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Friend: Do you listen to (NAME) podcast?
Me: No, I...
Friend: Oh, you may like it (proceeds to describe podcast)
Me: Uhm, I don't listen to podcasts. Podcasts are basically talk radio for Millennials and I can't get into talk radio.
Friend: Oh
Me: :akkoShrug: You do you, tho.

#Podcast #Podcasts #TalkRadio #Opinion

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There isn't any. All the US pressure is on Israel.

"Where Is the American Pressure on Hamas?"

"Biden could set a deadline for Hamas to release the hostages—or else the U.S. will double its lethal support to Israel."

Not likely that's; going to happen.

#Hamas #WSJ #paywall #opinion #Biden #Israel #Netanyahu

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If you're just joining fediverse welcome to Mastodon. Cat is not happy about all this work even on caturday. Why?

I had to mute over 200 posts in the last 30 minutes or so. Cleaning up the feeds so you can get to a few good posts will take lots of effort because there's no algorithm

You'll notice many posts come from sources like dlvr ... review them and use filter/block

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With half of all U.S. renters now paying more than 30 percent of their income on monthly rent, rent control is gaining traction as a possible solution to the growing affordable housing crisis

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Je crois qu'on peut dire que la gestion des packages sous Python c'est devenu un immonde bordel.

sebsauvage, avatar


Les devs : "Utilisons plein de dépendances ! Parce que DRY, hein ! ☝️🧐"

Les devs : ":oh_no: Ah c'est compliqué, du coup créons des outils pour gérer cette complexité".

Les outils : Ajoutent de la complexité.

En fait, la bonne idée de départ, C'EST DE LIMITER AU MAXIMUM VOS DÉPENDANCES, HEIN.

SteveThompson, to showerthoughts avatar

It's different this time. Now we know from the evidence what he will do in power. We can turn him off more readily, and deny him and his MAGA the platform.

"Don’t Let Trump Exhaust You"

"The Trump campaign is trying to turn the electoral process into a moral swamp. Voters are going to have to pace themselves to get to November."

SteveThompson, to showerthoughts avatar

"ISIS Attacks Show the War on Terror Is Heating Up"

"Deadly assaults in Moscow and elsewhere show that the West needs to improve vigilance — especially for the Paris Olympics."

#Gaza #Moscow #Paris #Olympics #terrorism #opinion

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Learning Japanese the Right Way


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chikorita157, to philosophy

Learning Japanese the Right Way

After reading about Irina’s experiences of not learning Japanese, some people wonder how I learned Japanese correctly. While I can relate to a few experiences. Things such as picking up word immersion and some I can agree with, such as a language learning partner.
However, I disagree with some methods. Yep, it’s Duolingo, as it’s very […]

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My first piece! I am proud to see it @ Harlem's own Amsterdam

"The of the Haitian ppl & their culture is not new, despite being the only nation in the diaspora that has the distinct of successfully revolting against [transatlantic] & claiming its independence in the 19th century. The targeting of marginalized ppl & of color takes form in the weaponization of bias, fear, & hate...”

cliffwade, to mastodon avatar

I get that we as humans all have a right to an opinion. In fact, I personally respect that we all have a right to an opinion.

But please, do NOT try and shove your opinion down someone else's throat and tell them that if their opinion doesn't match your opinion, then they are wrong and they need to think about changing that opinion.

That's NOT how this world works and it's certainly not how it's going to work with me or anything I'm associated with!

SteveThompson, to philosophy avatar

"Jewish voters should consider ramifications of a Trump presidency"

"Trump's isolationist policies and antisemitism could put Jews and Israelis at risk."

noellemitchell, to TikTok avatar

"So, before I could let myself hesitate again, my finger firmly pressed down on the TikTok app, my eyes reluctantly watching the app tremble in fear as I delivered its demise. “Delete TikTok?” my screen asked, urging me to grant it another chance. By then, I had already cemented my decision."

LouisIngenthron, to showerthoughts avatar

Why do we still stick to the paradigm of sections being required components of organizations?

Back when newspapers were shared communal media that everyone read, it made sense to have comics and crosswords and opinion sections for those who were uninterested in the news.

But nowadays? How is it not just constantly detracting from their core business model? Why do we continue this nonsense?

SteveThompson, to Israel avatar

"October 7 denial is the progressive version of Trumpism"

"Those questioning the investigations of the mass rapes on October 7 instead of questioning the rapists are agents of 'alternative facts' and cannot be considered serious journalists."

MorganGeek, to philosophy avatar

Rank, ratings scores, likes count.. are a dark pattern
Sharing and discovering stuff, ideas should not be only be driven by its popularity.
Best to interact and send a reply/comment than add a boost/favorite/like that does not bring any value

SEO is a dark pattern that causes some trees to hide the forest

Newsfeed is a dark pattern causing fatigue, depression, FOMO, never ending consumption of content

Notifications are a dark pattern of stealing our attention

mima, to chinese
SteveThompson, to philosophy avatar

Snowflake Emma West Rasmus: "I’m a life-long Democrat, but Biden lost my vote because of Gaza"

So you're not "a life-long Democrat" after all...? 🤨

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metin, (edited ) to Quotes avatar

I guess this is more relevant than ever these days, with people arguing via the numerous online communication platforms.

kentbrew, to philosophy avatar

Attention, streaming service operators: there should not be a SKIP INTRO button on episodes of The Twilight Zone.

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Las actualizaciones de Telegram dejaron de ser útiles: la última novedad ludifica los grupos para generar cobros premium

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breton, avatar

"In 2022, days after Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was murdered by an Israeli sniper, Ruth Anderson wrote an article on Index on Censorhip’s website about the matter. Neither Israel nor the Israeli army were mentioned." @israel

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