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Hey, I’m Jamie! 👋
IT Engineer by day.
Gamer by night!
Parent by day and night!

I mainly post about:
🎮 #gaming 🖥️ #tech 📺 #tv 🎶 #music 👦🏼 #parenting 🇬🇧 #uk

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EighthLayer, to tv
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I’ve been watching #3BodyProblem and it’s one hell of a #TV show. Episode 5 was wild!

Anyone who is into Sci-Fi needs to check it out.

EighthLayer, to random
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Going to skip the stream today as I’ve got a headache and just not feeling myself. May do one at the weekend or it’ll just be next Wednesday. https://mstdn.games/@EighthLayer/112286099619059668

verge, to random
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Apple TV Plus’ For All Mankind is getting a fifth season and a new spinoff series https://www.theverge.com/2024/4/17/24133154/for-all-mankind-season-five-star-city-spinoff

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@tobi82 @verge I call this kind of show Alternative History Fiction. It’s as if an event in history went a different way and you see how things may have played out in a dramatised way.

So the main premise of For All Mankind is if the Soviet Union landed on the moon first, rather than the USA. It’s one of my favourite shows so I’m glad it’s been renewed.

EighthLayer, to robotics
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Boston Dynamics’ new Atlas robot is really cool with a side of “Ah hell naw!”.


will smith robot GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

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@harrybo93 @BlueBlasphemy It is walking more stable that the last one though. It’s impressive, and a little scary. 😂

EighthLayer, to Twitch
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It’s stream day! :blob_cat_dance:

I’ll be continuing my “Can You Beat Crash Bandicoot Without Breaking Boxes?” challenge. Only got to level 3 last time out. Let’s see if we can get any further!

Streaming on Twitch at 8pm (UTC +1)!

:twitch: https://twitch.tv/EighthLayer

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@harrybo93 Yeah was going to stream yesterday but didn’t in the end.

So far I’ve done level 1 without breaking boxes. Level 2 isn’t possible without breaking I think at least one box, but I broke two. Level 3 is where I’m at and we figured out a way to get over 3 high stacks of boxes in that level, so just need to do the rest.

britt, to random
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Outlook is actually a formidable e-mail client. It's not that bad...

I say this because I'm actually using it for the first time in a decade for school related stuff.

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@britt Teams on the other hand. 😬

EighthLayer, to random
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I don’t know why, but the capitalisation of “Online” and “Typing…” in #WhatsApp is bugging me.

It’s been lower case for as long as I remember.

EighthLayer, (edited ) to Parenting
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My wife and I woke up to the great news that our son got into the school we wanted. It was the only one we applied to considering it’s on our doorstep and we can see from our house!

It’s a primary/middle/secondary combined school so we’ll never have to worry about applying to another school again!

We’re very happy! 😁

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No dealing with school traffic either! 🤩

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@harrybo93 Not bad at all! It’s one of the main reasons we bought this house and were very glad it worked out.

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@gary_bbgames That’s good! I didn’t realise that was a thing but it does make sense. Nice one!

EighthLayer, to gaming
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A Season Pass on a full price game with content locked behind it on day one? Hell no.


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I’ve got no problem with season passes on free to play games. That’s fine because they’ve got to make their money somewhere.

But on full price games? That’s just a massive “Fuck you” to fans.


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@WagesOf I probably am a little bit via Xbox Game Pass, but I can’t remember the last time I bought a Ubisoft game.

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@UKFilmNerd It’s extremely rare I buy games on release these days because 90% of the time they’re not worth it.

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@natejung @UKFilmNerd And if that’s the case, is it even worth playing? 😂

thegamerstavern, to fallout
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Not me buying and waiting after watching the series.


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@thegamerstavern What’s unfortunate is the Fallout London mod was coming out soon, but because of this next gen update, the devs of the mod have had to delay because many of the other mods they’re using will likely break after the update and will have no timescale as to when they’ll be fixed.

EighthLayer, to gaming
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Really looking forward to playing Manor Lords now after watching City Planner Plays’ video! It goes into Early Access in less than two weeks! 🤩

#ManorLords #Gaming #PCGaming


Strider, to tv
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I love the little nods to the computer game in Fallout TV show. Like the hacking, amongst other things.


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@Strider I think my favourite was the stimpak instant healing. 😂

vernissage, to random
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As you may already heard Vernissage will became independent platform (backend and web). One of the Fediverse 🌎 part like Mastodon, Writefreely, Pixelfed and others.

For this reason I would like to change current Vernissage for Pixelfed client name. Something that you will like and connect with Pixelfed 😉.

On this occasion, please send me your suggestions on what the new Vernissage for Pixelfed could be called. This is an app created with ❤️, for you, and you can create a part of it.

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@vernissage Maybe something like…

  • Preview for Pixelfed
  • Exhibition for Pixelfed
  • Gallery for Pixelfed

Just some of my immediate thoughts. My favourite being the last one I think.

EighthLayer, to fallout
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I watched the first episode of the series yesterday and wow is it good! The opening sequence was so cool!

About to watch the next episode!

EighthLayer, to Spotify
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I’ve started testing out alternatives to as they’re putting their prices up yet again! £20pm for Family plan now. 🙄

I’ve started with as I had a 2-month free trial, but the Windows app is trash. It keeps telling me playback has stopped on another device. It wasn’t playing on another device in the first place. Also songs just randomly stops playing or starts from the beginning again. 🤦‍♂️

Might try and next.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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Started a trial of . Wow the sound quality is amazing. is trash in comparison!

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Out of all the #Spotify alternatives I’ve tested, #Tidal comes out on top, but it’s still missing features I use day to day.

  • No playback transfer to other devices.
  • No #Alexa support.
  • Playlists not as good.
  • No crossfade feature on mobile or playlist based playback features e.g. Rain Sounds playlist by Tidal doesn’t crossfade tracks which makes it jarring to play whilst going to sleep.

Despite the better audio quality, I’m not sure I can make the switch to Tidal.


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