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Half of the Motoring Podcast , "motoring's Hinge & Bracket". Told "you don't sound thick" by Roy Lanchester.
Will chat about cars, the industry and podcasting for a long time, so be warned. #Fedi22

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CrackedWindscreen, to Podcast
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We realised, this week, that the @motoringpodcast is approaching 9 years old (end of September) and we could hit 600 episodes at the same time.


Do we do anything special for that? If so, what?

At 400 we did a livestream talking through our history, with high and low points. Have no idea what we'd do for 600 episodes though.

What have others done that you liked?

#Podcast #Podcasting

CrackedWindscreen, to random
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*Opens LinkedIn for news stories to add to the show order for this week.

Stumbles across someone asking, with a straight face, if psychiatrists should diagnose and treat 'range anxiety'.

Puts down LinkedIn, walks away from the internet, goes to listen to nature outside*

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@slothrop HAHA! Yes, I am increasingly blocking people who just talk nonsense. I don't understand how one wakes in the morning and happily spread lies and garbage.

CrackedWindscreen, to discworld
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For me, the Guards books are my favourite and the way I got into #Discworld BUT the Moist von Lipwig trilogy is also sublime.


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@kentindell Yeah, the Rincewind ones feel like a traditional fantasy series, where the others are different.

But, with any of them, his characters are wonderful and so are the observations on "people".

richardknott, to Hydrogen
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@richardknott you know my thoughts on this, that exploring alternatives is a good thing.

I just don't get the glee and vitriol from some about it. Any negative headline is leapt on. Why? What effect does it have to them? Unless they have money in an electric propulsion business.

Very silly. All of it.

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@richardknott yeah, but any saying that are talking out of their bottom. Its plain to see they won't. But equally plain to see they are viable and realistic for LCV and HGV. Next is to work on green hydrogen.

Many of those being pathetically childish about it will be totally and completely unaffected by it even if it came to be.

I have zero time for the "yes we want a clean future but it can only be this clean future" attitude. Either the goal is emissions or its they want electric cars

CatherineFlick, to random
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Why, for the love of the gods, is there a separate Microsoft Teams for "work or school", I mean this is just sloppy software design. Also, lol at "Microsoft Teams is generally available" on the download site. I mean I'd like it to be always available but if that's the best you've got...

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@CatherineFlick is it not to do with what data they scoop up?

CrackedWindscreen, to random
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Huge news from the EU. Investigation claims BYD got €3.4 billion state aid.

How do they react to that? How do they appease the continent but not kick off a full scale trade war with China? Or do they want one?


parismarx, to Futurology
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A top European auto safety body is releasing new rules that will require physical buttons and knobs for key vehicle features to receive a full five-star safety rating. I’d like to see the same in North America.


#transport #tech #eu #cars

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@parismarx I 100% agree with this, but I have not stopped laughing that the organisation that has demanded this is the same one who has blamed drivers and motoring journalists, in the UK, for switching of ADAS which they then admitted they have done NO human factors research into since they also demanded that is fitted to cars as standard over a decade ago.

I am curious as to what human factors work they've done with this.

bloor, to random
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There was a point where all the FUD about EVs was from people who proposed diesel or petrol as “much better than EV”. I think this is a waning trend.

However a new trend seems to be pushing hydrogen powered vehicles. Two different people, on a local group post about EV experiences, have pushed the notion that “BMW is giving up making electric cars”. This is transparent nonsense. But two different people have said it, and followed up with “wait and get hydrogen”.

It’s really weird.

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@bloor there is a media push, from some quarters, who are really anti EV. I talk about cars all the time, I have a podcast on it, so get to see this nonsense everywhere.

BMW isn't giving up on EV, that's just a lie on a headline.

Hydrogen doesn't make sense, as it all stands, for personal transportation. BUT it might have a use with heavy goods and even light commercial vehicles as the EV offerings do not suit most of the use cases right now.

The tedium of fanatics (both sides) is large.

richardknott, to UKpolitics
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Goodlawproject:The Government didn’t want to publish these climate risk tables – here they are:


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@richardknott depressing how much of that list is dependent on fantasy tech that either doesn't exist or hasn't proven itself AND stuff that has already been abandoned or finished. And that's just the transport sector!

davidzipper, to cars
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Wow. Paris just voted to triple the parking costs for SUVs.

