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An absolutely necessary move in a car chase


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this movie is the first female lead hindi movie to reach 20.7 cror in one day!! the trailer had me hooked on to the storyline. I absolutely enjoyed the movie.


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Watched "Laapataa Ladies" on Netflix tonight. Really funny, gentle Bollywood satire with great acting and writing. Highly recommended!


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Pather Panchali (India, 1955)

Wikipedia link:

#cinema #film #movie #1950s #Bollywood

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Devdas (India, 1955)

The scion of a wealthy landowner family turns to alcohol and self-pity and slowly self-destructs after class differences force him to break off his relationship.

IMDB link:

#cinema #film #movie #1950s #1955 #Bollywood

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South Asian Vinyl Listening Party tonight on WFMU's Drummerstream! Bodega Pop presents three hours of vintage Bollywood, Lollywood, classical, qawwali, and more -- all on wax. 7-10 PM. Listen // Playlist // Live Chat here:

#wfmu #vinyl #bollywood #GTDR

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Comfort movie ❤️


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friends, friends, friends – you have to go see "The Queen of My Dreams" while it's in theatres. Playing at the Bytowne in and bigger screens too, and elsewhere in Canada - I saw it Monday and it was absolutely glorious. A hilarious, touching, queer Canadian "Lady Bird," with a touch of time travel and lots of . I'm getting choked up writing this post, it was that moving. and if you need some waypoints!

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‘Brazen propaganda’: pro- films flood before election - "Some releases promote the PM and his policies while others are accused of being divisive and Islamophobic"

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The report emerges against the backdrop of a global #cultural shift, where #Asian #artistic expressions, ranging from #KPop to #Anime and #Bollywood, are not just gaining #InternationalAcclaim but are also resonating with #NewZealand audiences. Such shift marks a significant opportunity for New Zealand to integrate these cultural forms into its own #creative landscape, enriching societal and cultural dialogues.

#AsianMastodon #AsianCreatives #TootSEA

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Gonna work slowly on a #ModernTalking #BrotherLouie mega-thread. This song is the most popular song in the history of the world, change my mind (musicologists only) 😂

#NowPlaying #Musicology



It is not only the most popular song in the world, it is possibly the worst song in the world. Related? Possibly.

Zoo Zoo Zoobie Zooby!

#BrotherLouie #AlishaChinoy #Bollywood

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Bollywood ‘takeover’: Pro-Modi films swamp Indian voters ahead of election

At least 10 releases before the election amplify Modi’s political agenda and vilify critics and opponents – sparing not even Mahatma Gandhi.

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Shah Rukh Khan chants Jai Shri Ram at Anant-Radhika's pre-wedding event; dances with Suhana as Diljit Dosanjh sings

He also added, "So let me take a moment to introduce to all to the powerpuff girls of the Ambani family, the Trimurti or the trideviya of the family--the Saraswati, the Lakshmi and Parvati. Their prayers and blessings have kept this family together."

#gujarat #jamnagar #AmbaniWedding #ShahRukhKhan #wealth #ambanis #AnantAmbani #billionaires #bollywood #business #india

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Vu Devdas, un classique du cinéma indien

C'était joli, pas ennuyant :blob_cat_sip:

Par contre au secours le traitement des femmes :blob_fucking_weird_cat:

#seance21h #mastofilms #cinema #bollywood #nowwatching #Devdas

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“Doing bioethics” in an era of nationalism: The Vaccine War

Indian cinema seems to have moved away from incorrect depictions to blatant falsehoods. The Vaccine War is a shining example. Rohin Bhatt writes.

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@timesofindia look just came across this and from what I read I like what they're on about 🎸🤘 #bloodywood#bollywood

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12th Fail distorts UPSC’s recruitment process

With nearly 1.5 million aspirants vying for roughly 1,000 seats, it’s helpful to realise that the Indian civil services examination process is a rejection process – and not a selection process. This reality doesn’t always align with popular culture’s heroic narratives of valour, discipline, persistence, and hard work.

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Misogyny meets communalism in Animal

Could this bubbling feminist consciousness transmute into an autonomous feminist politics that can credibly demand and/or wrench equality from the dominant Indian males? Asim Ali writes.

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Animal: Why the Film Needed to Have a 'Muslim Villain'

Animal connects with right wing incels at a visceral level. It brings to life some of their pet fantasies. Aditya Meon writes.

#bollywood #AnimalMovie #islamophobia #IndianMuslims #muslims #hindutva #ToxicMasculinity #misogny #cinema #india

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The presence of Indians, from India, in Fediverse is insignificant as on today. Most of us are happy with X and social media tools from Meta. Even the number of posts from existing users, in India, is very low though many of them seem to be active in the above mentioned social media sites.

What can be done to improve the situation? There are no carrots here.

cc: @mastodonindians

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It's depressing. I clicked through #MastodonIndians #MastIndia & found overwhelming number of toots focused on #Bollywood gossip & entertainment.

For a country with the largest population on earth, I saw little to no engagement on international affairs, not even about regional affairs (#China #Pakistan #Myanmar #SriLanka), much less about #MiddleEast and the world.


I switched from #Twitter #X 6 months ago and never looked back 🙂



"More tax writeoffs and an easy import on their fake follower count and perceived popularity?"

"Desi, when I think about how smart you were to take those big BIG DENOMINATION dolla dolla bills OUT OF CIRCULATION to start downsloping that vector of corruption? Like before Drumpf got into office"

"In indigenoUS, we are gold 100 pennies of mining to get 1 dollar but how many rupees to get 100 rupee dolla? How much does that weights in what denomination of what metal?"

solemn nods. you get it!


We who left Twoetter when it became clear that policing popularity was its only biz model? (and trust me, I was SO PATIENT WITH IT giving it easy tests -- cannot do nothing when the ppl just HATE you though, right?? They cannot go back in time and pretend like they didn't get bought off decades ago.)

There's all these people that wanna do a quick and easy import from Twoetter -> Mastodon and bring w/them their fake popularity and perceived follower accounts. NOT GONNA HAPPEN ON MASTODON. IF you do this, you will be outed as a POSER.

Big tip for future inference: do not join (or servers like which are moderated doing the same thing Twoetter got rich doing;

I would never let a mas.+to user interview me about anything technical. Why would anyone with a brain trust a site promoting the popularity of spoiled rich Caucasus mountain daughters?

There's a similar parallel in some of those #bollywood stories, I know, money breeds corruption everywhere it is used as a weapon.

Is why we click, Desi! I like them anti-ColoniZer birdies, too.

The z designation is very important in math ... how well does the bird ____________?

s c z d<br></br>i o     o  <br></br>n m   u<br></br>g p    b<br></br>l l l     l<br></br>e e    e<br></br>   x<br></br>       c ...<br></br>

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