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SomeGadgetGuy, to tech
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I love this new era of MiniPCs and inexpensive laptops, but the folks at AceMagic seem to be struggling with their QA...
Is it as much of a bargain if you have to sort out issues with malware?

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech
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Google's update to their Find My Device network is a REALLY big deal! https://somegadgetguy.com/b/445
Apple has been holding this market hostage for almost a year now, but soon Android users will have access to new accessories and features to find phones, tablets, smartwatches, and other possessions.
Here's a quick look at the upgraded app, and some thoughts on what's to come!

#tech #technology #google #bbtg #privacy #security #youtube #video

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@thinker Well it's already working on phones running Android 14 now...

pallenberg, to tesla
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First interior-image of the upcoming Robotaxi leaked online!

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@pallenberg I'll wager $10 whole dollars on Tesla just outsourcing the auto driving to a team of Indians like Amazon did with self-checkout, and Musk won't understand the issues with latency.

geekysteven, to random
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I initially made this thinking it would be an easy, basic meme that would do well on Facebook, but I forgot their rule is that you can advocate for any fucked up shit you want as long as you don't say a death word

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Facebook on actual genocide: That's cool.

Facebook on meme-y no-no naughty words: BANNED!

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech
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CHALLENGE! I'm not a big fan of wireless charging on smartphones, but my buddy Ricky is. We hosted a two-part debate to argue out what's the more convenient way to charge your phone!
Wireless charging vs FAST charging! What do YOU prefer?

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@thinker yeah. In North America, that's OnePlus and Moto.

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech
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Give us a share and come join the chat! @tkbay is joining the podcast this morning! https://www.twitch.tv/somegadgetguy

We've got BIG news to talk about this week! FCC is voting to restore net neutrality! A judge tosses phone camera evidence because of AI "enhancement". Apple might make robots?
And Google's new Find My network might FINALLY be going live!

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! Great show yesterday with @tkbay! Give it a share, and reviews on podcast apps ALWAYS welcome!
We've got BIG news to talk about this week! FCC is voting to restore net neutrality! A judge tosses phone camera evidence because of AI "enhancement". Apple might make robots?
And Google's new Find My network is FINALLY going live!

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@Xusepreyes weird. I'll check that out.

SomeGadgetGuy, to tv
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It took us a while to finish up '3 Body Problem' on Netflix, and I had to chew on it for a bit before writing out some thoughts.
The show's ambition is its greatest strength, but also its potential failing...

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@Onceoday I JUST started the first episode. How crazy is it that I find it this refreshing that a Chinese series like this was optioned by Peacock LOL.
You're spot on though. I figured they'd abbreviate some of the depiction of the cultural revolution, but I'm really interested to see how they handle the philosophy the story.

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@Onceoday oh yeah. I think I'd have a really hard time following the different characters as an audiobook.
Tune out for a second, and you lose half a physics class of necessary exposition. 😅

tvaziri, to random
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I just wateched a clip from one of the prominent "despecialized" versions of a movie with star wars in it, and immediately noticed a "special edition" shot in it, so be careful out there folks

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@tvaziri Dang. Seems NO ONE is safe...

dalfen, to tech
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It’s so hard to find a stupid TV nowadays but so better to use one.

Roku Smart TV: Roku’s idea of showing ads on your HDMI inputs seems like an inevitable hell

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@dalfen Or... and just hear me out here...
OR, what if the Verge, and other tech publications with sizable audiences, used their clickbaity headlines to say things like:
"DO NOT BUY TVs that do this"
instead of rolling over and normalizing the worst aspects of consumer tech?

"Shrug, it'll suck. Guess you just have to suck it up" just lacks any editorial bite...

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So frustrating.
I know it's a "geekier" thing to set up, but I've started getting my family used to other services like Plex, which can also be a front end for a bunch of other streaming services.
My Uncle has a Roku TV, and he's so excited to never really go through the "smart UI" on his TV any more.
He has it hooked up to a little mini-PC, and that basically becomes a Plex machine.
I'm working on him to use Linux instead of Windows, but we're making babystep progress LOL.

I think a lot of folks would find this stuff a bit more fun if they knew there were other things they could try with their current TV.

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@dalfen I learned a lot from him, so it's nice to return the favor.

Plex is also dealing with its own issues of user privacy and security, but it's an easy platform to introduce someone to.

I think the most important lesson to start is "you don't have to just accept what this company is doing to you".

From there, folks can take that as far as they want. Most will probably stick with what's familiar, but more and more folks seem interested in trying alternatives again.

dtgeek, to tech
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Roku’s idea of showing ads on your HDMI inputs seems like an inevitable hell - The Verge


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@dtgeek It sucks how these conversations from tech publications just immediately roll over and try to normalize the worst aspects of tech.
Headphone jack is removed on the iphone.
"Oh well, just buy more expensive headphones that won't last as long."
TV's serving ads.
"Bummer. Guess that's just the way this is going to be from now on."

At some point, it really would be nice if these kinds of publications, with larger audiences, would push back a little and offer more educational resources for people to learn more about the gadgets they own.

SomeGadgetGuy, to tech
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Folks surprised by Jon Stewart's reveal of Apple trying to censor content, Apple has been manipulating media for years. You haven't heard about it, because Apple has been manipulating media for years.

My favorite example, was when Rian Johnson directed Knives Out, and MALICIOUSLY complied with Apple's ridiculous demands on Apple product placement.


#tech #technology #apple #censorship #business #technews #JonStewart #FTC

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@mountdiscovery That's Apple for you. Makes it even funnier what Johnson did with that "rule" from Apple.

metalnerd, to random
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@SomeGadgetGuy how's the battery life on the android 15 beta? The April update did something to my phone and what would normally use 6-8 percent in an hour took 25 percent... Not a good start...

@SomeGadgetGuy@techhub.social avatar

@metalnerd yikes. Haven't seen anything like that. My sim is still in the OP12, but I'll be running the DP next week to see how it performs.

schizanon, to Bitcoin
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You'll know that Bitcoin is mainstream when people just call them "scams" instead of "crypto scams"

@SomeGadgetGuy@techhub.social avatar

@schizanon can't call it a "crypto scam" unless it originated from the Crypto region of France.
Otherwise it's just sparkling fraud.

ruen, to random
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I don't understand why Sony didn't just make the PlayStation Portal an open android handheld that just lacks Google Services.

Like there's no way they're earning after-sales profit from that thing. It literally doesn't have any function than to just connect to a PS5

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Well, it's super niche, so opening it up for people to tinker more would likely slightly increase the number of support issues.
They'd probably also have to take a more public stance against piracy.
And at the end of all of that, it's just not a great slab of hardware to DO more of that with.
Not when you can get a miyoo for classic console emulation a lot cheaper.

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@ruen but you're right tho, I'm not sure it's gonna be a good loss leader for them. Not when a phone or tablet can already achieve similar streaming.

SomeGadgetGuy, (edited ) to tech
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FLIPPING FINALLY! We can connect glasses and monitors to a Pixel!
Also, it seems Google has also fixed some of the issues with the Android desktop mode, though it still needs a LOT of work...

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For folks concerned about the parts "missing" from the Android 15 desktop mode, I did a video back in Android 13 about ways we can improve it and fill in some gaps!

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