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Trying out Mastodon. Part of 2022 Twitter migration

Duolingo user: Nihongo, français

Fan of Ph volleyball team Creamline Cool Smashers.

Fan of BINI. Bias for Maloi

I still wear a mask to protect myself and other people, even if I hate them. Public health is more important than the inconvenience of wearing a mask.

Seeing dogs, especially puppies, makes me happy.

LGBT+ rights are human rights. We are all people

Warning: I boost a lot

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Norobiik, to Philippines
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NAIA Terminal 3 is a (literally) hot mess and it deserves it's reputation as being one of the worst in the world. But we already have an alternative.

[OPINION] , one of world's most beautiful airports, is badly underutilized | Isagani De Castro Jr.

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@Norobiik Use Clark airport? Nobody does because it's so inconvenient to get there from Metro Manila. Until then, it will remain underutilized.

jikodesu, to Philippines
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Dam supplying most of Metro Manila's water has dipped to 179.68 meters, which is below the 180-meter minimum operating level.


jikodesu, to random
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This year's winner of Miss Universe PH, Chelsea Manalo (Bulacan), is so damn pretty. :owi:

eeyam, to random
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Fellow doctors noting that cases are up again!

(There's is no reliable data monitoring from the Department of Health anymore)

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This is the 3rd post I've seen on social media in the last few days saying there's a surge in Metro Manila

jikodesu, to ilaughed
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BINI members Maloi from Batangas and Aiah from Cebu challenge each other to guess the meaning of common phrases in their native languages Tagalog (Batangueño dialect) and Cebuano.

Fun to watch and educational.


jikodesu, to random
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Tech bros pushing AI on us feels like digital rape. They don't understand consent.

They should all be labeled digital consent offenders.

jikodesu, to Philippines
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BTS exhibit comes to Gateway Mall, Quezon City starting May 17.

"Having captivated audiences in Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand, the B★VERSE exhibit now makes its way to the Philippines — thanks to a collaboration with The Fact Music Awards (TMA), YiZ Entertainment, and Araneta City."

#Philippines #Asian #BTS #KPop #Rappler #Kyusi #MetroManila #GatewayMall


jikodesu, to apps
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We don't need another app to install.

When Grab PH bought motorcycle taxi app Move It, I thought I would become a 1st-time customer of that service. I use Grab, so it already has my info. I wouldn't need to sign up and type all my details. How convenient.

But Move It wasn't integrated into the Grab app. Instead, I would have to download a new app.

Bummer. One fewer customer for the company.

#Apps #Grab #MoveIt #Transport #MotorcycleTaxi #SuperApp

jikodesu, to Philippines
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Vice Ganda’s entry, captioned "Lagi kitang pipiliin, Pilipinas," that has got the internet abuzz, has gained 4 million views in just 16 hours since posting Saturday night.

One scene takes Vice "to the disputed West Philippine Sea, where she takes on a Chinese vessel's water cannon—a reference to China’s recent worrisome incursions."


18+ DocCarms, to random
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May 14, 2024


  1. Phone renewed
  2. Affordable meals
  3. Day is cooler than yesterday
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@DocCarms Hey, you got a new iPhone? :blobaww:

jikodesu, to Germany
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The U.S. displaces China as Germany's biggest trading partner. Germany had been urging German companies to decouple from China.

"Combined exports and imports between Germany and the U.S. totaled 63 billion euros ($68 billion) between January and March of 2024, while trade with China came to just below 60 billion euros."


jikodesu, to Pilipinas
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Ganito din ba ang nanay mo? (Is your mom also like this?)

Art by Tarantadong Kalbo

pixiecata, to random
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All of a sudden the internet slowed down... but only on my laptop (and the tv). I checked the internet speed test on my phone and it's plenty fast. But on my laptop it's super slow. I tried changing DNS , but the speed is not improving. I disabled all bandwidth-hogging tasks via Task Manager, and it's still not improving. I wonder what could be the reason. A friend is blaming it on the geomagnetic storm.

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@pixiecata Maybe you have not defragmented your drive in a long time

jikodesu, to Philippines
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In the PH, the hit song "Pantropiko" was the first song composed by Angelika Sam Ortiz, a film major. Already with 45M streams on Spotify and 16M views on YouTube, the summer-themed song has made PH girl group BINI the most popular P-Pop group in the country, even more popular than SB19 and BGYO.


youronlyone, to Korean
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Another unique(?) trope in #Kdrama land is this:

When a character is about to reveal something important, like their true identity, they will be interrupted with either:

  1. An emergency.
  2. They're summoned by someone higher.


You eventually get used to it, and expect it is going to happen.

@kdrama @kdrama

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@youronlyone @kdrama @kdrama

In romcom K-dramas, the couple is often portrayed as having met during their childhood. It feels so forced to me

jikodesu, to Philippines
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InDrive to launch in Metro Manila this month. I hope it can compete with Grab, which has a monopoly of the 4-wheel ride hailing market in the PH.

#Philippines #Asian #Filipino #Rappler #Transport #Apps #RideHailing #TootSEA #Grab


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InDrive removed the price haggling feature to comply with the LTFRB

jikodesu, to Philippines
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Volleyball is becoming more popular in the PH. 17,834 fans trooped to the Araneta Coliseum for the PH's PVL semifinals games while 19,505 watched the UST-La Salle women’s Final Four clash at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Meanwhile, the PBA (PH pro men's basketball league) struggles to fill stadiums.


pixiecata, to random
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Oh no, rice cooker went kaput this morning. We're using a regular kaldero for the meantime. Have ordered a new one online.

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@pixiecata What is a good rice cooker brand?

jikodesu, to Philippines
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Another day of living with the bully

China attacks Filipino ship with Telegraph reporter on board


jikodesu, to Philippines
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PH tells China to leave Panatag Shoal, also known as Scarborough Shoal, which is a high-tide elevation located just over 120 nautical miles off the coast of Zambales. According to international law, the shoal is within the PH's exclusive economic zone (220 nautical miles).


eeyam, to Philippines
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Except Public Health Services 😢.

It’s true tho..

#philippines #jobs #TootSEA

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@pixiecata @eeyam WTF. Medical doctors should have the highest salaries. Have we not learned from the pandemic?

jikodesu, to Korean
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Korean drama "Queen of Tears" now holds the record of highest viewership rating of any drama in tvN history, surpassing "Crash Landing On You."

#KDrama #Korean #CLOY #PhilStar #KimJiwon #TVDrama


jikodesu, to Economics
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How can economics be a field of science? All sciences are based on the Earth’s (or universe's) natural laws.

How can unlimited economic growth on a finite planet be possible?

Why doesn't wealth accummulated (stolen) by a few rich individuals trickle down to the poor?

Economics is not based on reality, so why is it called a field of science?

jikodesu, to ai
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Why would I pay for Windows 11 with AI crap I don't want when Linux is free?

Clearly, Microsoft has not thought this through.

#AI #LLM #MicroSoft #Linux #Laptops #Desktops #OS #CoPilot

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