killyourfm, avatar

Here we go! Ante 8/8, final round!
#Balatro #Gaming

killyourfm, avatar

Nope :(
250,000 points in the final round though! A minor victory…

EighthLayer, avatar

A new Life is Strange game with Max Caulfield as the main character! I really enjoyed that game so hyped to get a new story with her. Big graphical upgrade it seems too.

#XboxShowcase #LifeIsStrange #Gaming

inpurpleshadows, avatar

@EighthLayer Though, this game could take a similar approach to how Telltale's Walking Dead sequels handled it, how it reads your save file and continues the story from the ending you chose. Since the original Life is Strange was about making choices and seeing how your decisions could impact the narrative in small or big ways, it would be cool to see some of the choices you made in the first game taken into account in the sequel.

EighthLayer, avatar

@inpurpleshadows That’s a very good point that I’d forgotten about games like that. That’s probably what they’ll do, or at least give you the option to select what choices you made in the last game which will impact the storyline in the new game.

64bithero, avatar

I was hoping in this day and age of game reveals most games would show actual gameplay and actual visuals. Apparently that hope hoping a little to much. I’m not going to buy a game unless I see how it actually plays and looks.
#gaming #sgf24 #xbox #playstation #aaa

gary_bbgames, avatar

@64bithero with games normally requiring a day one patch, and often “after release” finishing patches they couldn’t show a true representation of a game until months after it has been out.

kaiserkiwi, avatar

No coding on Questlog today. This week was already filled with to much code and debugging. And as I voted already via mail, I can use the nap time of my child finally for some .

Time to play again. I want to know what's going on with the Godzilla DLC.

kevin, avatar

@kaiserkiwi das Game muss ich noch nachholen. Habe es ein paar Mal abgespielt, aber noch nicht so richtig reingefunden. Klingt aber eigentlich immer perfekt. Viel Spaß und gönne dir die Ruhe dafür.

garius, avatar


The Holy Land is a long way from Burgundy. Yet that is what Queen Hedwig now rules.

Can she hold together the fragile crusader kingdom of Jerusalem, when surrounded by enemies on all sides?

Join me for Crusader Kings and history natter! #gaming #history #histodons

WanderingInDigitalWorlds, avatar

I am accidentally rushing through the latest expedition in No Man's Sky due to excitement! I might finish it tonight before bed because the objectives are getting easier to complete. Furthermore, I liked the desolation of Adrift and finding only ruin in place of civilization.

Part of me wishes for this to be a game mode that one could play in No Man's Sky!

The only reason I am taking a break is that my body is complaining and desires food; Otherwise, I'd be playing more.

Klumpmeister, avatar

@WanderingInDigitalWorlds I wanna keep trying No Mans Sky again but the intro and getting to a outpost is a slog.

killyourfm, avatar

Balatro is described as "the definitive poker roguelike experience" and that's certainly the first time I've heard all those words used together in a sentence.

killyourfm, avatar

Oh no.

30 minutes in and I already feel like it's going to own my entire weekend.

UniversalBlue, avatar
SirTapTap, avatar

It's our Pride Edition...ish, of Jackbox Board Game Night! Most of these games aren't pretty queer, but we are, so we'll try to manage.

#jackbox #boardgamenight #gaming #games #funny

vga256, (edited ) avatar

i'm always surprised at how overlooked Inherit the Earth is by the adventure gaming crowd.

i can understand why: it doesn't fit cleanly into the sierra-lucasarts design dichotomy, all of the characters are animals/"morphs", and the game switches between isometric and theatrical perspectives constantly.

all of those reasons alone are enough to make me enjoy an adventure game. but what stands out to me today is just how unique it all feels. the gameplay freely moves between mystery, exploration, treasure hunt and social squabbles without falling too deeply into the genre traps that have plagued adventure games for decades

even after three decades i'm surprised every time at how fascinating this little world is. i wish the dreamer's guild and talin/david joiner had be given more time and money to make games like this.

edit: he's got some very touching blog posts about his days building ITE and Faery Tale Adventure which I linked to here:

#adventuregames #retrogaming #dosgaming

Ransil, Spanish avatar

El sábado 8 a las 18h CEST seré streamer co-oficial del #WholesomeDirect de #WholesomeGames

Pásate a ver los nuevos jueguitos cuquis que se vienen y, si surge, criticar los que se traten de trabajar 🤪

#gaming #streaming #ranstream

tuxedocomputers, German avatar

The new TUXEDO Stellaris Slim 15 defines itself as a fashionable thin & light #gaming #ultrabook that focuses on #highperformance in a maximally slim and stylish appearance.

Order now:

#new #newdevice #ultraslim #amdryzen #powerful #gamingdevice #tuxedo


@tuxedocomputers I'm watching you... 😍

sam, avatar

Been trying out XDefiant and it's a pretty cool game, seems to be a mix of COD and other FPS games. Plays pretty well and runs well on my PC. (also it's crossplatform) so always fun. Wish it was on steam though

#XDefiant #Gaming #FPSgaming #FPS

sam, avatar

It also has weapon skins that I always love unlocking over time in games.

WhyNotZoidberg, avatar

Just stumbled over this, it has nothing to do with me, but HELL YES.

#Gaming #Accessibility #HorizonForbiddenWest #HelloItsKolo

WhyNotZoidberg, avatar
WhyNotZoidberg, avatar

Is it me, or was there a period in fashion for women between roughly 1942 and 1955 where everyone wanted black hair?

