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Hello sportsfans!

The proper release of #GoToSocial v0.15.0 Shagadelic Sloth has emerged blinking into the sun, fresh from the release candidate process :) One of our funkiest releases ever, since it contains some beautiful new themes you can try out (see screenshots).

You can get the release here:

As always, please read the migration notes carefully! This release contains important database migrations that you should not interrupt!

Highlights of this release:

Soft themed GtS profile. Gentle pinks and blues with rounded edges.
Midnight trip themed GtS profile. Bold chunky magenta borders and neon green highlights.
Dark blurple themed GtS profile. Deep purples and with yellow highlight.

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Gestern im Studio mit der (angehenden) Schauspielerin Ann-Sophie Rentel

#photography #portrait #fotografie #fotograf #photographer #actor

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Today at the office: joyous dressing room surprises (a sequence).

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Hey nerds! 🌸

First spring time release of #GoToSocial, here's the first release candidate for version 0.15.0 Shagadelic Sloth!

For adventurous admins updating to this release candidate, please read the migration notes carefully, especially regarding database migrations :)

Release highlights

Midnight trip: chunky purple and neon-green theme with magenta ombre.
Soft: a light pink, blue, and white theme.
Sunset: yellow / orange / aubergine theme with a sunset ombre.

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Actor Louis Gossett Jr., Oscar and Emmy winner, has died at age 87, according to his family.

AP reports: "Gossett broke through on the small screen as Fiddler in the groundbreaking 1977 miniseries 'Roots,' which depicted the atrocities of slavery on TV." He was the first Black man to win the best supporting actor Oscar for "An Officer and a Gentleman."

#LouisGossettJr #Hollywood #Film #Actor #Broadway #Theater #BlackMastodon

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Coached an actor on a self-tape, and watching them find the character, and hone in on the how and what of them, was really cool. The specifics shined brighter and brighter on each take.

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Not my best, not my worst - but done with a lot of love

Three strangers, who live in the same New York City apartment building, share an obsession with true crime shenanigans

Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez love

Only Murders in the Building ❤️

'Tis Doodle O'Clock ~☆

#Illustration #Drawing #DigitalArt #doodle #MastoArt #TV #TVShow #Comic #Cartoon #Kofi #comedy #actor #actress #selenagomez

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16 Mar 1619: Richard Burbage #actor #otd buried at St Leonard, Shoreditch. (Kbthompson at English Wikipedia)

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🏝️ What did we learn from Cillian Murphy's Desert Island Discs?

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🏝️ Listen to Cillian Murphy's Desert Island Discs on BBC Sounds. The Beatles, Lisa O’Neill, Radiohead, U2, The Frank and Walters, Queen…

#Oppenheimer #PeakyBlinders #acting #Hollywood #Ireland #Irish #actor #music #LifeStory

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🏝️ So exactly how many episodes of Desert Island Discs are there for you to listen to on BBC Sounds?

THERE ARE 2,455.

(sorry to shout, that was uncalled-for).

We estimate it would take you 51 days to listen to that lot, back to back, if you started now.

BBCRadio4, avatar

And, of course, last night, Cillian Murphy became a member of the exclusive club of Oscar-winning Desert Island Discs castaways

#Oppenheimer #PeakyBlinders #acting #Hollywood #Ireland #Irish #actor #music #LifeStory #Oscars2024 #BestActor

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Sidney Poitier (February 20, 1927 – January 6, 2022) #SidneyPoitier #BOTD #actor #movies #FilmMastodon

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We love this photo of Jacob Freda from @missionplanmovie currently in post-production. We can't wait for you to meet his delightful and hilarious character! Photography by Katie Toon, Insta katietoon_stills

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Considering trying to get into #acting. We live near a playhouse so gonna see if I can just volunteer there on the weekends doing set work or something to test the waters and get some #advice from the #actors.

The thing is that I discovered that I enjoy acting while performing in a "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" parody play waaay back in 8th grade but my low self-esteem issues led me away from pursuing it after being mocked by some assho… uh, other kids. I've always regretted letting them get in my head.

Now, playing #DnD has rekindled my interest, plus I've gotten much better at not giving a shit about others' opinions. 😂

Might be worth a shot. Any #tips from any #ActorsOfMastodon for an aspiring #actor?

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To date this year in the United States, 32,500 people have been laid off in the #tech sector. During 2023, 263,000 were laid off, and in 2022 it was 165,000. And these data are only for the U.S. tech sector.

From the #actor POV, it has been fascinating to watch people share their lived layoff experiences, as well as the cycle of job search —> job application —> job interview —> additional job interviews —> no job offer —> repeat, because it’s evident this cycle is not customary for many. 🧵

aleciabatson, avatar

For professional actors, looking for work is literally our job. (Booking work and being paid is a bonus.) To have any semblance of a career, the onus is on the #actor to:

• look for roles we are suited for (job search)
• apply to roles (job application)
• hope there will be an invitation to submit to roles (job interview)
• hope for callbacks (additional job interviews)
• wish for booking (job offer)
• gracefully accept lack of booking
• repeat


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Today in Labor History February 4, 1974: The Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) kidnapped Patty Hearst, granddaughter of American publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, in Berkeley, California. One of the SLA’s demands for releasing Hearst was for her family to pay for millions of dollars’ worth of food to be given out free the poor and unhoused of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Hearst complied, with various community organizations distributing 100,000 bags of groceries at 16 sites in 4 counties, before violence brought the program to a halt. The violence occurred because the crowds were bigger than expected and workers started throwing boxes of food off of moving trucks. As a captive, Patty Hearst was held in a closet, blindfolded, with her hands tied, raped and threatened repeatedly with death. She was later offered the choice of freedom, or joining the SLA. She chose the latter. Consequently, she was later sentenced to 35 years in prison for her complicity in SLA robberies. After several years in prison, her sentence was commuted by President Carter. President Clinton pardoned her. Congressional Representative Leo Ryan was murdered by the Jim Jones cult in Guyana several weeks after collecting signatures for her release. Actor John Wayne, of all people, expressed frustration that everyone accepted the idea that Jones had brainwashed hundreds of his followers into mass suicide, but wouldn’t accept that the SLA could have brainwashed a teenage girl. After her release, Hearst went on to become an actress, appearing in several John Waters films, as well as many others.

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