Detective Pikachu Returns – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch (www.youtube.com)

Join the great Detective Pikachu and his partner Tim as they solve a series of cases while searching for Tim’s missing father. Team up with Pokémon, sip some coffee, and experience another bolt of brilliance in Detective Pikachu Returns! Available now only on Nintendo Switch.

Advice on EV spreads for Tera Raid pokemon

I’m messing around with 6 star Tera raids in Violet and I’m wondering what the best EV spreads are for raiders. I know for most attackers you commonly want 252 sp/atk and 252 speed, but is it worth it to focus more on bulk than speed for the raids? Speed is definitely still a factor, but I’m curious what people think....

Was anyone else kind of disappointed in the Pokemon presents?

I was hoping for something new, like a new pmd or Legends, or another new spinoff entirely, but we got literally nothing new. We got detective Pikachu release date, a couple events for the mobile games, and dlc we already knew about. The applin and duraludon evos are great, don't get me wrong, but I really wanted something new,...

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