Скільки продано консолей Nintendo Switch у 2023 та 2024 роках? ( Ukrainian

Nintendo опублікувала звіт про те, скільки було продано консолей Switch у 2023 та 2024 роках усіх моделей: звичайний, Lite та OLED. Найбільш продавані ігри та дата виходу Nintendo Switch 2. Новини про...

How to find owner of a Nintendo Switch

I have come into possession of a Nintendo Switch and I do not have the identity of the owner. Any suggestions how to track down the owner? I looked at the user accounts and they are not logged into and social media accounts, no name or other identifying details, no Nintendo Online account so I can't go online to chat with any of...

Nintendo Plans 'Smooth Transition' from Switch to Next Console by Using Players' Nintendo Accounts - IGN (

Speaking during an investors Q&A session, translated by Genki on Twitter (below), Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa indicated that Nintendo Accounts would be a staple for users going forward. "As for the transition from Nintendo Switch to the next generation machine, we want to do as much as possible in order to smoothly...

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