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How do you like my new watch? 🦖⌚

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Here is my update #AOTY2024 list.

2024 is a good year for #ThrashMetal and (traditional) #HeavyMetal

What's your AOTY so far? What did I miss?


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@alicemcalicepants bookmarked, thanks!
My list isn't bound to heavy genres, but it seems like this is all I'm listening nowadays 😬

But hey, I got The Smile on my list as well 😉

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Mark Osegueda and Kerry King: a match made in hell 🔥

I think of Kerry King's solo project more as "Death Slayer" or "Slayer Angel" tbh.

🎵 Residue by #KerryKing

#TomsMusic #ThrashMetal

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Tradition has it that I pick one album labeled #HeavyMetal from @HailsandAles #FletchsFridayReleases and give it a spin.

This week, however, I am bending the rules a bit and spin an album that Chris recommended first.

It is this one...

💿 Sentinels by #Vulture

It sounds like something from Germany that was made in the 80s. If you like classic #TeutonicThrash this one is for you!

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aaaah, wait. I watched a #BangerTV review of their previous album and was stoked, only to never listen to the album at all. I think I need to do some catching up.



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@HailsandAles the vocals remind me a lot of Paul Baloff, so additionally to all the german thrash influences, I am hearing lot's of early Exodus here as well.

Very interesting!

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I had this album at 3.5/5, but this song makes it an easy 4:

🎵 Death Row by #Vulture

#TomsMusic #ThrashMetal #HeavyMetal #SpeedMetal

SunDancer, to random German
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Kaffee Nr. 2

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Wooooo hoooo
When I feel that black coffeee
Wooooo hoooo
And for sleep there is no need
Wooooo hoooo

Well, I work and I'm easy
All of the time but I am never sure
Why I need you
Pleased to meet you

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Before @HailsandAles unleashes his #FletchsFridayReleases I need to catch up with some releases I missed so far.

@yourfutureex reminded me of this one:

💿 Defectum Omnium by #Exhorder


derthomas, (edited ) to gardening
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Good morning people of the Mastodons!

Now look at that, some apricots survived the frost nights we had some weeks ago!

I hope that we'll have some nice 🍑 to harvest later this year.

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@manon eine Marille ist besser als keine Marille 😊

HailsandAles, to random
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@derthomas tomorrow I would recommend Tarot from Australia, got some good 70s hard rock vibes and Vulture for some German heavy metal/thrash.

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@HailsandAles awesome, thanks! Somebody recommend Tarot this week and their single was really good!

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@HailsandAles @MetalheadDana judging by the album cover I expected some amazonian version of Dio, I was not disappointed.

yourfutureex, to random
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@yourfutureex aaaah thanks for the reminder, I totally forgot to check this one out!

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@yourfutureex I loved the previous one!

Kitty, to random
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is a good excuse to remind you of the existence of the Hellripper album Warlocks Grim and Withered Hags

Take your pick of the song of your choice, or even the whole album 🎸

Nothing quite like some blackened thrash on a Thursday morning

Bandcamp link:


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derthomas, to random
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🤘 🤘

Exterminating faster
Devastating plaster...

🎵 Fabulous Disaster (Live 89) by

derthomas, to random
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The year is 1986 and paints a

I wanted to do a King Diamond ever since I started doing them, but there was always another band...

Last week @jessica suggested that I do King Diamond next, and who am I to disobey?

So, here we go:

🎵 The Candle

I love it already 🤘

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Time to continue my

Up next is "Abigail II: The Revenge" and I have mixed feelings. Is it really a good idea to do a sequel to a masterpiece (that was only ruined by poor production)?

Let's find out:

🎵 The Storm by King Diamond

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What I don't like about King Diamond in general is that I occasionally hear my kid screaming somewhere and I am instantly alerted.

Until I realise...

🎵 Little One by #KingDiamond

#TomsMusic #Metaljourney

derthomas, (edited )
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Alright, I am about to say something now that might upset some #metalheads :

☝️ Abigail II is better than Abigail.

Also, this #Metaljourney made me realize another thing:

☝️ 00s10s metal > 80s90s metal

There, I said it.

🎵 Spirits by #KingDiamond


  1. Conspiracy 4.5/5
  2. Fatal Portrait 4/5
  3. House of God 4/5
  4. Abigail II 4/5
  5. Abigail 4/5
  6. Voodoo 4/5
  7. The Spider's Lullabye 4/5
  8. The Eye 3.5/5
  9. Them 3.5/5
  10. The Graveyard 2/5


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@BlackenedGreen thank you! No worries, there are still some albums left.

Are you a King Diamond aficionado?

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@BlackenedGreen dig, dig! It is worth it!

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@BlackenedGreen out of nowhere the good the bad and the ugly reference...

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