. 19 1992, M. J. Budo Photo

Today's feature is another weird entry in railroad history, the Burlington Northern Boxhopper, or bopper! BN created these prototype cars in order to maximize the use of their rolling stock fleet. Normally, cars are sent out loaded, and returned empty. The aim of these was they could handle boxcar freight one way, and hopper...

Lewis and Clark Explorer Budd RDCs - June 2004 [OC] (

The Lewis and Clark Explorer was a tourist train that operated from Portland to Astoria, Oregon as part of the 200th anniversary celebration of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. The railroad parallels Lewis & Clark’s route along the lower Columbia River to their winter camp near Astoria.

Follow-up to the DDA35 post, the DD35

What you see here is one of three DD35 sample units that the espee ordered. Espee didn't order any others so I imagine these beasts were a rare sight in espee livery. These B-units (no control cab) came first, and the DD35A's were made later at UP's request. Like the A's none of these B units survived the scrapper's torch

Something special for 60 subscribers! A hulking monstrosity of Union Pacific Power, the DDA35

The DDA35 is a cab unit version of the DD35, built exclusively for the Union Pacific railroad. Only fifteen of these beasts were built between May and July of 1965, numbered 70 (pictured) through 84. Powered by twin 567D prime movers, these locomotives were good for 5000 horsepower each. Unfortunately, these locomotives suffered...

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