WOW! Now this is a CD box set I NEED to get! GTA VICE CITY are you kidding me! Is to is the best soundtrack in a game ever? 🔥🎮😎 also which radio station is your favourite?

#gta #gtavicecity #grandtheftauto #grandtheftautovicecity #cd #retro #retrogaming #gaming #gamingcommunity #retrogames

tripplehelix, to Games avatar

If you're into the new #survivor-like #games, #manic is an awesome addition to the category, a #roguelite / OG #GTA like game. Great fun and a huge amount of replayability.

Currently on sale on #steam for only £3.86

Unfortunately not on GOG.

bitprophet, (edited ) to GTA avatar

You're scrolling Mastodon. You see the hashtag “”. Your brain interprets it as:

Aphrodite, to GTA avatar

Time to send up the flag and a call for help.

Someone I know in the #GTA who’s #trans and that is a victim of domestic violence. I need to connect that person to resources that can help her get the person assaulting her out of her life.

Fortunately, she is the only one with a legal right to live at her residence. Unfortunately, the abuser is threatening to escalate things.

Apart from calling the police, what other #DA #DV orgs are in the GTA that I can refer her to?


EricCarroll, to GTA avatar

Does anyone have recommendations for a #GTA #dentist still providing #safeAir accomodations (room isolation, fallowing, HEPA, N95)?

Western GTA would be ideal, but I will commute as necessary as far out as Guelph.

I am aware of Was hoping someone might have already called through the GTA list to qualify their precautions.

Any suggestions welcome, thanks. Want to get in during the downslope on the waste water surevellience curve.

mdc, to GTA avatar

If they ever make a GTA game that takes place in the Greater Toronto Area: What songs are on the soundtrack?

#gta #gaming #toronto #ontario

Вийшов перший трейлер Grand Theft Auto VI. Гравці вражені, але є нюанси ( Ukrainian

Перший трейлер Grand Theft Auto VI. Rockstar Games про сюжет GTA VI. Дата виходу гри на PS5, Xbox Series та PC. Деталі ГТА 6 українською мовою.

CultureDesk, to movies avatar

A new documentary, "Grand Theft Hamlet," is filmed within Grand Theft Auto Online, and tells the story of the first staged production of a Shakespeare play in a multiplayer online video game. "The doc is an impressive piece of machinima, a niche but increasingly utilized method of filmmaking that exclusively utilizes in-game graphics to create a cinematic experience," writes Allegra Frank for Daily Beast. Here's the full story (may be paywalled).

msquebanh, (edited ) to Toronto avatar

Thank you, #Toronto 🍉✊️🇵🇸👏☮️

#Protest in #GTA - people are angry about #Zionist #RealEstate event. Only Jewish folks who hate #Palestine are allowed into event. They are trying to sell #Palestinian land that they have no rights to sell. #Canada government shouldn't be allowing this event to happen in the first place!

#FreePalestine #ZionistLandTheft #IllegalRealEstate #IllegalSale #BigotryIsNotTolerated #GoAwayZionists #Landback #FreeGaza #ApartheidCrimes #TrudeauFail

LALegault, to GTA avatar
TechDesk, to VideoGames avatar

Rockstar Games has asked its staff to return to the office five days a week, starting in April. The Edinburgh-based company says this relates to completing development on GTA 6 “at the level of quality and polish we know it requires,” and to mitigate security breaches. GTA 6, which is not due to ship until 2025, experienced leaks in September 2022 and December 2023. IGN reports that Rockstar developers are accusing the company of "broken promises," and are concerned about crunch as well as overall impacts to health and wellbeing.

ap236, to GTA avatar

ANALYSIS | The car theft debate is a battle over slogans and solutions | CBC News #CPC #LPC #canadianconservatives #canadianliberals #Sloagns #Crime #CarThefts #AutoTheft #GTA #CBSA #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

ap236, to GTA avatar

Elimination of double fares for TTC riders coming later this month #topoli #TTC #YRT #GTA #Toronto #MiWay #DoubleFares #publictransit #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

phoenix, to gaming

Happy Sunday! 🎮

soheb, to Games avatar

Me: has a massive backlog of new games that I should really get around to completing

Also me: yeah let’s play and complete gta 5 for the 1037383629633th time!

#games #gaming #grandtheftauto #grandtheftauto5 #gta #gta5 #VideoGames

blenderdumbass, to GTA avatar
governa, to GTA avatar
BeAware, to aiart avatar

"Roman, it's Niko, how drunk did we get last night? I don't think I'm in Liberty City anymore...."

#AIart #MidJourneyArt #MidjourneyAI #ArtificialIntelligence #MastoArt #FediArt #Art #Artist #GenerativeArt #GenerativeAI #Midjourney #Gaming #VideoGames #GTA #Skyrim

minioctt, to gaming Italian

a quanto pare, una parte del di è stata trapelata questo / sarà felicissima di questo 🤯️

La schermata del mirror Tor con tutti i download dei leakevito di far vedere link qui, ma vi posso dire che ho scoperto la cosa da questo video di , e se soltanto guardando indizi lì ho in pochi minuti trovato la fonte, allora potete farcela anche voi… 🤗️

bluedevil, to GTA

GTA V Source Code Has Leaked

VX-Underground had talked with the people who responsible with the leak. Finally they confirmed. There is a mediafire link winding around! The people who is behind the leak told that they did this because they want to fight scamming in the GTA V modding scene, according to VX-Underground.
#leak #gta #gta5

governa, to GTA avatar
governa, to GTA avatar
djvdq, to gaming avatar

A person who stole GTA 6 videos earlier this year was sentenced to life in hospital.

He broke into Rockstar using only his mobile phone, Amazon Fire stick and his mobile phone, absolutely wild.

#gaming #gta #gta6

developerjustin, to GTA avatar

Just learned that when people say “The #GTA games are coming to #Netflix” that they are literally released as standalone apps in the App Store with “- NETFLIX” appended to the title. I just assumed they were being streamed in the browser, given Apple’s rules, but it never occurred to me that they were all their own entries in the App Store

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