There were a few noticeable movie stars that had blonde hair, but almost all photos you see of "regular" women were with dark brown or black hair.

darth, avatar

Calling every first-person shooter game from 1993 to 1996 "a DOOM clone" was equally as silly as calling games "roguelike" nowadays. I will stop using that term immediately!

jake4480, avatar

@darth there's true roguelikes (or roguelites) but people calling just ANYTHING a roguelike now - even 2D platformers, this 'action roguelike' crap, yeah I could do without that. 😂 that's why 'traditional roguelike' is probably a better term haha

darth, avatar

@jake4480 traditional? very interesting.

kyonshi, avatar


So I got Steelrising via Humble this month.

It's almost aggressively bland for a game about clockwork automatons in 18th ct. France. I mean, it's playable, but...

There is no reason for this game to eat 60gb of my HD space. There is no reason why this game only should run on the lowest graphics settings on a midline gaming laptop released after the game came out.

It feels like they're trying to decorate a turd. This doesn't have the substance to need these specs.


Printdevil, avatar

@kyonshi Oh I know, but that sort of size always seems to be "and we unselectively included a massive library of unused upscaled textures "

I come from floppy disk era and still find anything taking up too much perceived disk space as an affront to my dignity

kyonshi, avatar

@Printdevil I'm always comparing it to Assassin's Creed 2 lately.

That was a good game. It had 20gb.

And it looked better, had better gameplay, and a better story.

True, it's not completely the same genre, but how does a 15 year old game look so much better than a 2 year old one that takes three times the space?

It just tells me something went horribly wrong when making this game.

WanderingInDigitalWorlds, avatar

Ah, nothing makes me feel more alive than James Stephanie Sterling roasting a bad video game made by dark pattern worshipers! This one is Star Wars: Hunters, sounds like absolute trash, a case of as James Stephanie puts it, "grifter see, grifter do".

#gaming #TheJimqusition #gamereview

Dennis5891, avatar


I just checked the game out. It just looks like what Marvel Rivals is trying to do.

WanderingInDigitalWorlds, avatar

@Dennis5891 There are so many unethical free to play games out there these days; A shame, but as long as an audience exists for those dark pattern developers, it will persist.

kyonshi, avatar

So I started Steelrising and... do I get this right that I can have an English voice option but French only for subtitles?

Considering the place it's set in that feels a bit wrong.



@kyonshi Not only that, they drop French phrases into the dialogue for, as far as I can tell, no good reason other than to remind you that they are French.

kyonshi, avatar

@ect yeah, I noticed that as well. And then they translate it in the next sentence so you get what they are saying.

gmr_leon, avatar

In a character creator for ages before setting out into the rest of the game...Only to face the final boss: character name...And neither a default name nor a name generator built-in.

Forget the Souls games, the most difficult type of game is the Character Creator.

#Gaming #VideoGames

gmr_leon, avatar

The hardest metagame to avoid sometimes is fear of missing out, subsequent backlog buildup and choice paralysis.

A winning strat is to wait new releases out and focus on playing what interests you of what you already have to completion before getting any new games.

#Gaming #VideoGames

echo_pbreyer, (edited ) German avatar

Heute Abend diskutiere ich mit
@AnjaHirschel , Rechtsanwältin Renate Schmid und -Sprecher Daniel Ondruska die EU-Initiative gegen das Computerspiele-Sterben.

Als setzen wir uns für die Rechte von Gamer*innen ein und für die gleichberechtigte Anerkennung von als modernes Kulturgut!

Schickt uns eure Fragen. Um 18:30 geht’s los im Livestream:

FamilyCyclist, avatar


Der Link klappt nicht: 404


echo_pbreyer, avatar

@FamilyCyclist jetzt sollte er wieder funktionieren!

chiefgyk3d, avatar

I was sent this mouse made of Magnesium to test out a bit from a vendor for TikTok. Bluetooth, and wireless with a dongle but also can work as a wired mouse. It has up to 4KHz polling with the adapter, and up to 26,000 DPI. I like the design (this is a battle worn design), added the grip stickers it came with, which look nice and add a nice texture. There is lighting built in. It’s very light and honestly my only complaint so far, lack of side scrolling.

Still testing!
#mouse #gaming

endeavorance, avatar

@chiefgyk3d that may genuinely be the case. I guess I'm expecting the friction.

I've been using a wired G502 for years, which has adjustable/removable internal weights. I just opened up the hatch to check and yep -- all the additional weights are in there.

...along with a frankly shocking amount of dog fur

chiefgyk3d, avatar

@endeavorance yeah I am weird, I got used to lighter mice after a while and use a G502 with no weights, but I did just swap the G502 out of my streaming PC for a Ploopy Adept trackball I 3D Printed to save some space as I have a kind of cramped 2 PC stream setup, and I love the heavier trackball a lot more. I put a vintage 8 ball in my mouse.

BenGleason, avatar

What makes a really great #videogame #adaptation stand out from lots of mediocre ones? Here's a deep dive. Tl;dr: It's not the special effects, but rather the experience. The main examples he explores are #Fallout (the ne plus ultra of adaptations) and #TheLastOfUs (which is only almost as good, mostly because the game was a bit too cinematic in the first place).

br00t4c, avatar

11 Best Computer Speakers (2024): Affordable, Soundbar, Surround Sound, Gaming

#budget #gaming

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