MacKing, to DisneyPlus German avatar

Dann werde ich mal mit Staffel 3 beginnen.

@filme_serien @filmeundserien

jann, to DisneyPlus avatar

price change sent to me yesterday. Current annual price of $109 vs 2024 price of $139! Yeah, no! ESPECIALLY not when they pre-announce limiting TV show and movie production of properties!

Not keeping it! Even if I do love and !!!

And NO! NOT doing ad-tier!! 🤬


jann, avatar

@SuperSideshow To those people who have DM'd me and said "You won't cancel!", look at this! I did cancel. And it will remain so... #DisneyPlus #XMen97 #Daredevil #CancelDisneyPlus @kraigschmidt

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My 12-yr-old figured out how to bypass the parental controls on .

He couldn't find the movie Wish on the kids' profile... so he created a new profile. Which doesn't prompt for password or pin & gives you access to all the content. 😬

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SolusSpider, to DoctorWho avatar

New season of Doctor Who, with the 15th Doctor, starts in exactly 2 hours!
For me that is at 19:00. (7:00pm)
Shall be watching on Disney+
#DoctorWho #DisneyPlus

TheMetalDog, to DisneyPlus avatar

THE BEATLES - Fully Restored "Let It Be" Film Available Now On Disney+; New Video Trailer Posted
“Let It Be,” director Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s original 1970 film about The Beatles, has launched exclusively on Disney+ . This is the first time the film is available in over 50 years. Watch a new video trailer below. First released in May 1970 amidst the swirl of The Beatles’ breakup, “Let...

macking, to DisneyPlus German

Warum sagt mir denn niemand, dass bei #DisneyPlus #WillTrent Staffel 2 begonnen hat?
#serien @filme_serien @filmeundserien

elizach, to television avatar

Post-holiday Tuesday blues got you down?
Check out my latest blog post where I share some of my favorite stress-relief TV shows that have been absolute lifesavers for me. 📺
ps. Sending you virtual hugs friends! 🤗

Faintdreams, to DisneyPlus avatar

Disney Plus: Oh we see you've been watching Justified: City Primeval.

Based on this, we think you would really enjoy watching the film - Twilight

Me: Wait, what? How ? Whhhhhy ?

#Algorhithm #DisneyPlus

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mdmrn, to DisneyPlus avatar

A Jim Henson documentary is coming to Disney Plus at the end of May. Directed by Ron Howard.

I did not realize this and now I need to get ready to watch it and likely sob...

Here's the trailer on YouTube:

TheMetalDog, to DisneyPlus avatar
TheMetalDog, to KISS avatar
irfan, to Disney

I think the news about essentially "reinventing" cable channels again into their streaming service, is pretty hilarious, though I'm not exactly surprised by that since I too honestly have been wanting such a feature on or for really long time.

The idea is, you could still watch things on demand, unlike cable channels of old, but you could also just tune in to a channel and be "served" different things to watch by episode, or by movie, based on what is available. That'd be perfect when you just want to leave the TV on and have it play random stuffs all day.


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lambdageek, to Bluey avatar

Happy "The Sign" day to all who celebrate

hpkomic, to DisneyPlus avatar

I was not prepared for shit to get so real on .

The minute is saw that character watching from the sky, though... my stomach sank, knowing something was coming.

Just not so soon.

kboyd, to DisneyPlus avatar

I hope Disney+/Hulu renew for Season 3. Excellent fun show!

ScottTheGeek, to streaming avatar
TechDesk, (edited ) to DisneyPlus avatar

Disney+ will start its password crackdown in June.

CEO Bob Iger confirmed the timeline in an interview with CNBC, which @CNN says could help "move the company’s streaming platform toward profitability".

CORRECTION: Original post misspelled the CEO's name.

#disneyplus #streaming #tech

mjgardner, to Starwars avatar
darnell, to Netflix avatar

First #Netflix & now #DisneyPlus‽ Honestly, what makes the password crackdown awful is the fact that when you travel overseas, streaming services will assume I am sharing my password with someone else.

I may need to invest in a VPN with a dedicated IP address to get around from being blocked.

👉🏾 The Disney Plus password-sharing crackdown starts in June - The Verge

gedeonm, to random avatar

No really, to HELL with 8 episode seasons.

jann, avatar

@gedeonm AND the SAME to 5 episode seasons!!! #Marvel #Echo #DisneyPlus

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