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i ramble about video games. i like sharing & weird stuff. @ me with weird games.

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Born2beSlicker, to gaming
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I cannot believe the #GiganticRampageEdition subreddit is begging for the game to include microtransactions or hopes they do an F2P edition, when they’re offering the complete game for $20.

This generation is cooked. #gaming

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@Born2beSlicker What's the rationale behind the requests? Is it in exchange for indefinite service/support, or "perpetual content updates"?

In either of those cases I don't think the audience understands developers don't necessarily want to be bound to support the same game forever.

Although if it's in hopes of a player population boost, supposing a multiplayer game, I think it overestimates how much that may help with so many competitors around anymore.

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@Born2beSlicker Ooh, that is a weird situation tbh, but given that they tried freemium and it didn't work before...

A better approach imo would be to do what they're doing and provide a means for people to run their own servers since there's a clear interest in the game. Still a snag of sorts in having to do some support for the server software afterward, but it would make for a decent compromise I think.

But yeah, industry's bleak in many ways.

wawe, (edited ) to games
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Do you find open source games interesting/good thing as a gamer?

@games I am a game developer working on game called Mushy Score. I decided that my niche would be to create open source games. I think these could be helpful for developers or teachers to teach about games and how they are made. Most open source games are small game jam games, but there are few “real games” that are open source like 0 A.D. and Doom. As a non-developer do you think open source games could be good thing?

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@wawe Heya Mika! Was skimming over Lemmy and spotted this post.

Related to your question, I think open source games can be great, but personally I'm sort of more interested in non-commercial games lately. Mix the two to contribute to a digital commons & there's something really interesting to be had imo.

Unrelated, when posting to Lemmy communities it's better to @ mention the community below the first line of the post, like here, as Lemmy distorts them in titles, making them look rough.

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@wawe Yeah! In fact if your instance allows editing, you can edit your post to adjust the title/first line and it will sync over to Lemmy instances (may take a little bit if each is processing a lot, but should eventually show)!

Also when replying to others there, you may want to edit out the @ mention of their names as it double notifies them due to how Lemmy's set up.

Hope this all helps! Oh, & to try formatting out there are some test communities you can post to to get the hang of things!

gmr_leon, to VideoGames
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Renegade Sector Games just released a new game a couple days ago...A 3D endless runner where you're fighting angels, and it looks as wild as you might expect if you know Angels' True Faces.


#VideoGames #Gaming #IndieGames

gmr_leon, to VideoGames
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mcc, to random
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Everyone who's played the new Prince of Persia that came out in 2024 seems incredibly positive on it

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@mcc @lachlan Loved Prince of Persia '08. It's such an interesting mix of itself and very loosely...Ico/Shadow of the Colossus.

A lovely experiment in gameplay and art direction!

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Not to mention, sometimes they actively take away from the art direction. You can have a game that's clearly going for semi-realism and yet keeps damage numbers flying off like it's a comic strip, which doesn't fit whatsoever.

The strangest, funniest mixture are the games built off comic licenses that employ a semi-realistic style with damage numbers, when a better combination would be stylized so it would all fit better artistically.

gmr_leon, (edited ) to VideoGames
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Came across the in-development Super Laser Fury by Electrolyte. It's a sharp looking third-person shooter about running through arenas blasting enemies, and has a fun vibe to it!

Bonus: there's a demo up on Itch to give it a spin.


#VideoGames #Gaming #IndieGames

sodaraptor, to Horror
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Interior Worlds big update is now 📸L I V E📸

🌲New giant forest world to explore.
📸Hundreds of new ways to take photos.
✨New collectibles, options, and achievements.
👽Lots of new hidden secrets and easter eggs.



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@sodaraptor whaa?! I somehow completely missed this release!

I loved Hypnagogia, and this looks up my alley as well, will have to pick it up! Thanks for posting this!

gmr_leon, to VideoGames
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I've never owned a Vectrex, but I was always fascinated by the system. Today I've learned I'm by no means alone, as there's some fellow in Germany still playing about with theirs and even porting/making games for it!


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I don't have the knowledge to do so personally, otherwise I'd try, but I think the Vectrex would be a great base inspiration for a fantasy console a la Pico8 or Tic-80 and...Wait. I forgot there was an attempt awhile back on one called Vectorboy and it was sadly canceled.

Although, maybe that was for the best as it was being built in Unity and well, we know how things have gone with that.


gmr_leon, to VideoGames
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Love this silly game idea in Tumiki Fighters! Kenta Cho went, "What if we mixed Katamari Damacy rollup mechanics with a shmup?"

