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"It all fell apart": Hulu's "Queenie" dismantles the myth of the strong Black woman


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Two problems with 's "Choose your ad experience" ad breaks:

  1. Every time one comes up, it turns the audio description track off, but without changing the controls. You have to turn it to 'normal audio' and then back again to get descriptions back.

  2. Nobody wants to 'choose' an ad. Nobody cares. Nobody has ever in their life thought "I'd like ads if I could pick 'em." Just play them in rotation. Don't make us wait extra time for the ad to start.

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Happy Friends! 😀
Looking for the perfect comfort binge-watch? I've got you covered with my favorite detective shows that masterfully blend mystery, wit, and humor. Three timeless classics and one fantastic new addition! 🍿 📺 🕵️‍♂️

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10 Standout Horror Movies and TV Series to Stream on Hulu

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Hulu's Transcendent True-Crime Drama Resists the Genre's Trappings to the Very End

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The Bear Season 3 | Official Trailer | Hulu | June 27
FX’s The Bear returns 6.27. Stream all episodes, only on Hulu.
#TheBear #FX #Hulu #OfficialTrailer #Entertainment #Television #TV #Streaming

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Hulu's New 'Black Twitter' Docuseries Spotlights Tweets For The Culture That Truly Defined An Era

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"The Contestant" on Hulu, about the guy who spent a over a year in an empty room surviving on only what he could win in magazine contests, is quite good.

Has actually a few turns I wasn't expecting, which is lovely, because it could be a complete downer.

#Hulu #Documentaries #Streaming

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The Bear Season 3 | Official Teaser | Hulu | June 27
OFFICIAL TEASER for FX’s The Bear. All Episodes Streaming 6.27. Only on Hulu.

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Hulu's 'Black Twitter' Docuseries is Out, and Of Course Black Twitter Has Some Thoughts...

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A Peek Inside Hulu's New 'Black Twitter' Docuseries

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"The Contestant": The 9 wildest moments from Hulu's documentary about Japan's extreme reality show

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Post-holiday Tuesday blues got you down?
Check out my latest blog post where I share some of my favorite stress-relief TV shows that have been absolute lifesavers for me. 📺
ps. Sending you virtual hugs friends! 🤗

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Good News, Everyone: Futurama's First Art Book Is Finally on the Way


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Black Twitter: A People's History | Official Trailer | Hulu | May 9
Based on Jason Parham’s WIRED article “A People’s History of Black Twitter,” this three-part docuseries charts the rise, the movements, the voices and the memes that made Black Twitter an influential and dominant force in nearly every aspect of American political and cultural life.

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