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forteller, to fuckcars
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We have created a society where to survive a large proportion of people are compelled to spend a ton of money to risk their life and risk becoming killers, at least twice a day, every single workday! They have no other choice.

It is madness!

We have created a society where such a system is so normalized and internalized that the victims of it fight to keep it! And the more victimized, the harder they fight.

It is insane! It is tragic.

We need to change.

#WarOnCars #FuckCars

smeg, to fuckcars
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Americans LOVE #walkable cities, look at any theme park, lifestyle center, or outdoor mall!

But we won't build that way where we live. Our politicians feed us car culture and we lap it up like fools.

#walkablecities #walkableStreets #walkability #carculture #CarBrain #fuckcars #pedestrians #urbanism #universalstudios #orlando #orlandofl

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Americans LOVE buses! Airport shuttles, hotel shuttles, resort shuttles, tour buses, ski shuttles, beach shuttles!

They can't get enough of buses when they are

  • connect places they want to be, especially WALKABLE places!!

Let's add more buses and bus routes! More public transit means less cars and less traffic!

kim_harding, to fuckcars
@kim_harding@mastodon.scot avatar

This moral panic about killer cyclists is hateful and wrong — it's drivers who kill people https://www.standard.co.uk/comment/killer-cyclists-regents-park-london-car-deaths-b1160094.html

A very powerful piece by Chris Boardman, he is absolutely right on this!


@Theriac@plasmatrap.com avatar

It's not about cyclists, it's about maintaining oil derived products.

@Theriac@plasmatrap.com avatar

The cycling panic is as genuine as the "war on woke".

NewNordicNormal, to fuckcars
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Imagine if most people shopping at WalMart carried a chainsaw, running full tilt. ( For some hypothetical reason, shopping took half as long with the chainsaw, than without )

Shoppers would hold the chainsaw out in front of them, and be very careful passing other people. But every now and then, somebody would trip, or sneeze, and cut off another shopper's arm, leg or head. Or maybe they just got angry, and then claimed they'd sneezed.

The news, the police and the safety officials would cluck and say "oh, no. This is so sad. We will dearly miss Aunt Mildred from Lincoln Avenue [ but mistakes will be made, and we understand that ]".

Some people could decide not to carry chainsaws, and accept that their shopping takes twice as long. But they are ridiculed, and told they aren't personally any safer without the chainsaw.

This is basically how we live with cars in our crowded cities.

#VisionZero #fuckCars

@Andres4NY@social.ridetrans.it avatar

@NewNordicNormal And often (especially during the twice-per-day Black Friday clearance sales), not carrying the chainsaw makes shopping actually faster.

metaphil, to fuckcars German
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Komisch, heute hatte wirklich niemand Probleme damit, den Überholabstand einzuhalten. Wirklich komisch. 🤔

@fedibikes @fedibikes

#CarryShitOlympics #fahrrad #fedibikes #verkehrswende #WirSindDerVerkehr #FCKCARS #CarIsOver #FuckCars #automotorisierteGewalt #CarBrainz

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@metaphil @fedibikes @fedibikes

Leute, aber ehrlich.. Sonne Kettensäge.. Das verlo..


War ich das.. Ähm, gibt es Kettensägen für Metal? *geradesonneideehab..

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Karstan, to fuckcars
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"The ultimate test to prove what cars have done to the American psyche only requires that you walk out your front door. Take a photo with your phone. Now highlight in red the places in which it would be fully legal for a car to strike and kill you. Now highlight in yellow the places in which a car could strike and kill you and you would have to make a legal case that it was not your fault. Now highlight in green places where you believe you are safe from cars." - Dan Sheehan #fuckcars

kim_harding, to fuckcars
@kim_harding@mastodon.scot avatar

It is time that we took back our cities, towns and villages from the invasive motor vehicles


@LillyHerself@mastodon.social avatar

@kim_harding wow, that cartoon is so on mark - I honestly see these dialogues played out every single day.

mzedp, to fuckcars Spanish
@mzedp@mas.to avatar

10 pm, Monday night, San Francisco-Oakland bay bridge.

#FuckCars #YouAreTheTraffic

@mzedp@mas.to avatar

6:30am, Thursday, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

This congestion could have been a single train car, but the powers that be decided that it was better (for them) to make everyone dependent on the oil and auto industry.



vwampage, to fuckcars
@vwampage@xoxo.zone avatar

These two vehicles are used to carry the same load (one human plus a small number of groceries) #fuckcars #fuckpickuptrucksinparticular

Photo of an Amsterdam street showing the width difference between the little car and the awful truck.

hembrow, to fuckcars
@hembrow@todon.eu avatar

Cars. They're fun for the entire family.

Buy a polluting gas guzzler today and we'll give you €500 to fly somewhere on holiday. Spread the joy of fossil fuels far and wide.

Fun for the kids as well: colour in this picture of a huge of the kind that is particularly good at killing kids and if you're lucky you might win tickets to be driven to a adventure park.

(This dropped out of our local paper)


kim_harding, to fuckcars
@kim_harding@mastodon.scot avatar

Bike brands start to adopt C-V2X to warn cyclists about cars
More automakers will need to adopt C-V2X to see a real benefit, though.

There is a cheaper, simpler, and more effective solution. Just ban cars...


kim_harding, to fuckcars
@kim_harding@mastodon.scot avatar

An alliance of countries is looking to water down new legislation over worries it could harm ... car industry https://www.euronews.com/green/2023/03/22/eu-to-ban-petrol-and-diesel-cars-by-2035-heres-why-some-countries-are-pushing-back


Cars are killing all of us and the planet, it is time to promote the alternatives!

kim_harding, to fuckcars
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When Driving Is Not an Option, an interview with Anna Zivarts https://thewaroncars.org/2024/05/07/125-when-driving-is-not-an-option-with-anna-zivarts/


eliasp, to fuckcars German
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"Wohnraum statt Hubraum" auf ein dickes Wohnmobil kleben und dieses in einer ohnehin engen Fahrradstraße in einer der teuersten Städte Deutschlands abstellen und damit den Flächendruck nur noch erhöhen...

Manchmal verzweifle ich echt an der egozentrischen selbstgerechten Dummheit unserer MitbürgerInnen.

#AutoKorrektur #Tübingen #FuckCars

stux, to fuckcars
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Don’t look at the mess but here are our 3 massive !

Taking up a whopping 3 square meters in total! :hulk:


@stux Is Gazelle the go to brand in Netherlands?

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