rpginabox, to Minecraft
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Someone is making Minecraft in RPG in a Box! 😄

Community member mail.wi has made a demo of Riabcraft available on @itchio that you can download and try out!

#minecraft #rpginabox #godotengine


anubiarts, to pixelart
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sam, to Minecraft
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Here is the old plan for my long term Minecraft world, It was originally a server but it seems like I have made more progress in the past 2 weeks on a world with friends than I have in this world over 4 years.

#Minecraft #MinecraftMap #Fuzecraft

Gragore, to Minecraft
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It's time again to challenge ourselves and, this month, it's a straight forward mob hunting speedrun called, "Monster Hunter"! How fast can you kill 1 creeper, 1 zombie, 1 skeleton & 1 spider?

Let's find out! @minecraft


juulcat, to Minecraft
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#Avoyd voxel renderer is out with Bloom and AgX Tonemapping.

I was surprised at how much nicer renders can be with some bloom. Comparison images and Avoyd download: https://www.enkisoftware.com/t/6208018276417536

#Voxel #Render #VoxelArt #City #Minecraft #MinecraftRender #VoxelEditor #GameDev #ScreenshotSaturday

gamingnscience, to Minecraft
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Did anyone ever note how incredibly ace the Enderdragon is?
#pridemonth #ace #asexual #Minecraft

Alien_Sunset, to Minecraft
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Getting ready for Evening Playtime #stream on the Family's 1.20.4 #Minecraft Server

shenanigans. Likely more graffiti map making

feel free to stop on by and say "hi!"

Now with bonus Platywilla Costreaming!



oblomov, to Minecraft
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One of the things I love about is that, despite being conceptually in the / genre, it has a very original and quirky take on it. This also reflects on a number of details down to the level of semantics —and that's where my love turns into hate when I want to translate it.

Here's some examples:


WanderingInDigitalWorlds, to Minecraft
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The new Tricky Trials Update for Minecraft is happening next month, June 13th! I am excited for all the new stuff to find, particularly for decoration.


#Minecraft #gamingNews

Elendol, to Minecraft
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It's happening! Let's not fangirl too much! - Oh Snappers! We Got Etho! | Imp And Skizz Podcast (Ep95) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNnYSvZbuXA

Konghammer, to Minecraft
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Wait so are we getting a #Minecraft movie AND Netflix series?


governa, to Minecraft
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How to Host Your Own #Minecraft Server :minetest:


Gragore, to Minecraft
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Time to check in with the server. Today we build the Skelly / Stray farm. We also deal with the "No Flight Club" starting up on the server.

Do I take a deep breath and just let it go? What do you think?



SirTapTap, to Minecraft
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I was watching Joel Vinesauce stream that Ikea SCP game and he commented "oh it's Minecraft" half-jokingly when he found you break down random furniture for supplies.

Rewatching I realized the game really IS minecraft from a game design point. You mine, you craft, but the health meter also only refills over time, based on your food just like minecraft.

It's also infinitely generated and has a bed that regens health (as it used to in MC)

It's minecraft +SCP, neat

#gamedesign #minecraft

Alien_Sunset, to Minecraft
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Getting ready for Evening Playtime #stream on the Family's 1.20.4 #Minecraft Server

Helping out the Llama with his Vaults project, draining a flooded cave!

feel free to stop on by and say "hi!"

Now with bonus Platywilla Costreaming!



minenest, to memes
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https://www.minenest.com/277063/ Minecraft helping me visualise the idea of 99% of gamblers quit before their big win

nekoura, to Minecraft


Imperor, to fediverse
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On Monday we'll check out lemmy.world's official Minecraft server with Rooki!

Join us tomorrow at 19:00 (GMT+2 Berlin) over on https://twitch.tv/imperorthefirst where we get a guided tour of the official @lwmc server!

I'm curious to see what the server of one of the largest #fediverse instances of #lemmy will have to offer!

Drops are enabled for anyone looking to get something more out of it!

@Rooki @imperor

#twitch #stream #streaming #twitchstreamer #minecraft

nekoura, to Minecraft
FlockOfCats, to Minecraft
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Now listening to Volume Alpha

Nice bedtime music 😊

Imperor, to Twitch
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FusionWarrior Minecraft Server Visit!

Tonight we go visit the Minecraft server of our very excellent @FusionWarrior , earned through years of support and more recently being among the top donors of our recent charity stream where we raised more than 1000€ for the German food bank!

Come join at 19:00 GMT+2 tonight over on


and check out what she built!


#twitch #stream #streaming #minecraft

Akzel, to Minecraft
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i've played a fair few Minecraft modpacks over the years, so now i've finally lost my mind and started working on my own this week

it's extremely WIP and not at all set up yet for Curseforge or Modrinth or any MC launcher, but the modlist and configurations can be found here https://gitlab.com/zelikos/zelitechmc

#Minecraft #Modpack

alexanderhay, to microsoft
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spikehidden, to Twitch German

Wir feiern 15 Jahre Minecraft!

Und dazu gibt es heute in einem Spontanstream ab ca. 17:30 Uhr Minecraft und vlt auch Foxcraft.
Außerdem verteilt Twitch gerade ein Cape (15 min zusehen) für MC und eine Maske (1 Sub(-Gift)).

Wir sehen uns dann hoffentlich bald im Stream!

#Twitch #Streamplan #schedule #furry #gaming #foxcraft #Minecraft #Drops

@twitch @furry

ArcanePigeon, to art
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Hanging Wall Garden Inventory GUI #art #pixelart #aseprite #minecraft #mastoart

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