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#GenX guy living in the #eastbay. I post / boost mostly about #music, mostly from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, but also new music. #indie #punk #surf #hiphop #newwave etc. I also post about #nba #wnba #collegeradio #cats #politics #media #journalism #hiking #outdoors #searchmarketing #voicesearch #chatgpt #digitaladvertising #weather #allyship and things going on in the #bayarea. #fedi22

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Defiance, to random
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The link in the web interface doesn't work for me so I've been trying other free services. Although it takes way too much time for what I'm posting (album covers and discs), I think I'll just keep doing it myself.

This is typical of what I'm finding 👇

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@sll This one


Could be me. 🤷‍♂️ lmk what you find

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@sll I guess we get what we pay for 🤷‍♂️

Defiance, to vinyl
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Minor Threat – Salad Days
7" on Dischord Records, 1985

I love every track on this EP!

This came with a 7"x28" folded one-sided insert with photos and lyrics, but I seem to have lost that. Not surprised. Pretty much on brand for me.

Back of album jacket. Mostly a black and white picture of a person running with a dog. Right side is black with white text with track listing. Disc below

Defiance, to vinyl
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XTC – Mayor Of Simpleton (1989)
Limited Edition, 12” 45 RPM single on Virgin Records

Cool that they took a new single that I like and added 3 of my favorite XTC songs. Makes for a perfect 4 track album.

#VinylRecords #vinyl #AlternativeRock #PopRock #music

A rendition of the three band members in the middle of the back album cover. Below we see the black vinyl disc with gray center label and black text.

Defiance, to vinyl
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Various – More Coffee For The Politicians (Phoenix Underground Music Compilation #3)
Placebo Records, 1985

Regionally focused comps were super helpful back before the internet. Best way to focus on a specific scene.

This one has a nice variety of musical styles. It's #3 in a series from Placebo spotlighting the Phoenix Scene (e.g. "This Is Phoenix, Not The Circle Jerks" and "Amuck").

There's a white paper insert with some Placebo Records and their respective prices listed. It's an order form you'd mail in.

Back album with red filtered image of a coffee cup and saucer. Blue text overlaid listing each track. Below is a white paper insert with black text. This is an order form

jake4480, to random
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Cubone on his mom on #Caturday

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@jake4480 😻

Defiance, to nba
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I stay up late just to watch Inside The NBA guys goof around and talk about the games. Bummed next season is likely their last 😔

Also hate the idea of having to watch games on Prime Video (no pause or rewind, no idea how to record, not all games immediately posted when finished, etc.)


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@mrcompletely ugh 😒 Whatever guess I gotta get with the times. I just find streaming to be a worse experience even though there’s an app for it on my tv

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@caravan @mrcompletely I definitely appreciate watching on my laptop when I need to move around. Otherwise I’m old school. Watch mostly via cable and dvr. Xfinity has apps for all the streams too. But I also skip commercials and use pause and rewind a LOT and their apps don’t allow that. Can you do that from a tablet?

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@caravan @mrcompletely Ah cool. I’m familiar with the Xfinity apps. I sometimes have to watch games after they end so I watch from my Recordings. Can’t watch live while out of town though 😒. This is all helpful info. Thanks for sharing.

BTW, which team are you guys rooting for? I’m kinda ambivalent but lean Wolves as they seem to be the underdog in spite of their higher winning record

flockofnazguls, to random
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  • Defiance,
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    @synkr3tyk That's awesome! I didn't know he covered it. Cool version too.


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    @flockofnazguls This specific song and video are one of those memories that stand among all the other music and entertainment I heard as a teen in the early 80s. Just such a cool song. And MTV, MV3, etc would play this one a lot. It was right when I was starting to develop my own musical tastes. Wonderful memory. ❤️

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    Defiance, to vinyl
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    Sun City Girls – “Sun City Girls” (1984)
    First run pressing of 1000 copies on Placebo Records

    Desert landscapes, weather, people, and culture are so unique. One of the quietest places on Earth, deserts tend to produce a lot of introspection. I assume this is why some of the weirdest and most creative art, particularly music, comes out of such regions.

