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Level 14 Dad of 4. Christian. Left. Xennial. Enginerd. He/Him. 2006 TIME POTY. Enviromancer. Amateur Pokémon Trainer. Animal Crossing Island: Moduland. Opinions 🗑.

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RickiTarr, to random
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Finally got up the courage to watch Quiet On Set, got to the Drake Bell episode, now I'm going to have to put it back in the box for awhile.

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@RickiTarr That series is tough, at times, to watch. And Drake Bell's interviews - are a lot to take in. I get it.

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@RickiTarr I mean, agreed. On literally everything you said. It's rough to listen to and how these children were harmed.

mdmrn, to Life
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Good morning and happy Friday!

Got some things to get out the door today, so going to be busy...until I'm not. Likely doing my taxes tonight which...is the latest I've done them.

But, you know what, it needs to get done.

Hope you all have a lovely Friday and weekend.

#GoodMorning #MorningMoments #Life #Taxes #Friday

mdmrn, to movies
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Today I learned that there is a short animated film called "Bambi Meets Godzilla."

You can watch it on YouTube here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4oUuRBnEkE

So now you've learned about it too.

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@Kitty Excellent. For reference, it is only 90 seconds long :Hehe:

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@Kitty I suppose this means you finally watched it :diolaugh:

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@Kitty Excellent!! :Hehe:

Glad you enjoyed this long and gripping animated feature.

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@Kitty Perfect! :NekoSalute:

GaymerGeek, to pokemon
@GaymerGeek@mstdn.games avatar

Been playing a really fun Pokémon rom hack called Pokémon Perfect Crystal. It adds lots of great additions like being able to evolve Pokémon that could only be evolved through trading by stone. Also lots of other updates #pokemon #miyoominiplus

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@GaymerGeek OOOOOH! That sounds like a fantastic addition to Crystal, which is already a fantastic game.

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@GaymerGeek That sounds great!! May have to look that rom hack up later and load it up on my modded 2DS!

otakureview, to random
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My real life D&D stats

In other words, useless.

STR: 10

INT: 11

WIS: 13

DEX: 13

CON: 5

CHR: 9

KevinHaw.com - D&D Stats Quiz

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@rgbunny @otakureview Hmm...


My Con is lower cause Long COVID + kids making sure I end up getting sick (usually for like...a day)...quarterly, per the stats quiz :Hehe:

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@pcas I mean, I can see my Charisma being lower, honestly. I'm not the most outgoing of folks. I'm shocked it's a 9 as is. I'd imagine my Dex would be higher as someone who is good a things like dodgeball, but by the metrics they use - it's lower.

Pleasantly surprised by gym goings have raised my Strength score. Don't think mine would have been 10 a year ago :Hehe:

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@pcas I had a couple guesses with strength, but I knew a bit of it from going to the gym.

But yea, it was better than I thought it would be.

ghostlyash, to random

hello cuties and nerds

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@ghostlyash Howdy!

Hope you are having a good one.

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@ghostlyash Thanks! They brought in food at work, so can't complain at the moment :luffylike:

mdmrn, to random
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I just lost the game.

tenkuucastle, to random

Asked my wife to pick up a box of cheerios at the store but she brought home a box of Grandpa instead

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@tenkuucastle Wait, you mean to tell me you didn't ask for a Large Size 15.4 oz Natural Flavored Honey Nut Cheerioes with Happy Heart Shapes Limited Edition Grandpa Makes My Heart Happy? :Hehe:

...Sorry, I make this joke any time I see a box with tons of stuff written on it...

mdmrn, to Parenting
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Good morning and happy Thursday!

Felt like crap last night, so went to bed early. Was still feeling a bit off this morning, so skipped the gym. Hoping the rest of the day I start to feel better.

I'm thankful for friendship, my family, and the fact that I could just...go to sleep when I felt bad last night.

If the weather holds up, my youngest two have softball practice tonight. We'll see how that goes.

Hope you have a lovely Thursday.

mdmrn, to DaftPunk
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It's @miona's VGM Wednesday, so let's go another week with another @ocremix banger.

This week is a remix entitled, "Club Lavender" by Rux Ton from Pokémon Red for the original Gameboy.

Check it out here: https://ocremix.org/remix/OCR04423

#EDM #Music #Pokemon #PokemonRed #RetroGaming #VideoGames #VGM #VGMWednesday #Nintendo #Gameboy #PokemonMusic #RuxTon

mdmrn, to music
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Okay, so for @loewe's Music Women Wednesday and for @Kitty's , let's continue to freak out over the new track from Rolling Quartz "Stand Up." https://songwhip.com/rollingquartz/stand-up

What? The song is great.

Also, for good measure - here's their song "Fearless." https://songwhip.com/rollingquartz/fearless

majorlinux, to random
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Time for me to join in on the fun!

Here is my #FediCircle thanks to https://data.natty.sh/fedi-circles/

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@majorlinux These really are cool to see from everyone!

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@majorlinux :diolaugh:

It's been a while.

mdmrn, (edited ) to random
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After seeing @cliffwade post his Fedi Circle, I decided to try out the service to make my own.

Looks like the folks who interact with me with in my inner circle (i.e. most interactions back to me), at least most recently, are:
@gnitro @ShaMyouiMo @grizzlyfrog @handmade_ghost @biped808 @stevendbrady @cliftonmr @rgbunny @Kitty

It's interesting as I don't think I would have guessed some of those folks, apart from Nitro, which absolutely tracks. But, it's cool to see.
You can make your own here: https://data.natty.sh/fedi-circles/

#Mastodon #FediCircle #Fediverse #ActivityPub #SocialMedia

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@ShaMyouiMo :NekoSalute: @cliffwade @gnitro @grizzlyfrog @handmade_ghost @biped808 @stevendbrady @cliftonmr @rgbunny @Kitty

chikorita157, (edited ) to random
@chikorita157@sakurajima.moe avatar

Woud you trust a lady that has a mushroom growing on her head?

#ShuumatsuTrainDokoEIku #poll

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@chikorita157 Oooh! A poll AND a photo. How does one do that?!?!

@mdmrn@urusai.social avatar

@chikorita157 Interesting and very neat.

And I'll keep that in mind with my *Key account.

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