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Find out how you can #host your own @opensuse mirrors & provide #technical contributions to those in your area.

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I’m enjoying the sunny and warm day. It’s only 73ºF. Yesterday was 83. If I were to extrapolate, one week from today it will be sub-zero. You say, never extrapolate from two data points? Well, that’s what technical stock analysts like to do.

Yes, I know.

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Get to know the #technical aspects of hosting your own #openSUSE mirror. Hosting a #mirror involves more than just providing a copy of the data; it also includes ensuring reliability and #speed for end-users.

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Coming soon: it’s going to be trivial to deploy a different app on your Small Web server. Useful if you’re a dev and you’re playing around with different apps.

(Also, notice the speed at which deployment happens. I’m one step away from implementing this in Domain using pre-warmed Kitten instances – called toasty kittens – thereby bringing the time it takes to deploy your own Small Web place down to a handful of seconds.)

:kitten: 💕

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This is approximately how long it takes to deploy a Small Web¹ place currently using Domain² (under a minute).

I plan on reducing that another order of magnitude to single-digit seconds by the end of the week.

(Made a recording so we can compare it afterwards.) ;)

Learn more about Domain on our failed @NGIZero funding application:

:kitten: 💕


#Domain #SmallWeb #technical #design #ngi #NLNet #eu #funding

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If someone offered me a part-time job where I could do 2D like this in all the time, I think I would say yes. 😊 I actually enjoy that kind of simple work quite a bit. 😇

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- Smart recommendations for adopting in Writing:

"- Think strategically, as in content strategy. The potential of AI content in certain scenarios, such as integration docs or code samples, is huge. Figure out where AI should interface in your information architecture and let the LLMs roam within the boundaries that you build for them. Shepherd AIs.

  • Test your assumptions, test everything. It’s already common knowledge that default LLMs’ output is good only up to a certain point, if not outright unusable. Even my kids can tell whether the stories GPT came up with are lame. Stage A/B tests and user research to verify how good LLMs really are.

  • Embrace metrics and docs observability. Don’t just unleash AI on a product and forget about it; instead, measure the impact of the AI-generated or AI-edited content across your product and content properties, see where they have the greater impact and where they could hurt your product’s credibility.

  • Hire with AI augmentation in mind. As I explained in Hiring technical writers in a ChatGPT world, writing skills are based on the same pattern matching and retrieval skills that LLMs mimic. Unless you expect writers to work offline on parchments, tolerate a certain degree of AI augmentation.

  • Advocate for your craft at work. Tech writers only write during a fraction of their time — the rest is spent chasing subject-matter experts, organizing information, and more. Don’t let stakeholders think that the deliverable is your job: Remind them how the cake is actually made."

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I've read this site for 25 years, subscribed for 10+.

It used to be #extremely technical - the writers knew their stuff. But in recent years, #technical #errors in the content have been driving me nuts - basic things any #engineer, #developer, #electronics hobbyist, or other tech-adjacent layman would spot as wrong instantly.

Today, talking about a memory bit-flip:

> Is there something that caused that number to be 4,096 or is that just a coincidence?

Build the #bamboo tower higher, guys.

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This article delves into the multifaceted #technical #innovations underway in #Nigeria , highlighting their potential to alleviate poverty and enhance the quality of life.

#BIPOC #Nigerians #InnovationInAfrica #POCnews

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These two vehicles have the same bed size.

kkarhan, avatar

@threetails @douglasvb @GreenFire @notjustbikes @fuchsiii I mean, the is a replacement of the with more options like a literal ambulance truck...

And also as by the for some reason because OFC they gonna bolt an Mk19 automatic grenade launcher on it's back and go fast with it...

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And people say open-source software is unapproachable and difficult for the average user!

(Yes, expecting them to write Lisp-like code is "simple" according to the Gnu IMP documentation...)




#Technical #documentation is too often written by the engineers/etc who built the system being documented. Most of what a normal person first exposed to the system would need to know to make sense of it is so #obvious to them they don't even think about it.

I do my best to try to get into users' headspace when writing docs. But there's something to be said for having a dedicated technical #writer who can be that typical user and document what end users actually need.

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What is a programming blog of preference that you keep reading and would recommend ?

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I don't get the "only English" thing in fosstodon. I get it for technical forums because it's useful for people looking for info. This doesn't apply to social media, it's just posts. Posteen en el lenguaje qué quieran, ¡maldita sea!


@urien2 ...i am beholden to the #opinion that they may believe themselves to be members of a #proverbial #technical #NoahsArk, unfortunately

#MiddleAmerica #USA #ExistentialCrisis #Fosstodon #karma #TrumpFolk

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Although I don't listen to that much anymore, I like to be reminded now and then that still rips and remains one of my favorite bands that thanks to their melding of various styles had introduced me not only to thrash but , , , and metal as well.

Cheers to @derthomas 🤘

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How AI Is Giving Blind People Freedom and Independence - The blind community is experiencing the transformative effects of artificial intel... - #lifestyle #readwrite #health #news #ai

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@itnewsbot #AI does have the potential to provide good quality services.

It's not a blanket solution to most #technical problems and shortcomings, and it must address the same issues regarding #data and #privacy as all #tech.

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What’s the difference between the fediverse and a nonstop stream of software release notes?

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's search results have become next to useless for anything remotely .

It's been getting noticibly worse over the past year or so, but it's now at the point where it seems to be willfully misunderstanding even quoted search terms & directing me to sites that have more traffic, rather than less-visited but more specific answers.

Needless to say with technical questions, this is the opposite of what I need.

Anyone got suggestions for other ?

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