    I could never keep up with all the output from the Sun City Girls and the two brothers that constituted its core. But that’s ok. Their first two albums are so good, with both music and silly, clever lyrics.

    Favorite track: “Uncle Jim”.

    #vinyl #VinylRecords #FolkRock #AvantGarde #ExperimentalMusic #music

    Back album jacket. Sun City Girls written in plain text. Below that is a black and white picture of the band members, image reflected in a mirror or water. Black vinyl disc with orange label below

    Defiance, to vinyl
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    Dead Kennedys – “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables” (1980)
    Australian reissue on Cherry Red / Virgin, 1988
    Limited edition white vinyl

    Kind of a must-have album, so I got it on white vinyl! 🤷‍♂️

    Back cover has picture of generic band in matching tuxedos, but each person is headless. Background is pink and black dots. Black text with track listing Below is fold out poster that came with this reissue

    Defiance, to music
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    Dread Zeppelin – “Un-Led-Ed” (1990)
    UK release on I.R.S. Records
    Limited edition picture disc LP

    These guys were so fun, and I still really enjoy this album. I love when a band has a gimmick (mixing genres, mimicking famous bands, etc.) that they commit so fully to while also having the skills to really pull it off. ZEPPELIN MUSIC INNA REGGE STYLE!

    I mean, even Robert Plant endorsed these guys, saying their version of “Your Time Is Gonna Come” was better than the original 🤯

    And they were from Sierra Madre, CA. For me, that town is best known for where they keep all the floats right before the start of the Rose Parade. 🌹

    #Reggae #Rock #CoverBands #music #90s

    Side B shows the band name in similar font to side A at the top of the disc. Black background with picture of the band in the trunk of a pink car. Fat Elvis character is on the left in full 70s era Elvis garb

    DemocracySpot, to random
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    🎧 Mood.

    Your opportunity, if you loathe #Disco, to change your mind.


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    @DemocracySpot Buuuurn baby burn 🎶🕺

    thepoliticalcat, to random
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    Worked out today. The injured knee is from about a month ago, but it's still feeling weirdly unstable, a bit puffy, and out of sorts. I'm going to keep exercising and icing, I'm getting really annoyed by this body being in such terrible shape, I've worked hard most of my life to keep it healthy, and now it's acting like it doesn't know me. An ass-kicking is called for.

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    @thepoliticalcat Good for you! 💪

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    @thepoliticalcat I exercise just about every day, and pretty much for the same reasons, being on the back 9 and all 😂 My (unsolicited) advice is focus on the long term. Don't overdo it on any particular day. Consistency is key. You know, you can do a lot of good with just body weight exercises. Have fun!

    Defiance, to streaming
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    @mrcompletely OK, I thought this sounded familiar too. I wonder why so long between shows?

    Defiance, to random
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    If you're in the #sfba and a fan of the #WNBA, there's a fun event at Chase this Saturday (5.18)


    Defiance, to TeslaMotors
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    The state of U.S. made EVs remains underwhelming and now looks to remain so for many more years to come. US automakers remain hooked on high margin trucks, and EVs are too often large SUV types or extremely short in range.

    I don't want to promote the horrible labor practices that, in part, make Chinese EVs so much more affordable, but tariffs and bans don't seem like the best way forward.

    #ev #electricvehicles #cars


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    @mrcompletely Excellent point. We need the right incentives or we'll keep getting 200mi range odd looking EVs for well over $30k, or giant 3 ton trucks that cost $80k (but only $600 a month on a 7 year loan, lol). To be fair, I've not read the relevant details of the Inflation Reduction Act, so maybe there are some incentives away from the current norm. I'm also big on plug in hybrids because you can go full EV most of the time, but have the range when necessary (e.g. I drive from NorCal to SoCal about every other month, 330 miles).

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    @mrcompletely I really like the RAV4 Prime, even though it's an SUV. It would let us drive fully electric for 90% of our driving, but still make it to LA without having to stop and charge for an hour. But they are hard to find and expensive (MSRP plus $10k!)

    I'm also with you on clearly stating the primacy of public transit. I mean, for me, that should go without saying, but online discourse doesn't appreciate such subtleties.

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