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The ultimate ending.

"...Gainax, known for producing the popular series "Neon Genesis ," said Friday that it filed for at District Court on May 29.

Founded in 1984, the Tokyo-based company produced hit anime titles, including the Evangelion series by film director and "Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water..."

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I just finished Scavengers Reign, an animated sci-fi series. It was so inventive. Quiet, even when chaotic. And filled with an imaginative ecosystem of plants and wildlife. The illustration style is also rad. Very 60s.

I’m really bummed it didn’t get tapped for a second season. Though Netflix is teasing at the idea. So maybe?

Anyway, the first season is SO worth your time. Even if it ends there.

#Animation #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Illustration #Series #Show

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Watching Scavengers Reign tonight. I'm starting episode 5, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it. It's kind of creepy and disgusting in a way. I'm not a big fan of horror flicks and this seems to skirt the edge.

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Legend of Vox Machina Season 3 Opening Credits:

#CriticalRole #LegendOfVoxMachina #Animation #DND

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The bumbling and fiery-tempered Donald Fauntleroy Duck made his debut in a short animation film on June 9, 1934. Nearly a century later, he remains one of animation's most beloved characters, DW reports:

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Many years ago there was an art show for kids on UK TV which would show a gallery of viewers pictures while playing Left Bank Two. When I got to a year of dancers I thought I should at least put them to music once, but finding something to fit them all would be impossible, so I thought I'd make a musical gallery with that vibe.

Here it is. A year of Fridays & some easy listening.

As ever, have a good weekend if you possibly can.

A hand drawn animated video. A rainbowappears and disappears on screen with sparkly ends as the title screen reads: Project . Sparkles and rainbows and groovy moves. Initial target: add a dancer every Friday until I run out of space. Secondary target: may as well try and do it for a year now..." Easy listening music comes in and a series of 52 clouds drift by, some going left, some right. Each has a rainbow appearing and disappearing, and a single dancer doing their unique and occasionally inexplicable moves. Each cloud has a number, showing which week they were the dancer for. At the end the copy reads "Have a good weekend if you possibly can" with the word good also surrounded by the words sparkly, wonderful, funky, joyful, splendid and relaxing.

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The Glassworker is a really intriguing feature-length anime-style film from 🇵🇰.

As a friend of mine observed, the studio did some interesting design choices that obviously was meant to appeal to an international audience. The depicted nation appears to be fictional but has elements of European and Middle Eastern cultures in it.

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Wallace & Gromit's New Movie Will Bring Back the Greatest Villain In Animation History


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Today I watched

How I made a 3D Level in a 2D Game -

over lunch.

Interesting! So much math going on here.
Not diving deep but explaining the high level concepts.

I had wondered similar questions for SVG in the past. Seeing this makes me believe it's doable.

Don't have the time to knee into it at the moment.

#SVG #3D #2D #Perception #Animation #Graphics #GeometryDash #Python #Rust

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Gearing up for Godot 4.3, the team has news to share with you ⚙️

From many smaller fixes to more control over certain behaviors, read more about the essential rewrite since 4.0:

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Gearing up for Godot 4.3, the team has news to share with you ⚙️

From many smaller fixes to more control over certain behaviors, read more about the essential rewrite since 4.0:

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A post I wrote about the #pipeline I have been working on for the past few years! Its 'flowery' more for execs than tech people ^_^
#animation #cg #python #animationstudio

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Ich bin immer wieder überrascht, wozu ich mich im #Ehrenamt breitschlagen lasse und was das für Spaß macht. Mitte Juni mache ich mit einer Kollegin meinen ersten französischsprachigen Workshop für Kinder (ich habe bisher nur mit Erwachsenen gearbeitet).
Und im August spiele ich eine fahrende Händlerin, die Klamotten und Zeug repariert (unter anderen "Colporteurs") - eine Animation zu unserer Sommerausstellung. Ich liebe das, immer wieder Neues zu lernen!

#Museum #Animation

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A casual reminder that is now on . Yes the is amazing. But I also want to point out the is great too. Exceptional moods, and all well constructed. Thank you Nicolas Snyder.

And can we get some flowers for the ? -Each- actor put in such good work and brings every moment alive.

Please try this show out. This has some of the hardest working art in animation recently.
@animation @scifi

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Scavengers Reign, one of the best animated series I've seen in years, is now on Netflix. Absolutely worth a binge.

#Netflix #Animation

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Mel Blanc was born today (May 30) in 1908. Truly the man of a thousand voices. For over 50 years, he was the voice of Looney Tunes.

Bugs Bunny is my favorite cartoon character ever, plus ALL the other great voices Mel did - Daffy, Porky, Sam, the rest. Legend.

#MelBlanc #cartoons #LooneyTunes #animation

Mel Blanc sitting at a desk, surrounded by the characters he voiced.

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The Last Seed (2022) [5 min] by Christopher Woods, Doryan Beauvillard, Paul Gressier, Nadia Miller and Thomas Doussineau |

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Organise and bundle multiple animations into a single action for your scenes with the upgraded action, another core feature currently being developed in Project Baklava #b3d #projectbaklava #animation


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