Urbanism Hot

Milan, Italy, is littered with illegally parked cars. Fed-up people counted them: 64000 were found, 30 cars/km of road. (feddit.it)

Milan has 51 cars for 100 inhabitants, which is the double of other big cities in Europe, like Madrid (291,3) o Paris (225,2). One of the consequences is that traffic is terrible, and Milan is, for example, one of the worst cities on TomTom traffic index...

The Simple Genius of the Buffalo Bicycle (youtu.be)

The Buffalo Bicycle is a robust, utilitarian, and serviceable bicycle made to help the most remote communities on the planet. Today, we will closely examine the Buffalo Bicycle and show how its incredible engineering has created perhaps the most purpose-built machine ever and how it helps communities access healthcare, clean...

local anti public transportation comment

Saw this comment on a local news post about the mayor’s state of the city address and the mayor mentioned some of the new public transportation initiatives including adding another line to the train, I was under the impression that Amtrak was a success until the rails became denationalized and corporate greed limited the...

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