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Gustodon, to random avatar

The ignorance of the human animal has never been so starkly-defined as it now has been by the canonization of Carlo Acutis, the so-called Millennial Saint.

Gustodon, (edited ) to random avatar

The death of Ebrahim Raisi was an accident.

Gustodon, avatar

@pete It's always the best question.

Gustodon, to random avatar

It's possible that when Donald froze for thirty seconds he wasn't glitching, he was just remembering his experience with Stormy Daniels.

In real time.

w7voa, to random avatar

President Biden, at a campaign fundraiser in Georgia, says former President Trump is “unhinged.”

Gustodon, avatar

@figstick 🙄

dangillmor, to random avatar

Social media disappointments:

  1. Journalists are still actively participating at exTwitter, thereby actively supporting Musk, who is helping extremists bring down democracy and, by extension, a free press.

  2. Reddit got away with stomping its volunteer moderators and users, and its execs are cashing in on an IPO that in a more just world would have flopped.

  3. Writers I respect decided to stick with Substack despite arrogant, extremist-friendly investors and leadership.

Gustodon, avatar

@dangillmor Number One kills me; what kind of person could watch all that and still participate in such a misbegotten platform?

Gustodon, to religion avatar

The Vatican has new rules about how people report things like weeping Marys and spontaneous stigmata.

“The use of purported supernatural experiences or recognized mystical elements as a means of or a pretext for exerting control over people or carrying out abuses is to be considered of particular moral gravity.”

Isn't that just church?

Gustodon, to random avatar

I was reading about how scientists can use piles of dinosaur poop to identify species and I started to wonder what kind of dinosaur made Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Gustodon, avatar

@twitloyalist Some kind of mollusk? A slime of some kind?

Gustodon, to TeslaMotors avatar

I saw my first #Cybertruck today.

My first impulse was to raise my middle finger but I paused, worried suddenly about the perils of painting with a broad brush; this driver, while obviously possessing a different ethical and aesthetic set than my own, surely didn't deserve my instinctive disdain.

Then it pulled across two lanes and cut me off to make a turn into a parking lot.


Gustodon, to random avatar

Fracking, like the politicians and capitalists that support it, is proof that humans are insane.

Gustodon, to random avatar

The Satanic Temple is a bunch of goddamn heroes.

Gustodon, to AllStarTrek avatar

Every time I see this episode I feel like it would be better if something happened.

#AllStarTrek #DS9

Schwartzies, to NFL avatar
Gustodon, avatar

@Schwartzies Tom Brady is good at football. In every other category he's mediocre beyond words.

Gustodon, to Starwars avatar

I want to be as open and honest as possible so I feel like I should tell you that I think it's time for me to rewatch The Last Jedi.


Gustodon, (edited ) to random avatar

What percentage of birds are real?

Gustodon, avatar

@dabertime Well, penguins are birds...

Fair question.

Gustodon, avatar

@dabertime Genuine LOL as soon as I imagined the first example.

Gustodon, to random avatar

I still think it's vastly under-reported that the woman from the Toyota commercials can apparently speak the language of seals.

globalmuseum, to twitter avatar

The bird has flown!

Twitter is officially no more. The platform has been completely migrated to


is now #Twitter #X

Gustodon, avatar

@globalmuseum But why didn't you fly, too? It looks like you're still using X, which is obviously something people should never do.

Free_Press, to news avatar
Gustodon, avatar

@Free_Press It's weird that he's praying with Stalin.

Gustodon, to random avatar

#NewsNation is a lie.

usluck, to twitter avatar
Gustodon, avatar

@usluck Her position is indefensible.

AAronL1968, to random avatar

Adobe Tells Users They Can Be Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop
"You are no longer licensed to use the software," Adobe told them

Gustodon, avatar

@AAronL1968 Adobe used to make me happy.

Gustodon, (edited ) to random avatar

Using a gun to kill a deer is an innately cowardly act.

Gustodon, avatar

@CStamp I was thinking of a trophy hunter with a high-powered rifle. You raise some important points that I'll have to consider.

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