Mysterious Lost Tartessian Civilization And Its Ancient Tablet With Paleo-Hispanic Alphabet (

The recent discovery of a 2,400-year-old tablet in Spain has shed light on an ancient lost civilization. The 8-inch slate, unearthed at the Casas del Turuñuelo archaeological site, appears inscribed with an alphabetic sequence of 21 signs, potentially belonging to the lost Paleo-Hispanic society known as Tartessos.

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This journey leaves the last of civilization behind, traveling into an utterly arid realm. Conditions have become even harsher than when the first explorers entered the area. Be cautious. #travel #history

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A short journey may hold much of interest, as I found along this stretch of the coast of a Hyperborean warrior nation where you wade across the icy waters of a fjord. #travel #history

Remarkable Giant Minoan Structure Found On Top Of Papoura Hill, Crete (

The recent discovery by the Greek Ministry of Culture unveils a remarkable Minoan structure near Kastelli on Crete. This monumental circular edifice, spanning approximately 48 meters in diameter and situated at an altitude of 494 meters, covers an area of around 1,800 square meters

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Taverns in Korinthia offer veritable feasts. Grilled meat, kebabs, salads, and much more. The wine is permeated with pine resin. It's not the style of the soft city dwellers, but 'tis most refreshing on a hot day, of which Korinthia has many. #travel #history

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A 4,000-year-old Greek hilltop site mystifies archaeologists. It could spell trouble for new airport plans.

AP reports on the find "from Crete’s Minoan civilization, famous for its sumptuous palaces, flamboyant art and enigmatic writing system. Resembling a huge car wheel from above, the ruins of the labyrinthine, 1,800-square-meter (19,000-square-foot) building came to light during a recent dig by archaeologists."

#Archaeology #Greece #Crete #Minoan #History #Science

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This port town in the far east of Korinthia's largest island is an excellent base for your explorations of mysterious monuments and tombs from a time before #history was recorded. #travel

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One thing I really miss about old-school WWDC: The camaraderie.

The meals with a massive room full of cafeteria table seating, huge buzz of conversation, juice, coffee, and snacks everywhere.

Brown bag events (like @Drwave showing off Pixar inside baseball, or astronauts talking about launch drama).

And the party night, with a popular surprise band on stage and all of us partying into the night.

Miss those days. Anyone else?
#Apple #WWDC #History

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Did you know that parts of #Germany used to have a "Sparrow Tax"?

The House #Sparrow (Passer domesticus), is a tiny bird which is thought to have cohabitated with humans for more than 10k years.

As it joined humans when #agriculture became common, it was known as a "seed thief".

This led to a degree in 1743 in #Hannover, that every person had to deliver sparrow heads.

Furthermore in 1789 in #Stuttgart, 12 live sparrows were to be delivered.

The #fine was 12 Kreuzer.

#history #birds

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Don’t ask or you will receive a deluge of unnecessary information about Nintendo’s history …. I can’t help myself !
#gaming #history #nintendo #retro #nerd

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29 years ago today
Red Medicine is the fourth studio album by the American post hardcore punk band Fugazi, released on this day in 1995 by Dischord Records

#punk #punks #punkrock #hardcore #hardcorepunk #fugazi #redmedicine #history #punkrockhistory #otd


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43 years ago
"Ghost Town" is a song by British two-tone band The Specials, released in June 1981 with the songs "Why?" and "Friday Night Saturday Morning" on the B-side

#punkrock #ska #skabands #thespecials #ghosttown #history #skahistory

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'Tis a day to hoist a tankard of ale in memory of Robert E Howard, who died on this day in 1936 #literature #history

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'Tis a sad day, as Robert E Howard died on this day in 1936 #literature #history

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This temple was one of the wonders of the post-Hyborian age. Dedicated to the Mother Goddess, it was destroyed many times, once burned by a mad man hoping for fame, but always rebuilt. Until the empire fell and it was forgotten for millennia. #travel #history

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