A huge victory in the fight against car bloat.


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@davidzipper the headline is misleading.

Paris has voted for ANY non Paris registered CAR over that is over 1.6t (for non-EV) or 2t (for EV) to be charged extra to park.


The reporting on this has been abysmal. Or people/reporters are too stupid to realise how much cars actually weigh now.

Considering how many cars this hits, its also performative environmentalism/safetyism. Which globally we are beset with, thanks to our rubbish politicians who are only about the look of a thing

teachpaperless, to opensource

Tried SquadCast for my remote recording session with my friend and colleague. It's very good and smooth that we both have video in app plus separate recordings for every participant. But: it's rather expensive!

Anyone have suggestions for voice/sound recordings for remote sessions that's cheaper?

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@teachpaperless this article may help as it shows the options. I personally use Streamyard and am very happy with it. Unfortunately, there isn't really any decently "cheap" services that are reliable. https://streamyard.com/blog/live-streaming-setup/top-4-squadcast-alternatives

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@teachpaperless we use it for video, and have the audio as a back up to our local recordings (I'm, in the UK, my co-host is in the US).

We also livestream the recording via a private YouTube channel for Patreons.

Very easy to use and we've been really happy with it.

Hope that helps a bit.

CrackedWindscreen, to random
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This is a very good summary of the recent incident that led to Cruise pulling its entire fleet.
Interestingly, one of the few to also point out Waymo isn’t doing well either, they just haven’t got someone in hospital because of what they’ve done - although killed a dog.

Call BS on the narrative that “Cruise is just one bad egg, the rest of us are all good guys”.

Wasted money, time and pulled attention from real, existing solutions to real issues.

From: @parismarx

ct_bergstrom, (edited ) to random

Update: Thanks and I'm starting to think it's not actually in the house. Will continue in AM.

tl;dr new iPhone 12 not yet set up.

I set it down somewhere in the house, and after hours of looking I can't find it. I still have the old iphone and it's working fine. I didn't transfer the sim card yet. Find my iphone is off.

The new iphone has plenty of battery life and is connected to wifi.

How can I find it in the house? Make it beep, use the old one for homing? Etc.

@CrackedWindscreen@mastodon.online avatar

@ct_bergstrom presume you’ve tried FaceTiming or messaging you from another device and the old phone silent? Also presume you’ve walked around saying “Hey Siri where are you?” if you’d got as far as setting that up?

kentindell, to random
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    @kentindell 16. Shamefully.

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    CrackedWindscreen, to random
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    A hill I will die on, OTA updates for cars should be banned.
    Companies are pushing out software updates with no clue if or indeed how many issues their update has.

    Recently BMW said, for one update. “before updating park it on flat ground” because they weren’t sure if it would disable the handbrake.

    I mean FFS!

    From: @kentindell

    @CrackedWindscreen@mastodon.online avatar

    @kentindell aye, that is “better” but deploying an update that you don’t know if it will or not, is not right, IMO.

    CrackedWindscreen, to random
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    I can’t vote for the Tory’s because, well, everything. And I can’t vote for Labour because they’re so utterly, utterly incompetent.

    I’ve seen who they’re talking to about motoring and transport issues and it’s depressing. So I have zero faith in their moves elsewhere and the Blair Institute can get in the f*cking sea. Clown show and dangerous.

    From: @danmcquillan

    @CrackedWindscreen@mastodon.online avatar

    @kentindell I’ve seen who they’re talking to in motoring. They’re not experts. They’re liars. But yes, they don’t appear to be trying to cancel them, although the education lady pulled quite a stunt with the private schools group when they called her chippy. That was not encouraging.

    We are so poorly served by our politicians right now.

    @CrackedWindscreen@mastodon.online avatar

    @kentindell after my interaction with PACTS, my hopes aren’t high but I will reach out to them. I’ll give them a chance, but as I say, I’m not hopeful.

    dnc, to Bread
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    @dnc no, no, no! It is only using a portion of its capabilies, therefore it is only the same proportion of the price! Also, the PC is multi tasking, making it far better for the environment etc 😜 #ManMaths

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