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Two men who sued Universal because they rented "Yesterday" on the basis of a trailer that showed Ana de Armas, only to find she had been cut from the film, have settled their false advertising lawsuit. Peter Rosza and Conor Woulfe alleged they had been cheated out of $3.99 each. A federal judge initially sided with them but they were left on the hook for $126,705 in legal fees. Now, they have accepted a settlement that will resolve the case. Here's more from Variety.

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@CultureDesk stupid games have stupid prizes

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@penalbatoday The whole thing seems like a ridiculous waste of time. “The attorneys who filed and sunk two years into this frivolous case are trying to pressure Universal into making a huge monetary payment (with no legal or factual basis) to end a case that is now worth $7.98,” wrote Stephanie Herrera, one of the studio’s lawyers.Though a precedent has been set in that trailers are subject to false advertising laws. Could we sue for our ticket price because we thought "Madame Webb" looked decent in the trailer? 🤔

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, April 17, 1397, poet Geoffrey Chaucer read the Canterbury Tales for the first time at the court of Richard II, in English rather than Norman French. In the story, on April 17, 1387, the pilgrims set out on their journey (depicted in A Knight’s Tale, 2001)

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Just curious, what would be your preference here?

“We measured the values of parameters A and B and analyzed the relationship between ___________.”

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@gullevek I’m on board with them too.

I find that many academic authors and editors seem to go out of their way to avoid using “them” as if they’ve been taught it was too colloquial or something.

I all wonder if it is similar to the hypercorrection “between you and me” —> “between you and I”

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@FlockOfCats Ah. Academic people. I am just second language English speaker ;) I just go by my guts

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"Let’s look at a film that has been viewed as one of the worst of all time...
Sgathaich: Plan 9 From Outer Space #Film, #Horror, #ScienceFiction, #Sgathaich, #Zombies

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@fionaorkneynews it really is in the so bad it's good / fun category.
I must watch it again.

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@Dtl @fionaorkneynews - I should watch this. I've heard of it but the description made it more interesting.

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Dune 2 de Denis Villeneuve

Je ne verrai pas Dune 2 au cinéma avec ma pneumonie, mais au moins en version 🏴‍☠️ c'est gratuit.

Dans Dune 1, le gentil seigneur envoyé sur la planète Arrakis pour y exploité les ressources était tué par des méchants sur ordre de l’empereur intergalactique qui aimait pourtant le gentil seigneur comme un fils.

Le fils du gentil seigneur survit avec sa maman et rencontre des autochtones un peu débiles, mais fiers et grands guerriers


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Dune 2 ne serait pas joli avec un max de tune, ce serait juste une sorte de grosse série B naze dont on se moquerait.


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@Camille_Poulsard pas vu dune 2, lu bouquins il y a très longtemps. Le baron arkonen c'est un gros méchant caricatural quand même, genre de mémoire il est vénère contre Paul, qui est un enfant, et du coup pour se détendre il veut torturer un nain, il demande qu'on lui en trouve un, quelqu'un a la mauvaise idée de dire que quand même, c'est pas ouf, et du coup il lui fait raccourcir les jambes, ça fera l'affaire.

Edit je voulais répondre a ça en fait

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So this week on , your weekly monster movie watch party, we'll be seeing THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME (1979). It looks very Space Mutiny, very Starcrash. I'm looking forward to it :D

It's available on Tubi, Plex, or you can download in advance over on right here:

We'll be watching this Sunday at 9pm eastern, hope to see you there!

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Film number 50 (and it wasn't a dud)!

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@LincolnRamirez I loved this film. I was surprised how affecting it was. I did not expect the historical twist at the end (being purposefully vague to not give spoilers away).

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“It’s like a whole world of intellectuals and artists got a multibillion-dollar grant from the tech world... But we mistook that, and were frankly actively gaslit into thinking that that was because they cared about art."

A fascinating article on Hollywood, the writers' strike, and the state of film and television. There are so many incredible quotes...

#film #tv #hollywood

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@danwagstaff The way Capitalism devours itself these days is equally fascinating and horrifying.

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Layoffs always suck but that’s a surprisingly small number. I’m surprised they even had layoffs with numbers this small, seems like it would be easier to just move folks around.

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I really love that soft cinematography from around 2017-2022. Kind of dark pastels or a really crunched colour space without losing detail. I don't know how to describe it really. Unfortunately we already seem to be moving on from it.

