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I think there should be a consensus on how people should vote on posts here, and that consensus should be made into a rule that gets put in the about section of this community and/or a pinned post

I’m not sure if this is unpopular per se, but yeah, I don’t think people on here are voting in a consistent way and that makes it confusing to know which posts are actually unpopular opinions....

Homes and real-estate increasing in value should be considered inflation

Housing is something people need, and is similarly a necessity like food or electricity. It needs a lot of money to keep in a livable shape, plus constant attention, and will lose its value if just left in place. As such it’s not an investment, unless the market isn’t working like it’s supposed to....

Lemmy is not immune to trolls, bad fait actors or propaganda - in fact, despite how bad reddit is, a lot of Lemmy instances are worse

I’m done, I’ve been banned for expressing a different opinion (without insulting or personally attacking anyone), I’ve been accused of evading a ban with multiple accounts (this is my only account I’ve ever had on any lemmy instance), I’ve had people selectively ignore my comments and accuse me of things which I never...

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