YNaija unveils ‘The Nollywood 100’ - The Brightest Talent In Nigeria’s Film Industry in 2024 (ynaija.com)

The YNaija Nollywood 100 in collaboration with EbonyLife, is pleased to present our definitive list of the brightest talents in Nigeria’s film Industry. To gain this list, we worked with film critics, stakeholders and writer Iniabasi Jeffrey who have all contributed extensively to the film industry while remaining apart from...

davidnjoku, to nigeria
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Happy birthday, #Nigeria.

You were born 100 years ago, a Frankenstein's monster created by colonisers who casually stitched together dozens of existing - very different - nations.

You never stood a chance.

The colonisers gave the guns to the North. But they gave the education to the West. And then God got in on the act and gave the oil to the East.

You never stood a chance.

But you've survived. You're a mess but your culture is a marvel - #Afrobeats, #Nollywood, jollof, Pidgin English

the_ray_archie, to BayArea

#nollywood dreams at #SFPlayhouse

If you don't know, now you know...

#BlackMastodon #blackexcellence #bayarea #theatre

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