Super cool:

#VideoGames #IndieGames #Gaming

@gmr_leon@mstdn.social avatar

Thanks for sharing this! I hadn't heard of them before, so it's cool to learn about'em.

Really get a kick out of their idea of mixing a shmup with some game mechanics from Katamari Damacy. Also I'd never heard of The Atlas either, which sounds like an interesting early use of procedural generation!

#VideoGames #IndieGames #Japan

padraig, to gaming German
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Do people have Game Clubs like people have Book Clubs? I feel like this could be especially fun and interesting for smaller (indie) games.

#Gaming #Games

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@padraig I feel like rather than club they may simply call them groups, so someone may be part of a Minecraft, Fortnite, Deep Rock Galactic, TF2, etc. group, and beyond that you're probably looking at broader fan communities

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@padraig I follow! I was trying to say that I think the closest version of what you're interested in may be found more as a group or fan community (e.g. roguelike community) than calling itself a club at the moment. At least from what I've seen here & there.

I do like what you're describing as something distinct from either though!

Hundstrasse, to tf2
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I remember when #TF2 released its first content update; a single new map, Badlands... And the servers went insane. At the time, the idea that a game would have perpetual updates/new content/seasons just wasn't a thing. Also, most of the servers were community run rather than official...

... I don't really have a point, but I'm just staggered by how much things have changed with FtP games, mostly official servers, sustained by micro transactions and with regular content updates. #Gaming

@gmr_leon@mstdn.social avatar

@Hundstrasse It's interesting reading this view of it, having come from exploring free to play games (and pay and free to play thereafter, e.g. Guild Wars 1) before TF2.

For me, it wasn't an expectation that other games would do similar, nor was it a surprise or exciting when others did so. It was nice, well, besides the monetization, but then it also gradually became tiresome to keep up with.

TF2's monetization & explosion of many items/weapons put me off for a long time, for instance.

Imperor, to Discord
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I really don't like this new trend of having to join #discord servers for everything.

Only place to reliably get accurate information for a lot of stuff these days in #gaming

Man, I'm just old and tired, I think.


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@leberschnitzel problem is when you stumble across those that have been hit with spam and require you to have given discord your phone number before being able to post, or some other weirder hurdle like reacting to a post or interacting with some bot

somewhat rare, thankfully, but they're out there

gmr_leon, to random
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If you can't tell, I did a brief foray into the explore tab and came across some posts that I felt like boosting. I should do that a little more often, as I've been missing some posts that fit my interests!

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Maybe it's just me, but I think it was a mistake to describe it as GaaS. I understand how they're trying to use the term, but the fact they felt the need to clarify how they meant it should have been a clear enough sign the term is rather tainted.

Worse, it may make some people skeptical & suspect that they intend to change their tune down the line. Their track record notwithstanding, that's how some may be after having been burnt before with other experiences.

@gmr_leon@mstdn.social avatar

Thanks! I looked into it some more after commenting and noticed that as well.

It makes more sense given that context, and kind of a shame they didn't find a way to provide that context without sounding like they were knocking their publisher. I suspect that's why they went with this version of the post anyway.

lyosha, to VideoGames
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Multiplayer games have evolved from strictly skill-based (human beings are more interesting opponents than a computer) to social interactions (funny, scary situations are more powerful in a group than alone). From Quake to Lethal Company/Among Us. Does this sound correct to you?
#videogames #gamedev

@gmr_leon@mstdn.social avatar

@lyosha I think this sort of strangely glosses over the cooperative elements of earlier games, be it in team vs. team or co-op vs. AI or the mixture of the two at times.

Nevertheless I do think there's been a small resurgence of interest in the social side of multiplayer experiences that have been somewhat set aside or diminished in recent bigger multiplayer titles.

gmr_leon, to VideoGames
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I finally remembered to see if Spacetwinks was still doing their game recommendation posts, and hell yeah they are.

Bonus, if you look through their other posts they're even compiling them into an ebook format.


@gmr_leon@mstdn.social avatar

They also mention working on a more dedicated site for continued recommendations, which is cool...Also I should see if they're a Steam curator, for helping sift through stuff there.

gmr_leon, to gaming
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Somehow I've accidentally trained Alia here to only look at food for awhile before finally eating it. I've been trying to figure out how to tell them they can just eat when hungry, but haven't had much luck yet.

#Gaming #VideoGames #RetroGaming

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