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Fascinating study that attempts to explain why humans painted the walls of

I still wonder if there's a bit of survivorship bias here. Maybe we only find paintings of such antiquity because they lay undisturbed for so long. What if our ancestors painted every surface they could lay a brush on, yet only these survived?


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Booking is now available for our Sunday guided tours. They will run from April 7th through to the end of September.

Follow this link (also in bio) to book your place! https://wemysscaves.org/visitor-centre-and-museum/

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We have had our annual monitoring day today, where we log and photograph the conditions of all of the assets in our care at the Wemyss coast.
Caves, paths (not the Fife Coastal Path) and carvings.
And the weather was mostly wonderful, although the most recent storms have made the paths pretty tricky to navigate in places.
Looking forward to welcome visitors back for tours from the 7th April!

Cave entrance with brick pillar
Cave entrance photographed from inside the cave, with sunlight streaming in towards the left

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Over three years of Australian cave climate data

In 2020, members of the Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association (ACKMA) grouped together to set up a regional cave climate monitoring program. At the time, tourist caves were largely closed due to COVID-19, and a baseline study was envisaged.


#caves #climate #science #citizenscience #envionment #ACKMA

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Kasibu, Nueva Viscaya in Northern Luzon is a waterfall paradise. The sleepy and quiet town features "multi-tiered waterfalls, complex cave systems, eco-trails that ascend to stunning views, and birdwatching spots that more than 80 bird species call home."

#Philippines #Filipino #Asian #SpotPH #Luzon #NuevaViscaya #Kasibu #Travel #Tourism #Waterfalls #BirdWatching #Caves


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I listened to this World Service podcast while running this morning. If you are interested in caves and cave science, human evolution, equity and diversity and more, this might be for you.

Following in the footsteps of ancient humans

Science In Action

In this special episode of Science in Action, we travel to South Africa to find out more about the origins of humans


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Found a cave while mapping in the Knox Group.
#fieldworkfriday #FridayFieldPhoto #geology #caves #Alabama

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It is spring here, and already there's 50 fires in the state of New South Wales. I'm hoping today's fire weather does not send the Willi Willi fire on a run. The region is in drought, everything is so dry.

After 1 week, there's a 150 km fire front to defend. Sadly, a life, houses and sheds have been lost, national park burnt through, maternity bat sites burnt over.

Close to the fire symbol on the map is one of the Kempsey Speleological Society long-term cave monitoring sites (and lots of bats).

#wildfire #fire #drought #caves #environment #bats #science #climatechange

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Police said Wednesday they had retrieved a body from a cave on the island of Yonaguni, Okinawa Prefecture, during a search for a man who went missing on a cave tour. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2023/10/11/japan/okinawa-body-cave/?utm_content=buffer17cea&utm_medium=social&utm_source=mastodon&utm_campaign=bffmstdn #japan #yonaguni #okinawa #caves

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🤗 Today I spent a Sunday in nature 🏞️

✨ After so many years I'm always amazed when I discover new incredible nature' corners near my home in Abruzzo 🇮🇹

🚣 Lake Sinizzo surrounded by mountains and the Stiffe caves beneath them 🧗🏻

Stalactites and stalagmites inside a cave with an underground river
A jetty in a mountain lake
A mountain lake with a pier

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"Dragon's Head", inside Grotte Del Cervo ("Stag Caves"), Pietrasecca, Italy

#Italy #Caves #Abruzzo #Dragon

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#WondersOfNature: The #Marble #Caves are a series of intricate marble caverns and pillars that have been sculpted by the waters of General Carrera Lake in Chile.

The Marble Caves is geological formation of unusual beauty. These caves have formed in a pure marble and are bathed in the deep blue water of General Carrera Lake.


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Rocks with caves at the foot of the Schnabelberg near Friesenhagen (Altenkirchen/ Westerwald district).
(July 2023)
(Foto: © Rüdiger Benninghaus)
#Felsen, #rocks, #Höhlen, #caves, #Natur, #nature, #Friesenhagen, #Wildenburger_Land

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Next week I've been asked to talk about cave percolation water hydrology to a group of cave guides.

I'll be explaining how the water gets from the surface to dripping into a cave.

I'm going to try to make a physical model - something to fill with water (or similar liquids) and turn into a drippy mess.

So far I have some soil storage (a sponge), a water store in the limestone (PVC pipe) that I'll make leaky (drill holes to come), and some tree water use (clear tubes, human suction needed).

I'm open to all ideas for how to make this work well!
In particular, next I need a (cheap) waterproof land surface and cave roof

#scicomms #science #hydrology #water #caves #groundwater #geology #environment #education

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We were recently asked by @theconversationau to write an article about our recent research on the decline in groundwater replenishment in SW Western Australia, and how it is unprecedented in the last 800 years.

That article has just gone live here:

jonmichaels, to roadtrip

I’m on this exploring , and when I finally climb back out from underground, I find that my timeline has exploded from another .


kyonshi, to random

stalagmites, sophienhöhle, ahorntal, may 2023

#monochrome #blackandwhite #caves #stalagmites

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