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Post-growth economist, citizen, runner. Network science, complex systems, digital anthropology, collective intelligence. Co-founder of Edgeryders, currently at UNDP Accelerator Labs. Ex minor rockstar. Thoughts my own.


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alberto_cottica, to ai
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"But I find one common thread among the things #AI tools are particularly suited to doing: do we even want to be doing these things? If all you want out of a meeting is the AI-generated summary, maybe that meeting could've been an email. If you're using AI to write your emails, and your recipient is using AI to read them, could you maybe cut out the whole thing entirely?"


annaleen, to random
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Science fiction, advertising, and a humble fellow named Benjamin Franklin created the psyops industry in the US. And then, in the late 20th century, something terrifying happened. Find out more in my new book STORIES ARE WEAPONS, available for pre-order everywhere! Plus, it's 25% off for B&N members today through Friday! https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/stories-are-weapons-annalee-newitz/1144065538?ean=9780393881516

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@annaleen great title!

nyrath, to random
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@ipxfong as was foretold. "Economics 2.0" in "Accelerando" by @cstross ; the feral software in "Maelstrom" by Peter Watts. @nyrath

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alberto_cottica, to security
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"Time and time again, Western countries move too slowly on projects to secure their supply chains off critical raw materials. US-initiated projects take twice as long to come to fruition as China-initiated ones." Emily Barran at .

alberto_cottica, to Brussels
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I am part of a group building a in . We are getting ready to purchase a site, and are accepting new members. If you or someone you know is interested, come to an in'-person public presentation on April 17. Info and registration link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1526505357911161

alberto_cottica, to random
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"Strong, bold governance is the real innovation, more so than technology." Hans Bruyninckx at #WCEF2024 #CircularEconomy

alberto_cottica, to random
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Hans Bruyninckx is totally rocking .

kate, to random
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Brits ask “A penny for your thoughts?” and Americans respond with “Just my two cents”. At current exchange rates ($1.00 = £0.80) this means Brits are receiving 1.6p of American thoughts for just 1p. In this paper we propose an alternative asset pricing model for the marketplace of ideas, considering—

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@kate no worries! As we all know, financial markets are efficient and fair and arbitrage impossible. The exchange rate will quickly converge at 1 penny = 2 cents.

alberto_cottica, to random
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"The economics of linearity makes circular economy models less profitable. Hence, private finance does not flow to the circular economy." The World Bank's Andrea Liverani tells like it is at #WCEF2024. Subsidies to raw material extraction (1.6 trillion a year) are not matched by subsidies to material re-use, and that makes it hard for circular model to compete with linear ones.

SmudgeTheInsultCat, to random
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@SmudgeTheInsultCat well, it WAS a long weekend.

quinta, to random Italian
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Al tigí stamane l'intelligenza artificiale contro la contraffazione della mozzarella campana dop

e la bloc-ciéin ?

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@quinta peak Italy

black_intellect, to random
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Biden has forgiven billions in student loans. Voters may not have noticed. - https://abcnews.go.com/538/biden-forgiven-billions-student-loans-voters-noticed/story

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@black_intellect this is surprising. Forgiveness of student debt dramatically improves people's lives, creating more freedom and security, If you don't react to this stuff, what do you react to?

alberto_cottica, to random
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Little help: can anyone recommend a setup based on a feed reader, that also works well with Mastodon? I could use it to read my masto feed AND some other stuff, like in the bad old days.

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@viq thank you, will check it out.

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@viq have not yet configured. Will revert as I do.

alberto_cottica, to random
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ME: [downloads some software and launches it]

MY (MAC) LAPTOP: This is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?

ME: I am aware that I should have an... installation floppy disk? A DVD, maybe? But just this once, it happened not to be available, so yes, I downloaded the software from the bloody Internet, would you MIND SO MUCH just opening it?


alberto_cottica, to random
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Climate change looks especially grim as seen from the Global South.

And yet, people pull together, fight back, and adapt. Collective intelligence in the Global South is an amazing resource: abundant (though not free! It needs, and deserves, support), and largely UNTAPPED.

In this report, my co-authors and I try to learn from the courage and ingenuity of Global South communities, and reflect on how to support their work.



pvonhellermannn, to sustainability
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#ClimateDiary Was looking at the UN SDGs (sustainable development goals) yesterday and suddenly yet again struck by what a massive, massive con #sustainability is. I mean, I’ve known this for years - wrote an essay on it in 1998, a paper last year, teach it, etc. But the way these 17 goals are so entrenched everywhere now; the way these boxes are so nice and colourful -

it somehow makes you feel good; that good things are happening, thanks to the UN and all the goverrnments and 1/2

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@pvonhellermannn let me know when you find one, please?

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@pvonhellermannn I am reasonably happy with the SDGs, so not qualified. But would be interested in reading one.

FantasticalEconomics, to Economics
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Interesting plan to repurpose office buildings: turn them into wedding venues.

With less than 50% of office workers in DC working on site, there is a lot of underused space, something many cities are dragging with.

"We've got beautiful buildings in great locations with spectacular views, but we haven't been maximizing the potential of the asset."

It'll definitely be much lower cost than turning luxury office space into residential, that's for sure.



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@FantasticalEconomics how about affordable housing, though.

alberto_cottica, (edited ) to random
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"an industrial system with reduced material demand is not currently in any group’s direct interest, although it is probably essential to human survival."

As I read more about the I see demand-side policies advocated for, everywhere.



alberto_cottica, to Economics
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"While I agree that there are successful cases, my point is that closing and slowing loops are drowned in the still ongoing mainstream developments that generally foster and prefer non-circularity."

Willi Haas, DOI: 10.4324/9781003244196-22

susankayequinn, to climate
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#ClimateCrisis #ClimateSolutions #Energy #solar

"Now is the time for distributed energy, A conversation with Duncan Campbell of Scale Microgrids. In this episode, Duncan Campbell of Scale Microgrid Solutions makes the case that distributed energy resources (DERs) — solar panels, EVs, home batteries, etc. — are, thanks to rising electricity demand and constraints on grid expansion, poised for a tsunami of deployment."


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@susankayequinn I hope you are right. I live in Belgium, and regularly receive offers from companies that want to install solar panels on my roof ("no expense for you!"), and you can bet THOSE panels have plenty of software sitting on top of the smart meters that check how much juice is going to the grid. So, here is a question: do we know how many "free panels" are out there, vs. how many "corporate-enslaved panels"? Would it gravitate to the same proportion between Linux and Win/Mac?

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@susankayequinn no argument on the benefits. Just, with old age getting a bit jaded about technologies being presented as "inherently liberating". Personal computing we mentioned, another major one that was heralded as "inherently liberating" was – ugh – the blockchain. So I am trying to not make the same mistakes, even though (or because) that vision is alluring.

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