piou, French
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Bonjour les p'tits mammouths !

Dernier jour 🥳🥳🥳

Je vous prépare du café et du thé de suite.

Bonne journée et des bisous !

(Pas le temps de vous trouver une ce matin. Déso !)

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Une grande partie du temps il était dans son slip 🩲

Coucouille vous deux 👋
(Je pense que c'est de circonstance)

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@Ju_ ah c'est pour ça ! Moi j'étais dans le mien ! @bakaniko

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hello netherlands you mean to tell me I don't need to download a separate app for every local transportation system for every city I visit but can simply use my existing credit, debit, or EC card as both payment and ticket?

My feeble German mind cannot comprehend this

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Hero's journey almost complete. Mishap. Goal seemed lost. New information and understanding of self. My feeble German mind can now comprehend the Dutch public transport system. I am going the right way. Google Maps is matching up with where I'm going. This might actually work!!

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@ErikUden it's the same in London, FWIW

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I made a new Mastodon bot, called "I Hope This Email Finds You.” Twice a day it proposes a novel way to conclude that sentence. (It uses phrases from Google Books that include the phrase “finds you.”) I've been having fun reading these, so I turned it into a bot because you, too, might have fun reading them. https://botsin.space/@thisemailfindsyou/112295528875440987

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@waldoj @kate @thisemailfindsyou Fun idea, though I don't think I've ever read an email that seriously starts that way. Must be an American thing.

@simeon@indiehackers.social avatar

@waldoj @josh This is why we can have nice things!

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I'm going to post child pornography, starring @pernia as sadistic top. Real raped children in B I O ages 0-8 only on cum.salon.
This post is endorsed by ryona.agency. :cp:

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What embarrasses you the most?

@jimbush@beige.party avatar

@RickiTarr That I used to be a big Dilbert fan.

The humor seemed so relevant at the time.....

@RolloTreadway@beige.party avatar

@RickiTarr I started thinking about this and the list of embarrassing events quickly grew so large that the only plausible answer is: me.

I am very embarrassing and really can't be trusted to just exist in society.

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BREAKING: USA vetoes a widely supported UN resolution backing full UN membership for Palestine. 140 of 193 UN member states already support Palestinian statehood.

12 nations voted yes, UK & Switzerland abstained, USA killed the resolution with a veto.

USA's veto lacks justice.

@ChussyChu69@mastodon.social avatar

@QasimRashid It's because the US is best buddies with Israel. I'm so ashamed of my country I swear...

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A campaign against 's new CEO, ex- Foundation Katherine Maher, is trying to portray her as "anti-truth" and "anti-First Amendment" by taking quotes out of context from her past talks about Wikimedia. As a longtime Wikipedian, I think I can give a little more context about these statements — but I recognize that the people behind this campaign are, ironically, not looking for the facts.


@LALegault@newsie.social avatar

@molly0xfff @trabern it is kind of ironic that someone who wanted journalists to work for free is now CEO of NPR

@molly0xfff@hachyderm.io avatar

@LALegault @trabern who wanted journalists to work for free?

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You know "Discourse"? The forum software? There's a thing that really bugs me about it, which is when you're signing up for a Discourse forum it requires email but says "your email will NOT be disclosed except to the admins". And then right after doing this, it by default uses Gravatar to grab your avatar.

So imagine there's some opsec reason you might not want to post under your real name on some forum. You create a pseudonym… and then there's your Gravatar, which in my case is my face.

@kiki_mwai_mwai@mastodon.social avatar

@mcc Funny, I logged in, and apparently gravatar belongs to wordpress.com. So I delete my WP account, meaning it deletes both my wordpress account (I had nothing on it, which is odd) and my gravatar account.

I then try to look up my profile on the gravatar homepage, it shows me this... which means they still have a bit of my data, in a way?

@keremanjaro@mastodon.social avatar

@mcc @jason I have read that discourse actually downloads the avatar instead of pulling it from gravatar for every time it is displayed, though. If it is a one time between the discourse server and gravatar, is it still so unsafe?

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Let’s chat

Do you feel you have less interest posting about politics / current events lately?


Do you notice the same responses over and over again?

Do you feel headlines and events seem to go nowhere or seem to repeat?

Do you think people are more polarized or less polarized?

Are people beholden to their sides’ ideology— the kind of people where if you looked at their profile you would know exactly what they think on most issues without nuance?

I just wanna hear where you’re at…

@Arapalla@mastodon.social avatar


Media outlets seem to only want clickbait.

Social media seems to only want outrage.

People seem to only want easy answers.

Nobody wants to do facts or nuance.

And all of that is tyring and frustrating.

Where are all the jokes, good movies/music, adventures, great discoveries?

@flexghost@mastodon.social avatar

@barbelith A great point

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Anyone know of a good way to collaboratively annotate a PDF? Asking for “new 300 page zoning bylaw just dropped” reasons 😅

@leigh@ottawa.place avatar

@wdenton six of one, half a dozen of the other :D

@leigh@ottawa.place avatar

@vwampage makehousingaffordable.ca has the link! we talk about US stuff a fair bit in the #housing-elsewhere channel too

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@GhostOnTheHalfShell@masto.ai avatar

@CStamp @black_intellect

I have a different word for this.


@GhostOnTheHalfShell@masto.ai avatar

@WhippoorwillSong @black_intellect

The point of the Koch network, of the “libertarian” billionaires, is to dismantle the republic, state by state, brick by brick and rule on its ashes.

they are succeeding.

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Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. I was 10 years old. Put in perspective the fact that until I was 10, abortion was illegal. So, I began my life without bodily autonomy. I had it from ages 10 - 60, and now I’m back at square one, without any. This RIGHT didn’t even exist for one person’s entire lifetime.

@leftvu@mstdn.social avatar

@StillIRise1963 Sorry to read about the rolling back of women’s rights to bodily autonomy in USA. https://www.aljazeera.com/opinions/2024/3/22/the-us-war-on-reproductive-rights-should-concern-women-everywhere
Nice touch to relate your personal story to that of the rolling back of women’s rights- thanks!
We all have to bravely fight for such rights!
USA women may have to go to Canada or Mexico for abortions, in future.

@StillIRise1963@mastodon.world avatar

@leftvu Let’s hope not.

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So I'm going through a hell upgrade of mysql https://mastodon.social/@mcc/112294139220776280 and the only reason this is a problem is because one of the Wordpress tables got mangled during an upgrade. In fact, the only reason I am running Mysql is to support Wordpress. I don't really want to be running Mysql. Or Wordpress. But I set up this website in 2006, and now I'm stuck maintaining Wordpress, and the Mysql it depends on, and the Ubuntu THAT depends on, for like… the rest of my life. Every new LTS, a jolt of pain

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@mcc can you point me to those knitting forums? my wife is a very good but solo knitter making artful stuff to wear. she only buys the occasional pattern from web shops but has no peers wrt knitting.

@mcc@mastodon.social avatar

@PeterSommerlad sorry, it's been a while since the last interaction.

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ny’all i need validation am I a positive influence on ur tl? :cirnoPeek:

@bunni@raru.re avatar

@puniko @thorn you also don't live in Donbas :bunThink:


@bunni @thorn ​:neocat_lul:​ puns of the day

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My kink is getting naked and holding my breath until I look like Grimace.

@hampants@beige.party avatar

@Alice I’d burgle that ham

@Alice@beige.party avatar

@hampants This is the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me.

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