onelson, avatar

The Exorcist: Believer (2023)

Don't know a thing about it.

grumpasaurus, avatar

@onelson chicken but

onelson, avatar

@grumpasaurus I need some relief. Might need a 2nd movie.

fxoxo, avatar

Nicola Peltz Beckham, a billionaire’s daughter, made a movie about abject poverty. It’s as bad as you think #Movie #MovieNews #Movies

jackyan, avatar

Watched The Bourne Legacy again last night—last time I saw it, Dad was still alive. Didnʼt come across as realistic this time. That chase was hard to believe, as traffic was actually moving at a reasonable speed on some roads. Thatʼs Hollywood for you.

sumisu3, avatar

@jackyan lanes are only suggestions in much of Asia

InayaShujaat, avatar

@jackyan @sumisu3 if you can drive there, you can drive anywhere!

Seriously, the most (chaotic) fun that I’ve ever had behind the wheel was in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Where else can you experience not only a family of five on a motorbike (baby propped on the handlebars), swerving around stopped cars like a maniac, but also a cart pulled by a water buffalo coming right for you? 🤣

timrichards, avatar

Just saw 'Civil War' with @NarrelleMHarris at Cinema Nova.

Christ that was harrowing - depicts the final days of a civil war in the USA, with a military assault on Washington DC at the end. The main part of the film is a road trip by four war journalists from NYC, trying to get to DC before the end.

It didn't entirely work for me as it lacked context; the filmmakers deliberately left the aims and nature of the warring sides vague, I suppose so they could say "It could happen here" without having to spell out the details. Given the 6 Jan events I think we now know it could happen, so IMO the plot could have done with more stakes to care about.

Having said that, it was a dramatic road trip movie with a lot of violence and some good work by the main actors, including Kirsten Dunst. Let's hope it doesn't actually come true.

Ductos, avatar

@timrichards @NarrelleMHarris The lack of context seems deliberate. Director Alex Garland is a spoken-out Centrist, which explains a lot.

timrichards, avatar

@Ductos @NarrelleMHarris Yeah I thought it was intended. Lacked punch as a result, IMO.

mdmrn, avatar

Today I learned that there is a short animated film called "Bambi Meets Godzilla."

You can watch it on YouTube here.

So now you've learned about it too.

Kitty, avatar

@mdmrn It fitted my Friday feeling at 10am this morning 😅

mdmrn, avatar

@Kitty Perfect! :NekoSalute:

emarktaylor, avatar
UKFilmNerd, avatar

Troll Hunter (2010)

No idea what to expect from this, the trailer on the disc I watched a few days ago was quite teasing.

Floppy, avatar

@UKFilmNerd Fantastic film. TROOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!

provokingcats, avatar

Everybody´s talking about "Road House" and the remake ...

but do you have ever watched "Road House 2: Last Call" (2006)?

provokingcats, avatar

@Tim_Eagon The remake was about 3 weeks ago released at amazon prime with Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton

Tim_Eagon, avatar

@provokingcats yeah, I meant sequel, not remake!

cmconseils, avatar

Movie of the day: 🎬📽️
(I found a very cheap theater near my place :perfect: )

todayonscreen, avatar

Today, April 11, 1896, a newspaper reports on a police investigation into a claim that a local butcher might be linked to missing persons and cannibalism (The Midnight Meat Train, 2008)

An apartment floor full of photographs and newspaper clippings. One prominent headline says, “Butcher linked to missing persons” and is dated April 11, 1896

gotosocial, EN avatar

Hello sportsfans!

The proper release of #GoToSocial v0.15.0 Shagadelic Sloth has emerged blinking into the sun, fresh from the release candidate process :) One of our funkiest releases ever, since it contains some beautiful new themes you can try out (see screenshots).

You can get the release here:

As always, please read the migration notes carefully! This release contains important database migrations that you should not interrupt!

Highlights of this release:

Soft themed GtS profile. Gentle pinks and blues with rounded edges.
Midnight trip themed GtS profile. Bold chunky magenta borders and neon green highlights.
Dark blurple themed GtS profile. Deep purples and with yellow highlight.

martijn, avatar

@gotosocial for @catppuccin lovers i quickly ported all themes for use in 0.15.0. the light theme might need work.

paul_denton, French avatar

La justice ordonne le blocage de sites de téléchargement illégal: "Cpasmieux", "Wawacity", "French-stream", "Zonetéléchargement2" ou encore "Hdmusic". 😢

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onelson, avatar

Species: The Awakening (2007)

Yeah, okay.

onelson, avatar

Alien stem cells are making this alien more horny than ever.

onelson, avatar

It's over. Jesus.

onelson, avatar

#NowWatching The Rental (2020)

I saw this a couple of years ago, and it was great. Time to log it.

onelson, avatar

This movie does a really good job at seeding tension that isn't really germane to the actual shit that goes down, but just sort of layers on top or underneath to weave a net of discomfort.

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