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This week on Memory Muses:
Marlon Brando & Sascheen Littlefeather, the film Tommy, and Allen Ginsberg's poem Howl and the obscenity trial around it.

Memory Muses is my weekly arts almanac, with a Word of the Week, & a poem or two, all in about five minutes. Members of my Patreon can hear this week's now at

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Simu Liu Reveals Doubts On Oscars 'I'm Just Ken' Performance: 'Should I Be Doing This?'

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Red Carpet Recap: The 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar party was the Academy Awards' stylish sequel

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While locals would have liked to see more Japanese representation in the film, they are at least happy that some discussion is taking place. #culture #film #hollywood #oscars #oppenheimer #academyawards #wwii

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The Enduring Predictability of the Mostly Apolitical Oscars

#academyawards #oscars

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Al Pacino read the winner for the Best Picture Oscar in the most anti-climactic way imaginable--and yes, it's now a meme

#academyawards #alpacino

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The best and worst moments of the 2024 Academy Awards


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"This is a risk adverse industry, I get it. 200 million dollar movies are also a risk, you know, and it doesn't always work out, but you take the risk anyway. And instead of making one 200 million dollar movie, try making 20 10 million dollar movies, or 50 4 million dollar movies."

#movies #film #movie #AcademyAwards #CordJefferson #directing #director #finance #FilmFinance

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My thoughts on the Oscars last night:

  1. Started early, kept it brisk, finished early. A+
  2. Kimmel is fine. Most jokes were safe, so only a little funny. (Until that zing at the end at Trump. A+ )
  3. Was only really surprised by Emma Stone's win. Felt Gladstone had it in the bag.
  4. Was Al Pacino high, old, or both? Anticlimactic final award.

#oscars #academyawards

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Still buzzing about #Oppenheimer after their big Oscar win(s) this weekend? We've got you covered.

Dive into this 1963 episode of “Exploring the Universe,” featuring Dr. #RobertOppenheimer and Dr. I. I. Rabi (portrayed in the film by Cillian Murphy and David Krumholtz). They discuss their first introduction to #science and the societal impact of developing the #AtomicBomb at #LosAlamos.

Watch the full program:

#Oscars #Oscars2024 #AcademyAwards #archive #PublicMedia

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Oscar für Mariupol-Dokumentation: "Ein wichtiger Sieg für das gesamte Land"

"20 Tage in Mariupol" zeigt den Überlebenskampf der Menschen in der ostukrainischen Hafenstadt. Nun hat der Dokumentarfilm einen Oscar gewonnen. Doch was bedeutet den Menschen in der Ukraine diese Auszeichnung? Von Rebecca Barth.


#Krieg #Ukraine #AcademyAwards

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British Film Talent Triumphs At Academy Awards As Oppenheimer, Zone Of Interest Take Home Oscars

#academyawards #british

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Oscars 2024: Oppenheimer dominates with 7 awards, including best picture

#academyawards #oscars

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Surprise wins, red carpet tumbles, and a 'Batman' reunion: The most talked-about moments of the 2024 Academy Awards

#academyawards #batman

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