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TechDesk, to tech
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Most workers would likely agree — it’d be nice to have someone else fill in for them once in a while. And, better yet, get paid for it. London-based model Alexsandrah has experienced a real-life version of this daydream with help from her AI-generated virtual twin that has appeared as a stand-in on a photo shoot. Is this the future of modeling? Here’s what proponents and critics are saying in this report from the Associated Press. https://flip.it/DYjnSC

TechDesk, to tech
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A tech editor recently played Game Boy Advance games on his iPhone thanks to a new emulator called iGBA, which may be the first Game Boy Advance emulator allowed on the App Store since Apple began allowing emulators last week. But is the app an unauthorized copy? Read more at @theverge. https://flip.it/AxcjDo
#Tech #Apple #AppStore #Gaming #VideoGames #GameBoy

TechDesk, to tech
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In “Fallout Shelter,” the 2015 construction and management simulator, players take on the role of the Overseer, a kind of postapocalyptic mayor figure. After watching Amazon’s new live-action take on the game, Andrew Webster, the Entertainment Editor at @theverge, got rehooked and is "enjoying soaking up the wasteland vibes." https://flip.it/Xuvlek
#Tech #Gaming #VideoGames #Technology

TechDesk, to tech
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Did smartphones destroy a generation? The kids are not all right, social psychologist Jonathan Haidt argues in his new book “The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness.” Vox’s Eric Levitz explores what the evidence says about mobile devices and teen mental health. https://flip.it/0XXXzq

TechDesk, to Games
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Possibility Space, an indie game studio that launched in 2021 with the goal of creating a AAA title, has been shut down abruptly. In an email to staff, CEO Jeff Strain blamed an employee leak about the studio's major title to a Kotaku reporter. This, Strain said, led to an unnamed publisher expressing "low confidence" about funding the studio, and the cancelation of the title by mutual agreement. Engadget attempts to make sense of the sequence of events here.


TechDesk, to ai
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There has been a lot of anticipation for the Humane AI Pin, ever since it raised $100 million in funding early last year.

Now people have had the chance to try the AI wearable in real life, and it seems like it is some way from being the revolutionary device they hoped for. Tom’s Guide has rounded up the reviews.


TechDesk, to twitter
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X will no longer allow users to hide their Premium blue check, even if they didn't want it in the first place.

The new policy comes after users with a high number of followers were automatically upgraded to Premium for free, says @theverge

"Once a status symbol, the blue check lost some of its luster after X shifted to a paid verification system under Elon Musk’s ownership."



TechDesk, to apple
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The judge in the Apple antitrust case has stepped down, stating his recusal is "necessary" under Code of Conduct rules.

@9to5Mac says the reason given "suggests the judge or someone closely related to him has a potential interest in the case."


#Apple #Antitrust #Tech

TechDesk, to tech
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AT&T has begun notifying state authorities and regulators after millions of customer records posted online last month were found to be authentic.

Reports @TechCrunch: "In a legally required filing with Maine’s attorney general’s office, the U.S. telco giant said it sent out letters notifying more than 51 million people that their personal information was compromised in the data breach."


#Data #Telco #Tech

TechDesk, (edited ) to Instagram
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Instagram will start blurring nude images sent to minors, in a crackdown against teen "sextortion."

As @theverge reports, the new safety measures will be turned on worldwide for users under 18, along with warnings to discourage users from sending them.


#Instagram #Meta #SocialMedia #Tech

TechDesk, to twitter
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Users of Elon Musk's X have reported that the site has been automatically replacing any mentions of "Twitter.com" to "X.com" — without their permission.

@Mashable called the move "a scammer's dream and a disaster waiting to happen," which prompted users themselves to act to prevent potential phishing scams.

A patch has since been rolled out to reverse the controversial move, but hadn't fixed the issue in its entirety at the time of writing.


TechDesk, to internet
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Starting today, major ISPs will have to publish "nutrition labels" with basic information about their broadband offerings.

It's taken almost eight years to enforce, but the FCC hopes the move will "allow consumers to more easily comparison shop between plans and avoid any hidden fees," reports @theverge


#Broadband #Internet #Online #Tech

TechDesk, to piracy
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The Motion Picture Association has announced it is working with Congress to block known piracy sites in the US, reports @engadget

Speaking at CinemaCon, chairman and CEO Charles Rivkin said the plans will establish and enforce new legislation to ensure ISPs block websites that share stolen content – something 60 countries worldwide already do.


#Piracy #CinemaCon #Tech #Movies

TechDesk, to TikTok
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TikTok is preparing to launch its own Instagram rival, called TikTok Notes.

A TikTok spokesperson confirmed to @TechCrunch that an app is in the works, after users received pop-up notifications stating the new app was "coming soon".


TechDesk, to tesla
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Tesla has settled a lawsuit over the fatal Model X crash, which killed Apple engineer Wei Lun Huang in 2019.

The company confirmed Autopilot was turned on, but had always insisted driver error was to blame. However, as @engadget reports, Tesla settled out of court on the day that the trial's jury selection was due to take place.


TechDesk, to android
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Google's enhanced Find My Device feature has started its rollout on Android devices, helping lost tech to reunite with its owners.

BGR has pulled together all the things you need to know about the all-new service.


#Android #Google #Tech

TechDesk, to internet
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Brazil has opened an investigation into Elon Musk, after he reactivated accounts on X that courts had ordered the social network to block.

It has caused Brazil's attorney general to call for an “urgent” focus on social media regulation, reports @theverge


#SocialMedia #ElonMusk #Tech

TechDesk, to tech
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NASA has warned against taking photos of today's solar eclipse with your smartphone, but as @PCMag reports, there are some precautions you can take.


TechDesk, to ai
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Companies using unreliable AI software to help disabled people navigate online are often falling foul of accessibility regulations, reports @FT

The weaknesses have caused a spike in lawsuits worldwide and leave big questions as to the current limitations of AI in this space.


TechDesk, to ai
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Spotify is trialling AI-powered playlists for some users in the UK and Australia.

As @Mashable reports, "select users can use AI to help create personalized playlists based on niche prompts — even simply using emoji."


#AI #Spotify #Music #Tech

TechDesk, to tech
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Facing a lack of training data, OpenAI reportedly developed its Whisper audio transcription model to transcribe over a million hours of YouTube videos to train GPT-4. Unsurprisingly, @theverge writes, the training involved tactics that fall into the hazy gray area of AI copyright law. https://flip.it/sqabAF

TechDesk, to tech
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Which camera phone takes better pictures — the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Pixel 8 Pro and Galaxy S24 Ultra? Tech Radar compared the three devices. Take a look and decide for yourself. https://flip.it/JOliKv
#Tech #Technology #iPhone #GalaxyS24 #Photography

TechDesk, to tech
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Tesla will reveal its long-promised robotaxi on Aug. 8, Elon Musk posted recently. The announcement came on the same day that Reuters reported that the company had canceled plans to build an affordable electric vehicle. @theverge has more: https://flip.it/Py-4N_
#Tech #Technology #Cars #Tesla

TechDesk, to tech
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Apple has reversed a long-standing App Store rule that banned emulators for retro console games from downloading titles. Now, emulators are allowed to access classic games but must use an in-app purchase mechanism. Tech Crunch has more: https://flip.it/YqTJTJ
#Tech #Technology #Apple #Gaming #VideoGames

TechDesk, to internet
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Does the world need another photo-sharing platform? Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer thinks so.

Last week, her company launched the Shine app, which "automatically creates albums around gatherings of people you know and uses AI to remove duplicates, picking out the best ones."

@Semafor interviews Mayer: https://flip.it/lVXCxw

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