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You can grab a PDF of this Creating Chemistry magazine at

Change the number at the end of the URL to get previous editions.

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Oh. Shiny. There’s a Chemistry supplement with the latest New Scientist. A sponsored, advertising supplement granted. But still. Chemistry, FTW!

If they’d have let me, I’d have done nothing but chemistry at secondary school. Sadly, they didn’t let me. We did have unfettered access to the labs in Sixth Form for A-Level chemistry though. A Health & Safety no-no now I think 😊

#Chemistry #Geek

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There's something so satisfying about coloring a floral pattern. This is one of my most popular Chemistry inspired coloring pages. The inspiration is abstract, and more in the process than the results.

#SciArt #ArtForSale #art #Chemistry #Flowers

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Saw someone talking about skills trees for real life, and remembered that way back in 2019, I actually started making one for chemistry. Might be worth returning to as a great distraction.

#Chemistry #ChemEd

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To my big disappointment, according to the poll, only 37% of the people who answered call the chemical element with the symbol "K" kalium in their native language, and 63% calls it potassium.

In my native Hungarian, it is Kálium, and in Korean, it used to be called 칼륨 (kallyum), but it is now officially changed to 포타슘 (potasyum), to follow the international standards.

I personally believe that internationally we should call it Kalium to follow the symbol K.

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Jets Starter Building 'Impressive Chemistry' With Aaron Rodgers

#chemistry #newyork

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Just learned today that the substance used in diapers -- sodium polyacrylate -- is the same stuff in reusable freezer ice packs

So yes, a frozen diaper could be useful as a heatwave cooling item.

h/t @mathaetaes

#chemistry #sodiumpolyacrylate

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What's up with rivers in Alaska's Brooks Range? They are turning orange, likely because nearby permafrost is thawing and causing all sorts of downstream effects...

#Alaska #Arctic #environment #ClimateChange #permafrost #nature #research #chemistry

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Did you know that kerosene was invented by a Canadian in 1853? It revolutionized lighting and these days it's widely used for jet fuel. Dive into the #HistoryOfScience with these #GenAI visuals. #TechTimeline #Chemistry #Invention

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Are you studying physical chemistry, or do you know someone who is?

As a thank you, Peter Atkins, author of the £75 textbook 'Concepts in Physical Chemistry' has granted free electronic access to the whole text at:

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Sorry to learn of the passing of Prof. Alan Waggoner here in #Pittsburgh a couple of days ago.
He was an all round terrific person, besides being a great scientist. He developed the #Fluorescent Cyanine dyes (Cy3 Cy5 and others in the series) that had a significant impact on biological #imaging , in the 1990s

An #obituary is here:

Here's a pic I took (in 2018) of the licence plate that used to be in the Molecular Biosensors Imaging Center

#Chemistry #Biology #Science

Picture of Alan Wagonner, with his warm smile (I don't think I've ever seen him not smiling like this or more)

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I used to be able to sing The Elements song in its entirety. But then I was a chemistry nerd and also memorised the Periodic Table. As it was in the 1980s before all those pesky new elements in the hundreds were synthesised and added!


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“Physical chemistry textbook now free to download as a ‘gift’ to the community”

Such a great trend to see in the ChemEd community! Atkins is a great writer 📓🧪

#Chemistry #Chemiverse

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For International Tea Day, my Green Tea Chemistry print. This linocut illustrates green tea and its chemistry. There's a tea pot, two cups of tea and a tea plant (Camellia sinensis) on a tray, and in the steam, you can see some of the organic chemicals found in green tea. Up to 27% of the composition of green tea can be a member of the flavonoids called catechins like the molecule illustrated on the right. 🧵1/n

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Toxic Gaslighting: How 3M Executives Convinced a Scientist the Forever Chemicals She Found in Human Blood Were Safe

Decades ago, Kris Hansen showed 3M that its PFAS chemicals were in people’s bodies.

Her bosses halted her work.

As the #EPA now forces the removal of the chemicals from drinking #water, she wrestles with the secrets that 3M kept from her and the world.

#News #Science #Chemistry #Safety #Environment #Minnesota #PFAS #ForeverChemicals

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A decade-long effort to build a machine to unlock the promise of nuclear fusion fell victim to budget constraints and competing science, and was shut down the day it was dedicated. It was never turned on. #physics #science #chemistry #biology #astronomy #neet #space #quantumphysics #engineering #physicsfun

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