#film #movie #cinematography

A screenshot from Bladerunner 2049 of people in a busy food court.
A screenshot from The Batman (2022)
A screenshot from Riverdale (2017) of a brightly lit yet muted diner at night

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@upmultimedia Whoever is moving away from it is wrong.

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@AngryAnt oath

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Sharing some info on an interesting conference happening at Texas A&M next week on editing in the early-modern period.

"Folio Futures: Editing Early Modern Plays for Tomorrow's Audiences" on 26 April will be live streamed.

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in an age where dumping $2k on a new machine means going from one i7 revision to another for a 9% improvement in speed, upgrading my 1980s JVC vhs player to a late 90s Sony SLV-778HF is like being catapulted to the moon

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@vga256 I needed something to put in the living room with our unreasonably large 4k TV.

I don't recall what models I have connected to my CRTs, but it's mostly mid-budget mid-90s stuff.

vga256, avatar

@ajroach42 i bought only had low-end players as a teenager, and had no idea just how good vhs could look on a decent machine!

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We've just watched Oppenheimer. Very good indeed. We suspected we'd like it.

But is it as good as Feeders, which we're following it up with? A 2.5 rating on IMDb implies "Maybe."

"Two friends on a road trip pass through a town where aliens are landing and feeding upon some of the civilians."

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This film is fabulous. The budget must run to nearly ten dollars. Literally nobody knows how to act. The script should have been burned. The special effects aren't. Time stamps and car scenes are popular. The music is overwhelmingly bad. There's a sense that the film-makers know just enough about making movies to be dangerous with the terrible equipment and resources at their disposal and they're doing their best to learn editing and try out some angles on the unsuspecting viewer. Wonderful.

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@neonbubble Tell us what you really think ;)

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Salut les fédinautes ! 🐘🥰

Alors, la question du jour : serez-vous aussi généreux·ses que Mouammar Kadhafi ? 💸

:crieur: Nicolas Sarkozy sera jugé en janvier 2025 dans le cadre des soupçons de financement libyen de sa campagne de 2007, dans un procès qui s’annonce déjà historique. Mediapart, accompagné de Yannick Kergoat et les sociétés de productions Norte et Belladone, se lancent le pari de réussir à vous faire comprendre en 1h30 cette affaire d’intérêt public.

💸 Aidez-nous à financer le film documentaire sur l'affaire Sarkozy-Kadhafi. Chaque euro compte, même si vous ne pouvez donner que très peu. Faites un don 👉‍

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@mediapart Participation envoyée, mais je vais suivre l'évolution de la cagnotte pour voir si elle monte suffisamment et s'il faut en remettre un peu plus.

Ce genre de film est nécessaire.
Y participer c'est faire preuve de civisme, pour son pays; et les autres aussi d'ailleurs.

mediapart, avatar

@Mourioche merci ! :moustache:

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Rob Reiner's limp wastes Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson as they generate no sparks.
Takes so long for the story to begin, but there's no actual humor to keep the scenes afloat and your attention from wavering.
At least it's not as bad as North. Makes you want to read a book which isn't a bad thing in itself if it gets you to avoid this.

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)

I haven't seen this in a long time. Rewatching before I rewatch all seasons of the show.

Posts henceforth shall be CWd for spoiler suppression considerations.

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18+ onelson, avatar

James has been framed for murder? Good.

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📷 Nikon FA
🎞️ Fomapan 200
🧪 Adox XT-3


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Today, April 14, 1912, RMS Titanic passenger and artist Jack Dawson draws a portrait of socialite Rose DeWitt Bukater a few hours before the ship hits an iceberg (Titanic, 1997)

A charcoal sketch of a woman’s face
A signature at the bottom of a sketch, dated April 14, 1912, JD.
A man, a woman, and several people leaning far over the edge of a ship, looking back at the iceberg that the ship has just struck

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Black Wind 1965 ‘Viento negro’
Directed by Servando González

The building of a railroad under tough conditions from searing heat to freezing cold in the Sonora desert provokes clashes of passion and struggles between the engineers and the workers at the campsite

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Black Wind 1965 ‘Viento negro’
Directed by Servando González (1/4)


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Editors and directors, do your circle takes usually end up in the actual edit?

#editing #filmmaking

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